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Scholarships For Moldova 2023-2024

The fully covered Moldova scholarships 2023-2024  offered by all Moldovan universities now accepts applications online from all students of every subject.

Moldova, a small European country between Ukraine and Romania, is rapidly becoming popular with international students willing to get their higher studies from European states. Moldova has about 82 universities, most of which are state-owned. In addition, some private higher education institutions are also privately owned.

Moldova offers a wide range of diplomas and vocational courses, fully and partially funded scholarships. Which attracts international students globally. additionally, scholarships here are either provided by the government or by other private institutions. Moldova does not have universities offering University scholarships to international students.

Coverage Moldova Scholarships 2023-2024

If you manage to receive a scholarship from Moldova , then you will be entitled to the following scholarship Coverage Program:

  • Your education costs will be incurred by the Moldorian government or university
  • The right of residence in the dormitory of the school will be given to the scholarship winner
  • Monthly allowances are paid according to your academic level in the University
  • Funds for the purchase of literary works and participation in meetings will be distributed among the scholarship winners every year
  • Health insurance plans and tickets must be reviewed every year

Medium of education Moldova Scholarships 2023-2024

At the level of higher education, most schools choose to teach in Russian and Moldovan. Other teaching languages are Ukrainian and Bulgarian. International students from Poland, Germany, and Israel come here to take language subjects. Recently, Moldavian universities do not provide any courses that can be pursued by foreign candidates in English language only.  Foreign students who come here know one of the instructional languages well or take language courses to learn it.

Top Universities Moldova Scholarships 2023-2024

Moldova has many top-rated universities that offer programs in almost all fields. The most popular universities  are, Universitatea de Stat de Medicina si Farmacie, Academia de Studii Economice din Moldova,  Universitatea Tehnica a Moldovei, Universitatea de Stat din Moldova, and Universitatea de Stat A. Russo.

Living expenses in Moldova for International students

The best part of studying and living in Moldova is  its low cost of buying daily needs and house rents. Moldova is among the very cheap countries that need monthly expenses of $546 for each person. a family with four members monthly expenses are $1400 that includes residence rent and grocery for whole month. Moldova is considered as 159th cheapest country among the top 197 cheapest countries  in the whole world.

Working while studying in Moldova:

Moldova does not placed any restrictions on foreign and local students on part-time work. Working hours and time should not prevent students from being in the country at first, that is, to study. similar to  several other countries from Europe, students are allowed to work at most 20 hours a week in Moldova.

Available Scholarships Moldova Scholarships 2023-2024

The number of scholarships offered in moldova are listed below:

#1 Wells mountain foundation Scholarship in Moldova

The Empowerment Scholarship Programme through Education by the Mount Wales Foundation offers bachelor-level scholarships to students who have original studies from  countries that are developing for future. The applicants can be from any developing countries and are interested to study outside of their homeland to get a bright future. These grants/scholarships will be offered mostly to those students who are willing to study in those fields which will help their communities in coming future. Such as Heath, medical sciences, education, information technology, human rights etc.

About 50 to 60 scholarships are awarded in one year. The amount of the Scholarship given can be approximately in between $300 and $3,000 a year. Applicants who will win this scholarship once will get it throughout the whole year for their study course in the designated University. The average amount of the grant will be around $1500 that can easily cover the expenses of textbooks, stationary, three time meals, rent of the house and tuition fees.

#2 Full Bright Scholarships for Moldova

The Fulbright Scholarship Program is served by the U.S. government in two ways to students in Moldova.

This suggests U.S. graduate students go to Moldova for a full year. The English Teaching Assistant Program empowers candidates to go to other countries and serve that nation by teaching different languages in universities , colleges and schools. and teach languages at different schools and universities. Fulbright’s researcher program permits professors, students and researchers to move to other countries around the world, even to Moldova. That is to deliver seminars and lectures in order to complete their research in a subject of their own choice. and/or research their choice in a context.

Another way is unique to Moldovan students, so students and faculty members of Moldovan Higher Universities receive financial assistance from the U.S. government to fund their academic programs. Grants are given on the basis of academic competence and/or financial needs basis.

#3 Government of Moldova Scholarships

Moldovan government scholarships are for students who are currently enrolled in higher universities in the country. The Moldovan government has announced an increase in the value of scholarships by 4.9% and will be awarded to those candidates without any biased of their nationalities. scholarships regardless of the nationality of students. Recipients will be able to receive from 360 MDLs (Moldovan Lowe) to 690 MDLs. There are special categories for students who are deaf or related to the fields of art and dance design. Students from the agriculture department and medicine will receive scholarships up to 1,325 MDLs. Those Students who have outstanding results in their subjects will get a bonus of 1525 MDL each year which is an appreciation coupon to the deserving students.

The total scholarship amount for the students by Moldovian government is around 12.5 MDL.

#4 America Council for Foreign Students in Moldova

Title 8 is a combined research and language education program by American council for Foreign education providing scholarship to  student, faculty member, and postdoctoral students from Asia and Europe to carry out research in Moldova. The research duration is 3 to nine months. The scholarship covers the round trip airfare from and to Moldova, Monthly living expenses including house rent, medical insurance, tuition fees and language courses in Moldova.

#5 David L. Boren Grants in Moldova

Scholarships for the National Security Education Program, David L. Boren Scholarships, are also for those American students who want to complete part of their academic program abroad. This is open to those undergraduate students who are involved in programs related to Cultural, Ethics, language, Business, science, agriculture and registration Law.  The aim of this program is to bring out those students who have high education and career goals that can help the national security of the United States of America.

David L.Boren Scholarship winners from America will be given full scholarship every year. This scholarship is given on the condition of serving back  their country USA(United States of America) after completion of studies in Moldova. The amount of the Scholarship is upto 30k US dollars. The duration of the scholarship grant is around 1-2 years. Moldova in USA is listed as partner countries.

#6 Chevening Scholarships For Moldova

Chevening is the UK government’s international scholarships program. It is funded through the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and other partner organizations and partners, we provide awards for students to study at the UK for a year in a fully-funded master’s course.

Chevening applicants who succeed are drawn from a wide range of cultures and nations They all have the drive, passion, and abilities required to create an improved world.

There are many advantages of being chosen, such as fully-funded tuition fees as well as access to some of the most universities in the world as well as exclusive networking opportunities and the chance to experience the diversity of British culture.

After the completion of your award, you’ll be part our diverse network of more than 50k alumni from around the world. You’ll leave with the expertise and network to help you bring your ideas into life and succeed in your profession.


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