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Tuition payments form a major portion of studying abroad. This is one of the troubling aspects of study abroad. Germany is the center of universities which are free to study. And if you want good education at an affordable price, then Germany is the ideal alternative for you. What makes Germany stand out from its peers is free of tuition fees and high quality of education.
In Germany, the public universities don’t charge tuition fees. Universities in Germany, however, charge a minimum fee from both German and Foreign students for administrative expenses, semester ticket costs and union fees. Therefore, the biggest expense for students looking to study abroad in Germany is definitely not the tuition fees. International students have to pay for sundry expenses including health care, housing, transport and lodging. We assembled a list of some of Germany’s best freelance universities. Have a look!

Following are the Top Universities offering Free education in Germany:

1). Ludwig Maximilian University Munich Germany

The Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) was established in 1472 and is recognized as one of Europe’s leading academic and research universities, nestled in the heart of Munich. The LMU ranks 68th in the 2019-2020 QS World University Ranking. It is one of the Germany’s oldest and largest universities, drawing students and academics from all over the world. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, both in English and German. The LMU offers language classes, cultural and social events, practical training and other extracurricular programs in addition to academic diversity. Every student at Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, will have no tuition charges. Nevertheless, there is both a fixed charge and a student transfer fee imposed on both the German and Foreign students.

2). Ruprecht-Karls-Heidelberg Universitat (Heidelberg University)

University of Heidelberg is the oldest university in Germany which was established in 1386. It is the state-funded university which provides excellent education. This emphasizes the teaching and interdisciplinary collaboration centered on research. It has developed itself as a center of world-class teaching and study where many prominent scientists and scholars have served, including eleven Noble laureates. Over 150 degree programs are offered in a wide variety of subjects, from medicine to law and humanities, to economics and social sciences, natural and life sciences, and beyond. There are several programs available in German language; however, there are also many graduate programs in English too. Heidelberg university ranks 72nd in 2019-2020 QS World University Ranking.

3). Humboldt University of Berlin Germany

The Humboldt University of Berlin was established in 1810 and it is among the oldest universities in Berlin. The Humboldt University ranks 121st in 2019-2020 QS World University Ranking. The university offers a wide range of courses specifically from arts and humanities to the theology and philosophy to law, medicine and sciences, all important subjects are covered. All domestic and international students are paid no tuition fees.

4). Freie Univeritat Berlin (Free University of Berlin)

The Free University of Berlin was founded in 1948, and is a leading research institute in Germany. This university ranks 123rd in 2019-2020 QS World University Ranking. Academic freedom is one of its main values. The university has 12 academic departments and 3 main, interdisciplinary institutions.
It also supports trips abroad and exchange programs for students as it has academic collaborations with the top universities in the US, Japan, South Korea and UK as well. It offers bachelors, masters and PhD programs in a wide variety of subjects. The primary instruction medium is German, but it also provides courses in English at the Master’s level. It does not charge fees for the tuitions.

5). Georg-august-Universitat Gottingen (University of Gottingen)

The University of Göttingen was established in 1737, and is a public research university in Göttingen. It focused on the teaching based on research. More than 40 Nobel laureates are linked to Göttingen University. University of Göttingen ranks 177th in 2019-2020 QS World University Ranking. Since it is a public university, it also does not charge any tuition charges.

6) .University of Hamburg Germany

Located in the north of Germany, Hamburg University was founded in 1919. The Region’s largest university of education and research provides enough opportunities for study, and a wide variety of programs. It offers about 225 degree programs in 8 disciplines namely Law, Business Administration, Medicine, Education, Psychology and Human Movement sciences, Humanities; Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences; and Business, Economics and Social sciences. The University of Hamburg ranks 232nd in 2019-2020 QS World University Ranking.

7). university of Stuttgart Germany

This university was founded in 1829 and offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a broad range of subjects. The University of Stuttgart ranks 263rd in 2019-2020 QS World University Ranking. The university has received a worldwide reputation for its outstanding engineering, technology, and natural sciences education. There is no tuition fee over here as well but there is a specific amount of compulsory student fee pay per semester for both German as well as for Foreign students.


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