What is Review Article? How to Write a Review Article?

How to write a review article?

A review article or Literature review is a detailed study on previously reported research on a specific topic. It should mention the summary of previous studies on the topic with the advantages and disadvantages. Different from the original research article, Review article will not present novel experiments and results. Review Article is all about the … Read more

How to Write a Cover letter for a Job Application? Templates/Examples

How to write a cover Letter for Job Application?

The best way to compose a cover letter for a job can be to include all the details of your specific qualifications for the position and the skills you would bring to the employer. Your job application letter is an opportunity to show your most suitable experiences and abilities. An effective cover letter can boost … Read more

Statement of Purpose Example |Template| Format

How to Write a Statement of Purpose for a Scholarship?

The Statement of Purpose example is a short document where one has to write about him/herself . It will include the Introduction, Achievements, Job experiences, Conferences attended and skills that you have for the required scholarship or position. Here we have given an Statement of Purpose Example so that you can make your Sop easily. … Read more

Experience Letter: Tips for an effective experience letter and sample.

When someone wants to seek a new job opportunity, there are multiple documents that they should submit along with their work portfolio. One of those documents is a company experience latter which someone can get from a previous workplace. In this article, we will discuss briefly what a company experience letter is and how to … Read more

How to Write a Job Acceptance Letter?

Job acceptance letter is one of the most interesting letters to compose . Your contact at the firm should have given you a written work offer that validates the offer briefly. This is their way of achieving the legal agreement between you and the corporation. It is your duty to ensure that the details of … Read more

Acceptance Letter Samples For CSC Scholarships

An Acceptance letter is a letter of permission granted by the Chinese university lecturer that he/she decides in his/her institution to acknowledge the Foreign Student. Continue emailing Professors for Acceptance right now. Check biography of professors relating to the sector that you selected send emails to them and don’t grab emails from everyone else. Also … Read more

Statement of Purpose for Scholarship

It is a grading rubric by an individual or nominee, usually a forthcoming applicant going to a college, institution, or sometimes dietetic internship, which is sometimes referred to as a personal statement or sometimes a declaration of intent. This statement informs people not only about you, but also about your order to articulate, either in … Read more

How to right an impressive Motivation Letter for Job-  With Examples and Templates

Motivation Letter for Job is required when you are applying for a post to get some earning or experience. Gone are the times where the resume or curriculum vitae prerequisite used to be present at the time of creating the work application. Today, at the time of obtaining the job application from the applicants, the … Read more