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Full Ride Scholarship 2023-2024 | How to apply ?


Full Ride Scholarship is a college student’s aid to financial needs that will cover all college expenses, including tuition, textbooks, and room costs, as well as meals, and occasionally, they also pay an amount to cover personal costs as well. The amount of money they can be covered varies from scholarship to scholarship and between colleges.

It covers more than tuition. The scholarships are usually granted from a private source, colleges themselves, or the Federal government. There are various kinds of Full Ride scholarships available in the Best Ranked US colleges across the entire state. The list of the top colleges for business degrees is also helpful for students who want to be admitted to the top schools. Additionally, a majority of them also offer tuition-free college programs available.

What is a Full Ride Scholarship?

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This full-ride scholarship is provided by colleges across the USA to students to pay for all the costs associated with a college education, including tuition and books, a place in the dormitory, and other advantages.

How do I apply for the Full Ride Scholarship?

  • Make an inventory of the top colleges located in your US state you want to apply for a full-ride scholarship.
  • Before submitting, make sure to review the financial assistance options provided by the school.
  • Complete the financial support application at each school and then submit the admissions and financial support applications
  • Be sure to disclose your financial situation in your application and make sure that the application stands out.
  • Apply to several schools to increase the odds of your choice
  • After being accepted to more than one institution with a full-ride scholarship, students can get admission to the college of choice and then remove candidature from other colleges.
  • Notice that certain institutions may deny admission if their regulations are not followed correctly.

Types of Full Ride Scholarships

Full trip scholarship:

  1. Certain schools provide full-ride scholarships for students who are from low-income families. There are also tuition-free schools and fully-funded private scholarships that take into account merit or prestige and the financial requirements to determine the winners.

Merit-based full-ride scholarships:

  1. This is among the more common kinds of full-ride scholarships and is only available to those who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements. Grade point average, ACT scores, SAT scores, or any combination of them determines the merit-based award.

The full ride, government-sponsored scholarship:

  1. The government awards this prize to students attending Military Academy or ROTC who meet the criteria to qualify for full-ride scholarships.

Full ride athletic scholarship:

  1. Students who have athletic potential have the option of full-ride scholarships and are offered exclusively for tennis, gymnastics, volleyball, football, and volleyball basketball. Basketball is for both genders.

How can I apply for a full Ride college scholarship?

    • Make sure you are prepared ahead of time and compile an inventory of the colleges with Full Ride Scholarships. Then, you can apply for every one of them.
    • Show excellence in education
    • Check that your documents for your scholarship application are complete and in order.
    • Please make contact with instructors and Mentors to get their advice.
    • Take part doing community service
    • Develop leadership abilities

The Full Ride Scholarship application Documents and other requirements?

    • If you’re among the most successful 10 percent of your class or are a student with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher, you’re eligible to submit a fully-ride scholarship at any highly ranked US college. Certain colleges provide sports-related or need-based full-ride scholarships for students who have poor grades, too.
    • You must have excellent SAT, PSAT, or ACT scores to be eligible for a full-ride scholarship.
    • Activities outside of school are a benefit to be able to justify your application for a full-ride scholarship.
    • A majority of colleges require Personal Statements that must be completed as part of your Full Ride Scholarship application. Candidates must describe their academic goals and explain why they think they are to be eligible for a full-ride grant.
    • Candidates for Full-Ride Scholarships must provide a note of endorsement from their professors or mentors from their previous institution along with the application for the scholarship.


List of the 86 Universities and Colleges with Full Ride Scholarships:

A list of the 86 colleges with Full Ride Scholarships available in the top-ranked schools across all states of the USA as per rankings that US News published:

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by University of Hawai’i

  1. University of Hawai’i (Location: Honolulu, Hawaii)
  2. Regents Scholarship

Full Ride Scholarship Soka University of America

  1. Soka University of America (Location: Aliso Viejo, California)
  2. Global Merit Scholarship

Full Ride Scholarship Loyola Marymount University

  1. Loyola Marymount University (Location: Los Angeles, California)
  2. 1. Arrupe Scholarship
  3. 2. Trustee Scholarship

 Lewis and Clark College

  1. Lewis and Clark College (Location: Portland, Oregon)
  2. Barbara Hirschi Neely Scholarship

 Wofford College

  1. Wofford College (Location: Spartanburg, South Carolina)
  2. The Richardson Family Scholarship

 Washington and Lee University

  1. Washington and Lee University (Location: Lexington, Virginia)
  2. Johnson Scholarship

 University of Texas at Dallas

  1. The University of Texas at Dallas (Location: Dallas, Texas)
  2. Eugene McDermott Scholars Program

 University of Texas at Austin

  1. The University of Texas at Austin (Location: Austin, Texas)
  2. Forty Acres Scholarship

 University of Richmond

  1. University of Richmond (Location: Richmond, Virginia)
  2. Richmond Scholars scholarship

 University of North Carolina, Charlotte

  1. The University of North Carolina, Charlotte (Location: Charlotte, North Carolina)
    1. Levine Scholars Program

 University of Mississippi

  1. University of Mississippi (Location: Oxford, Mississippi)
    1. Stamps Scholarship and the University of Mississippi Chancellor’s Scholar Program

 University of Louisville

  1. University of Louisville (Location: Louisville, Kentucky)
    1. Brown Fellows Program

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University of Kentucky

  1. University of Kentucky (Location: Lexington, Kentucky)
  2. 1. Otis A. Singletary Scholarship
    1. 2. Presidential Scholarship

 University of Houston

  1. University of Houston (Location: Houston, Texas)
    1. Tier One Scholarship

 University of Georgia

  1. University of Georgia (Location: Athens, Georgia)
  2. 1. Foundation Fellowship
    1. 2. Ramsey Honors Scholarship

 University of Alabama

  1. University of Alabama (Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama)
    1. Academic Elite Scholarship

 Texas Christian University

  1. Texas Christian University (Location: Fort Worth, Texas)
    1. Chancellor’s Scholarship

 Southern Methodist University

  1. Southern Methodist University (Location: Dallas, Texas)
    1. President’s Scholars Program

List of Full Ride Scholarship Offered by Salem College

  1. Salem College (Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
  2. 1. Robert E. Elberson Scholarship
    1. 2. Chatham/Davis/Weyand/Womble/Whitaker Scholarships

 Saint Louis University

  1. Saint Louis University (Location: Saint Louis, Missouri)
    1. Presidential Scholarship of Saint Louis University

 Rhodes College

  1. Rhodes College (Location: Memphis, Tennessee)
    1. Bellingrath Scholarship

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 Oglethorpe University Full Ride Scholarship

  1. Oglethorpe University (Location: Atlanta, Georgia)
  2. 1. Civic & Service Engagement Scholarship
  3. 2. James Edward Oglethorpe Scholarship
    1. 3. OU Theatre Scholarship

 North Carolina State University

  1. North Carolina State University (Location: Raleigh, North Carolina)
    1. Park Scholarship

 North Carolina A&T State University

  1. North Carolina A&T State University (Location: Greensboro, North Carolina)
  2. 1. National Alumni Scholarship
    1. 2. Lewis and Elizabeth Dowdy Scholarship

 Morehouse College

  1. Morehouse College (Location: Atlanta, Georgia)
  2. 1. Stamps Scholarship
    1. 2. Rugari Scholarship

 Mercer University

  1. Mercer University (Location: Macon, Georgia)
    1. 1. Stamps Scholarship

 Louisiana State University

  1. Louisiana State University (Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
    1. Stamps Scholarship

 Hendrix College

  1. Hendrix College (Location: Conway, Arkansas)
  2. 1. Hays Memorial Scholarship
  3. 2. Hendrix College Scholarship

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by Furman University

  1. Furman University (Location: Greenville, South Carolina)
  2. James B. Duke Scholarship

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by Davidson College

  1. Davidson College (Location: Davidson, North Carolina)
  2. 1. John M. Belk Scholarship
  3. 2. Charles Scholarship

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by Clemson University

  1. Clemson University (Location: Clemson, South Carolina)
  2. National Scholars Program

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by Birmingham-Southern College

  1. Birmingham-Southern College (Location: Birmingham, Alabama)
  2. Distinguished Scholars Award

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by Agnes Scott College

  1. Agnes Scott College (Location: Decatur, Georgia)
  2. 1. Marvin B. Perry Presidential Scholarships
    1. 2. Goizueta Foundation Scholarships

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by University of Illinois

  1. University of Illinois (Location: Champaign, Illinois)
    1. Stamps Scholarship

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by Purdue University

  1. Purdue University (Location: West Lafayette, Indiana)
    1. Stamps Scholarship

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by the Ohio State University

  1. The Ohio State University (Location: Columbus, Ohio)
  2. 1. Eminence Fellows Scholarship
    1. 2. Morrill Scholarship Program

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by Oberlin College

  1. Oberlin College (Location: Oberlin, Ohio)
    1. Stamps Scholarship

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by Michigan State University

  1. Michigan State University (Location: East Lansing, Michigan)
  2. 1. Alumni Distinguished Scholarship
    1. 2. Distinguished Freshman Scholarship

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Full Ride Scholarship Offered by Miami University

  1. Miami University (Location: Oxford, Ohio)
  2. 1. University Merit Scholarship
    1. 2. Stamps Scholarship

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by Knox College

  1. Knox College (Location: Galesburg, Illinois)
    1. Presidential Scholarship

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by Illinois Institute of Technology

  1. Illinois Institute of Technology (Location: Chicago, Illinois)
    1. Duchossois Leadership Scholars Program

 Indiana University Bloomington

  1. Indiana University Bloomington (Location: Bloomington, Indiana)
    1. Wells Scholars Program

 Hiram College

  1. Hiram College (Location: Hiram, Ohio)
    1. Trustee Scholarship

 Drake University

  1. Drake University (Location: Des Moines, Iowa)
    1. National Alumni Scholarship

 Carthage College

  1. Carthage College (Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin)
  2. 1. Lincoln Scholarship
  3. 2. Clausen Scholarship
    1. 3. Ruud Scholarship

 University of Pittsburgh

  1. University of Pittsburgh (Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
  2. 1. Chancellor’s Scholarship
  3. 2. Stamps Scholarship
  4. 3. Diversity Scholarships
    1. 4. Nordenberg Leadership Scholars Program

Full Ride Scholarships Offered by University of Miami

  1. University of Miami (Location: Coral Gables, Florida)
  2. 1. Hammond Scholarship
  3. 2. Stamps Scholarship
  4. 3. George W. Jenkins Scholarship
  5. 4. Isaac Bashevis Singer Scholarship
    1. 5. Marta S. and L. Austin Weeks Scholarship

 University of Maryland, College Park

  1. The University of Maryland, College Park (Location: College Park, Maryland)
  2. 1. Banneker/Key Scholars Program

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 University of Delaware

  1. University of Delaware (Location: Newark, Delaware)
  2. Eugene du Pont Memorial Scholars

 University of Buffalo

  1. University at Buffalo (Location: Buffalo, New York)
  2. Millonzi Distinguished Honors Scholarship

 Macaulay Honors College

  1. Macaulay Honors College(Location: 67 TH Street New York)
  2. Horace W. Goldsmith Scholars Program

 Syracuse University

  1. Syracuse University (Location: Syracuse, New York)
  2. 1. Coronat Scholars
  3. 2. Haudenosaunee Scholarships

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by SUNY Alfred College

  1. SUNY Alfred College (Location: Alfred, New York)
  2. Distinguished Scholars Program: Excellence in Education Scholarship

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by St. Lawrence University

  1. St. Lawrence University (Location: Canton, New York)
  2. Trustee Scholarship

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by Stevenson University

  1. Stevenson University (Location: Stevenson, Maryland)
  2. Presidential Fellowship

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by Stevens Institute of Technology

  1. Stevens Institute of Technology (Location: Hoboken, New Jersey)
  2. The Ann P. Neupauer Scholarship

 Rollins College

  1. Rollins College (Location: Winter Park, Florida)
  2. Alfond Scholars Program

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by Providence College

  1. Providence College (Location: Providence, Rhode Island)
  2. Roddy Scholarship

 Northeastern University

  1. Northeastern University (Location: Boston, Massachusetts)
  2. Torch Scholars Program

 The George Washington University

  1. The George Washington University (Location: Washington, DC)
  2. Stephen Joel Trachtenberg Scholarship

 Fordham University

  1. Fordham University (Location: New York, New York)
  2. 1. Presidential Scholarship of Fordham University
  3. 2. Semifinalist Scholarship

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by Elizabethtown College

  1. Elizabethtown College (Location: Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania)
  2. Stamps Scholarship of Elizabethtown College

 The Catholic University of America

  1. The Catholic University of America (Location: Washington, DC)
    1. Archdiocesan Scholarship

 Barry University

  1. Barry University (Location: Miami Shores, Florida)
    1. Stamps Scholarship of Barry University

 Arcadia University

  1. Arcadia University (Location: Glenside, Pennsylvania)
    1. President’s Scholarship of Arcadia University

 American University

  1. American University (Location: Washington, DC)
    1. Frederick Douglass Scholarship Program

 University of Wisconsin

  1. University of Wisconsin (Location: Madison, Wisconsin)
    1. Chancellor’s Scholarship Program

 Tulane University

  1. Tulane University (Location: New Orleans, Louisiana)
  2. 1. Stamps Scholarship by Tulane University
  3. 2. Paul Tulane Award by Tulane University
  4. 3. Deans’ Honor Scholarship

 Boston University Full Ride Scholarship

  1. Boston University (Location: Boston, Massachusetts)
  2. Trustee Scholarship of Boston University

 University of Rochester

  1. University of Rochester (Location: Rochester, New York)
  2. Alan and Jane Handler Endowed Scholarship

 Georgia Institute of Technology

  1. Georgia Institute of Technology (Location: Atlanta, Georgia)
  2. Stamps President’s Scholars Program

 College of William and Mary

  1. College of William and Mary (Location: Williamsburg, Virginia)
  2. 1. College of William and Mary Stamps 1693 Scholarship
  3. 2. William and Mary Scholars

 Boston College Full Ride Scholarship

  1. Boston College (Location: Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts)
  2. Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program

 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  1. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
  2. 1. Morehead-Cain Scholars
  3. 2. Robertson Scholars Leadership Program

 University of Michigan

  1. University of Michigan (Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan)
  2. Stamps Scholarship of University of Michigan

 Wake Forest University

  1. Wake Forest University (Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
  2. 1. Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarship
  3. 2. Stamps Scholarship of Wake Forest University

 University of Virginia

  1. University of Virginia (Location: Charlottesville, Virginia)
  2. Jefferson Scholarship at the University of Virginia

 University of Southern California

  1. University of Southern California (Location: Los Angeles, California)
  2. 1. Trustee Scholarship
  3. 2. Stamps Scholarship
    1. 3. Mork Family Scholarship

 University of California, Los Angeles

  1. The University of California, Los Angeles (Location: Los Angeles, CA)
    1. Stamps Scholarship by the University of California

 Emory University

  1. Emory University (Location: Atlanta, Georgia)
    1. Emory Scholars Program

 Washington University in St. Louis

  1. Washington University in St. Louis (Location: St. Louis, Missouri)
  2. 1. John B. Ervin Scholars Program
  3. 2. Annika Rodriguez Scholars Program
  4. 3. Danforth Scholars Program
    1. 4. Stamps Scholarship by Washington University

 University of Notre Dame

  1. University of Notre Dame (Location: Notre Dame, Indiana)
    1. Stamps Scholarship by the University of Notre Dame

 Vanderbilt University

  1. Vanderbilt University (Location: Nashville, Tennessee)
  2. 1. Ingram Scholarship Program
    1. 2. Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship

 California Institute of Technology

  1. California Institute of Technology (Location: Pasadena, California)
    1. The California Institute of Technology offers stamps Scholarships

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by Duke University

  1. Duke University (Location: Durham, North Carolina)
    1. Robertson Scholars Leadership Program

Full Ride Scholarship Offered by University of Chicago

  1. University of Chicago (Location: Chicago, Illinois)
    1. Stamps Scholarship at the University of Chicago
  2. University of Chicago (Location: Chicago, Illinois)
  3. Stamps Scholarship at University of Chicago 



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