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Monash University Internship

Monash University invites talented and motivated graduates to apply for Monash University Internships. This program emphasizes the value of collaboration between research and industry in discovering new opportunities and solving global problems.

Industry internships for graduate researchers offer them the unique opportunity to contribute at both the operational and strategic levels, aiding businesses and organizations in the execution of programs and projects.

These Ph.D. research internships offer you an invaluable opportunity to hone your research skills through short-term projects in the industry. Our highly-skilled Ph.D. students can take part in temporary internship projects owned by companies or businesses as well as government agencies.

To reward students for their time and effort, we suggest an investment from the host organization. This financial contribution could be classified as a tax-deductible gift and the suggested amount is AU$9,000 to fund a three-month full-time equivalent placement (minimum 60 days).

Businesses offering formal internships and vacation plans often hire five or more students at once, providing structured orientation and training programs to help ease you into the workforce and company. These initiatives often take place during your final months of graduate school and may lead to future job offers post-graduation. Application deadlines can vary; some employers keep them open throughout the year.

It is essential to approach your job search in the same manner you would any other task.

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Monash University Internships 2023-2024:


  • Monash University, Australia


  • Australia

Internship Duration:

  • 3 To 6 Months


  • All nationalities


  • Current PhD Students

Monash University Internships 2023-2024 Benefits:

  • Benefits include:
  • Develop research skills and knowledge by testing it;
  • Enhance your employability
  • Expand your network;
  • Contribute to the industry;
  • Receive financial assistance (stipend);
  • Recognition for Monash Doctoral Program.
  • Finding a job requires using multiple search techniques. Many positions are advertised in print and online publications, as well as on professional and business association websites; however, many don’t require an application; therefore, you must look past advertised job openings to uncover hidden potential opportunities.

Monash University Internships 2023-2024 Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for Monash University Graduates Research Internships, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Graduate research students must apply. Candidates should possess exceptional leadership qualities and excellent communications capabilities.
  • Furthermore, you should make significant progress with your research project, making sure that completing an
  • internship won’t interfere with studies or course work.
  • Your research internship should be tied to your degree program.
  • Make the most of the skills and experience gained during your PhD research by connecting it to something relevant in your field of study.
  • These abilities or experiences will benefit any future research endeavor or field of research that you pursue.

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Application Procedure For Monash University Internships 2023-2024:

How to Apply: Once the contract agreement is signed (above), you’ll need to apply to change your enrollment and complete the internship using our online form. Please complete all pertinent documents when completing this form. Ph.D. Internship Online Form – Includes Contract Details!

  • Once signed and acknowledged by both parties, the contract is officially binding.
  • Ethics approval (where appropriate)
  • Letter of Intention(required for interns; contract should be signed within 18 months after starting).

Teamwork internships:

Teamwork is a virtual globe program that brings together organizations and students from around the world to collaborate on an initiative. This platform can assist organizations with whatever challenges or opportunities they may face. We particularly encourage projects that contribute to achieving some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), or those which strive for an ethical outcome; however, any project is welcomed. Students come from Monash University in Australia and Malaysia as well as the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom with a range of disciplines and backgrounds. Over four weeks between June and July, they work in groups of 6-8 with their organization partners to reach project objectives.

Monash Warwick Alliance sponsors this program exclusively, providing students with unparalleled international opportunities that come from two renowned institutions located at opposite ends of the planet. Through this alliance, students are able to take advantage of unparalleled educational and career opportunities.

Teamwork projects may include:

  • Examining and developing corporate sustainability strategies.
  • Crafting business plans and creating communications plans.
  • Crafting a corporate social responsibility plan or the ethos.
  • Launching or altering new products on the market or adapting existing ones according to changes in demand.
  • Understanding how new technologies impact productivity levels.
  • Conducting Research and Design.

Application Deadline:

The Application Deadline For Monash University Internships Not Stated.

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