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How to Make Unique Content Using Free Paraphrasing Tool Online 

What is paraphrasing?

Rewriting an article can be a tiresome task. Understanding how to write with proper references and using correct wording so that it does not coincide with the original text can be a difficult task for many. Paraphrasing means using your own words but the meaning of the text remains the same. Many bloggers and article writers use this technique to write in bulk. However, uniqueness does get lost if you are writing the same thing again and again.

As a blogger or SEO content writer, you are expected to create unique content every time with understanding results. If you write unique content no one can sue you for writing plagiarized content or duplicating the data. This is true for every field. Your writing is bound to be similar to many no matter how much of a good writer you are. However, it is your job as a writer to be relatable to your readers by using simple and comprehensive language.

Some Myths about paraphrasing tools

Many experienced writers or even some newer ones as well are skeptical about using paraphrasing tools. The reason is simply that these tools do have some notorious reputation. It is usually believed that paraphrasing tools often create sentences without meaning. The actual meaning of the sentences gets lost and words are just randomly placed.

Why use paraphrasing tools?

Paraphrasing tools offer you many benefits as a writer. It gives you a chance to overwrite someone else’s work. This is easier than writing from scratch. Many times as a writer you are short of ideas and cannot think much to write. This is called writer’s block. But as a freelance writer, you cannot afford to take a break from the task and have to provide the final product to the clients. This is when these tools come to the rescue and help you achieve your target goal.

Limitations of paraphrasing tools

As much as these tools are lifesavers, there are some limitations as well. They cannot be a substitute for the human mind and one has to be careful while using them. As everyone perceives the idea differently, therefore, the writing processes of each and every person is also different. You cannot expect a computer to write like a human. A simple glance at the final paraphrased paragraphs can help a lot just to remove the machine errors etc.

What to look for in a paraphrasing tool?

The question arises of which paraphrasing tool one should use among so many. As the internet is flooded with a bundle of tools. The point is what type of task you expect from a tool. There are different tools that perform different tasks. Some deal with blog editing, some are good with rephrasing sentences or reproducing the whole article. Based upon these tasks you can choose the tool of your requirement.

Best available paraphrasing tools


This is an online paraphrasing tool with multiple features. You can rewrite your article, essay and blog. works by removing the plagiarism from the original content and providing you with the plagiarism free content.

  • The specialty of this tool is that it works by changing the words with similar ones and maintaining the original meaning.
  • It tries to provide the best human-level paraphrasing.
  •  It offers the paraphrasing of 1000 words at once.

2.      Quillbot

It is another paraphrasing tool which is used by many SEO professionals and is ranked quite higher. The reason is quite simple as the name suggests it has inbuilt intelligence. It is the AI technology that makes it unique.

  • This paraphrasing tool supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, Italian and French.
  • It has the ability of rephrasing 1000 words in one go.
  • It automatically removes spelling errors as well as checks the grammar.
  • The Quillbot has free paraphrasing software that makes it quite popular among writers.

3.      Chimp rewriter

Chimp rewriter uses artificial intelligence technology as well as natural language processing technology. This is how it rephrases the content. The use of these advanced technologies makes the content unique and better rephrased.

  • Chimp Rewriter ensures that the generated content is unique and well written. It also makes sure that it is plagiarism-free.
  • Best part of this paraphrasing tool is that it automatically adds the images related to the content in the rephrased article. This feature is quite convenient.
  • Unlike the word AI, chimp rewriter offers a 14 day free trial period. After the free trial is over, users are expected to subscribe to the software in order to use it.

4. is another cheap paraphrasing tool. You just have to copy-paste the original article and the rest of the work is done by the tool.

  • It takes about a few seconds to rephrase text in 100 different languages.
  • It is the most accessible by students, researchers, and SEO writers.
  • The tool has strength in using the perfect active and passive voices.
  • The artificial intelligence system that is built-in understands the meaning of the sentences perfectly.
  • The free pricing makes it quite popular among SEO writers looking for the perfect paraphrasing tool.

5.      SEO magnifier

The ideal paraphrasing tool for bloggers, SEO content writers is this SEO magnifier. This tool provides unique and fresh content totally different from the original copy yet the meaning remains the same.

  • SEO magnifier supports 7 languages.
  • The best part is that it is completely free of cost.
  • This paraphrasing tool is extremely fast for the one on which you don’t have to spend a penny.
  • A paid version is also available that offers added features.


We hope that you have found the paraphrasing tool of your choice. Just keep in mind what you are looking for. Many of them are equipped with in-built artificial intelligence. The paraphrasing tool helps in a big way as it enables us to change the sentences without altering the meaning by making small amendments.

Also, our advice is to thoroughly check the final version of the article so that it is completely free of plagiarism. Otherwise, if you are still confused about which tool should be used. We would recommend due to its simple interface and ability to generate plagiarism-free content without any hassle.



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