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Research Methods-Research Methodology

Research methods are the tools or instructions used to fulfill the goals and requirements of a research or study. It seems as a  methodology or systematic function in which different instruments and methods would be used. There is no use of a research methodology if it is not being implemented effectively. As well as, research… Read More »

How to do Research?

A quick and efficient technique for writing a research paper is demonstrated in the following sections. You may need to modify these steps, depending on your experience with the subject and the difficulties you face along the way. Phase 1: Define and improve your subject matter The most difficult part of a research assignment may… Read More »

How to write a literature Review of a Research Paper?

A literature review is study of academic sources on a particular subject. It offers an overview of existing knowledge, enabling you to recognize hypotheses, approaches, and gaps in current research that are important. Writing a summary of literature requires identifying applicable publications (such as books and journal articles), examining them objectively, and describing what you… Read More »

Personal Growth-why personal growth is important?

Personal growth is a phase that continues for life. In order to understand and maximize their potential, it is a way for individuals to analyze their strengths and qualities, consider their goals in life and set goals. Why Does Personal Growth Matter? There are several thoughts regarding personal growth, one of which is the self-actualization… Read More »

Personal Development

Personal Development-Personal Development Skills Personal development abilities are the traits and skills that help you grow both personally and professionally. They are skills, in other words, that help you cultivate your personal growth. Understanding these talents and developing them will help you improve your ability. This mechanism is also known as self-development or personal development.… Read More »

Letter of Interest or Letter of Intent

A letter of interest is a report that is used to get your name in front of hiring managers at companies you are interested in working with. Letter of interest is also called “Letter of intent”. Time to write Letter of interest: A letter of interest may be submitted at any time. Occasions where writing a letter of intent could… Read More »

Research Proposal-Tips for Writing a Powerful Research Proposal

Research proposal is a detailed and consistent review of proposed research. It points out the main questions or problems that are being discussed. It describes the general field of study in which research falls.  This also indicates the originality of the study being suggested. As a part of the application process, it is the most significant… Read More »

Personal Statement-Statement of Purpose

A personal statement or statement of purpose is an illustration of your successes, abilities, interests and ambitions that are frequently used in applications for work or university or on resumes. Personal statements for universities and employment have similar content, but university personal statements consisting of three or four paragraphs are typically longer and more detailed.… Read More »

Why Should I Study In France?

Education sector of France has the most importance and it is mirrored in their education around the globe. Although it is expensive, if you want the best quality education indeed the best among all is France. Any college or university you opt for will deliver the best kind of knowledge that you can not find… Read More »

Education System in France. Student Life In France

France is certainly ranked fourth position among the educational destinations for higher studies of international students while the UK, USA and Australia will remain the top 3 , France tops the chart of countries in non English speaking place for foreigner students. An exceptional syntactical and cultural tradition, An academic history of thousand years of… Read More »