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Skoll Scholarships 2023-2024 at Oxford University

Oxford University Scholarships

Deadline 08 Jan, 2023
Opening date 08 Oct, 2022
Days Remaining Closed
Category Scholarships
Type Fully Funded
Location United Kingdom (UK)

 Skoll Scholarships for the 2023 class are made public at Oxford University, and they started accepting applications online from international students to the class 2023 at the Business School of Oxford University. This 2023 Skoll Scholarship will provide full financial support and a living stipend for students to finish an MBA at Oxford University’s Said Business School for social entrepreneurs worldwide. There are many advantages to being a Skoll Scholar; being part of a global network of change-makers and pursuing your MBA at one of the most highly regarded universities in the world.

Oxford University has a rich tradition of educating leaders. The MBA program builds upon this tradition and provides students with a solid foundation in fundamental business concepts, a broadened perspective, and a better understanding of the function of business in society.

You’ll be challenged to go deep into those areas that appeal to you most. You will also gain the skills and knowledge to have a prosperous professional career that is purposeful and meaningful.

Skoll Scholarships Coverage:

  • The Scholarship covers all costs of the MBA. MBA program.
  • Living expenses for a portion that is at least PS14,985.
  • The Skoll Scholarship offers financial assistance to entrepreneurs who have established or are involved in entrepreneurial projects with a social focus or have pursued a career in impact and wish to gain knowledge about the market and how to improve their effectiveness in their social impact endeavors.
  • Alongside financial assistance, the Scholarship grants accessibility to members of the Skoll Scholar community, a group of individuals who positively impact the world with their innovations and systemic change. It also provides unique opportunities to interact with famous entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and investors.
  • The award acknowledges that the MBA could be a high cost, especially for those who choose to be in the social impact/innovation sector rather than in the commercial or public sector.

Eligibility Criteria for Skoll Scholarships:

You may be eligible to apply for Skoll Scholarships if:

  • You’ve identified opportunities and taken actions to make an impact on society.
  • You’ve spent at least three years bringing about changes through entrepreneurial strategies. For instance, you might be:
    • Established or expanded a social enterprise
    • OR developed and facilitated the development of a social impact program within an organization.
    • OR tackle a specific environmental or social problem with an essential thread that ties your efforts.
  • You can prove the benefits and the impact of your entrepreneurial actions.
  • Your work addresses unfair methods and systems in your field of work.
  • You are a powerful force to bring positive change.
  • You’re focused and persevering and willing to fail and try over.
  • You are prone to bias toward action.
  • You are inclined to look around for resources and opportunities.
  • You are willing to take on personal and often a financial risks.
  • You create networks and help members to achieve mutually beneficial goals.
  • You’ve worked on the issue or have experienced the problem you are trying to solve.
  • It is possible to show why the business school is essential in helping you to improve your impact and work at this point.
  • You’re in a place in which the expense of the program represents an enormous cost to your budget.
  • You may demonstrate that you are eligible to receive the award (for instance, because of prior work experience and personal situations).

Documents needed to apply for the Skoll Scholarships:

Documents requirements can be complicated and take a lot of time. Candidates should ensure that they have all the necessary documents before making an application for Skoll scholarships to prevent time wastage and late submission of the deadline. The following documents could serve as a quick outline for applicants to gather all necessary documents required to apply the process of applying for Skoll scholarships.

  • Curriculum Vitae for Scholars and a Motivational A letter should be submitted. The CV should not be longer than two pages, and the letter of introduction should:
    1. Please explain your financial situation and explain why you can’t afford the expense and
    2. Your involvement in the social impact area (and the results or impact) can make you a great potential candidate to win the Skoll Scholarship.
  • Recommendation Letters by any two previous professors/Institutes.
  • A research plan or research paper is published.
  • Study program for Scholarship.
  • Photocopy of passport that is valid.
  • Statement of purpose (SOP) to ensure your primary contribution to bringing positive changes and developing new techniques.
  • Copies of all documents for education.
  • English Proficiency Certificate.
  • GRE or GMAT Score

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Application Procedure 

The process to apply for the Skoll Scholarship is easy. To apply to be eligible for Skoll Scholarships, follow these steps: Skoll Scholarship follows these steps:

  • Contact us to express for the Scholarship and ensure you’re informed with information about deadlines coming up.
  • Apply to an application for the Oxford MBA program directly to Said Business School. It is necessary to apply in stages 1, 2 and 3 in the MBA selection process. This is for the 2022-23 academic calendar year.
  • Send your responses to Skoll Scholarship essay questions as part of your MBA application. Then, submit an MBA application! You can find the Scholarship essay questions in “Funding. “Funding” section of the MBA application. We suggest that you give yourself one week to respond to questions for the Skoll Scholarship essay questions.
  • The MBA Admissions Team will then examine your application to determine if you meet the academic standards required from Said Business School. Said Business School and decide whether or not you will be accepted into the MBA program.
  • If you’ve been informed that you’ve been accepted into the MBA program, be sure to keep in mind your email because you will receive an email from the Skoll Centre that will send you the link to the second portion of your Scholarship application that is an Application for Logistics and Reference.
  • Complete the Logistics and Reference Form. It consists of quick questions about the person you are, how you came across the Scholarship and your references etc. Be aware that your concerns will not be contacted until you are in the last stage of the application process.

That’s it! You’re done! Skoll Centre will then consider your application for Skoll Scholarship and advise you on the best way to proceed.

  • If your applications are successful and you’re accepted, you’ll be invited take part in a first-stage virtual discussion with Skoll Scholarship Selection Committee.
  • If you’re successful after your first interview and you are successful, you’ll be invited for an interview in a virtual format.
  • To apply for an admissions fee waiver, send your CV and a covering letter to You must use it to receive the release before submitting the MBA application.

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Application Deadline:

The deadline for applying for the Skoll scholarships is 8 January 2023. The applicants can find out more about Skoll Awards on their website. To apply directly for Skoll scholarships, click here.

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