Things to do in Paris

Top 10 Attractions in Paris France

Paris is famous for tourism due to most amazing tourist attractions located Paris France.

Here are the Top Ten things to do in Paris

#1 Street Art visit of the Butte-aux-Cailles

Scheduled over with a guided street art field trip mostly with family members through the twisting rues of the Butte-aux-Cailles neighborhood. Parisians love this quaint quartier for its peaceful winding roads, bloomed alleys, and its impressive concentration of street art. This area has become a can’t-miss spot for street artists and street art enthusiasts in the city, also with Montmartre.

#2 Explore the greener side of Paris, the best thing to do in Paris.

The neighborhood of Canal Saint Martin has always drawn an eclectic crowd, but a recent boom in restaurants, cafés, galleries, and waterfront green initiatives has made this place a true fashionable haven. You can try an organic shot of vegetables on your guided tour, sample gluten-free baked goods and vegan meals, learn about contemporary plant creations, and meet the artists and artisans who shape this neighborhood, from bakers to designers of bags.

#3 Paris historical tour

With the aid of a guide, you can visit Rue Montorgueil to the Grands Boulevards. Find out how Paris evolved in the 1800s and discuss with you all the history of the monuments that resisted the enormous urban improvements that characterize the time. You’ll see the Palais Royal and immerse yourself in 19th-century customer interactions in the hidden passages of Paris and at Les Galeries Lafayette throughout your guided tour.

#4 Take advantage of the things along the Seine.

Your guide will take you on a walk along the Seine, beginning at one of the stunning bridges in the heart of the city, sharing story’s of the many impressive monuments you’ll see, such as the Conciergerie, the Hotel de Ville and of course, Notre-Dame de Paris. She will then take you over an under-appreciated area: the 12th Arrondissement, leading you eastward up the river shores.

#5 By walking, discover Montmartre.

Without a question, La Butte Montmartre is Paris’ most scenic spot, steeped in history, culture and art. It is loaded with the spirits of the Bohemian creatives who formerly resided here. Your guide, Camille of Voulez-Vous Paris Avec Moi, will take you to the dark secrets of this tourist resort, displaying you what makes this iconic Parisian neighborhood so magical. Apparently, the locations you will explore and the works of art you will find will transport you back and forth, the best thing to do in Paris.

#6 The Leave Marais Traditional Tour.

Some of the most influential composers of Le Marais, such as the well-known Duke of Sully, Madame de Sevigne, and André Malraux, will be introduced to you by your guide. You’ll also learn about some of the actors in the region, overlooked by history, throughout your guided walking tour.

#7 Visit Normandy in Paris.

You’ll experience a personal Louvre tour, practice to create French bread with a Baguette Baking Workshop, one of the best things to do in Paris, take a guided Paris walking tour, cruise the Seine River at sunset, and get some of the city’s spectacular views from several of the city’s best rooftops.

#8 The Quinze-Vingts Discoverings.

This region is certainly worth exploring, filled with things to see from the July Column at the Place de la Bastille. To the Aligre Market, from narrow paths to the nearly unending walkways of the historic working-class dwellings traditional of the Faubourg Saint-Antoine.

#9 Beaubourg Street Art tour.

In the streets of Paris, you can numerous innovative kinds of art, how artists make their works, the artistic techniques you will discover in the city, and the reasons and meanings behind such pieces. You’ll also discover your personal feelings about the artworks. Besides learning more about street art, mostly during tour you’ll also be able to capture plenty of Flash Invaders!

#10 Tours of fashion in Paris.

Discover independent fashion brands and visit local designers in the Marais neighborhood.  In addition to only-in-Paris luxury labels, visit some of the world’s most popular luxury brands.  Discover Paris’ best vintage shops along with the most exclusive second-hand shops in the area.

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