Vienna Biocenter Summer School in Austria 2023-2024

Vienna Biocenter Summer School in Austria

Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2023 is a research-oriented , fully-funded summer scholarship program in Austria. The 10-week summer research course allows exceptional and skilled students to study life sciences under the direction by the best mentors in the world in one of Europe’s top research centers. The program offers a stimulating and exciting scientific environment for skilled students who are devoted for research and development-oriented advancements. VBC Austria VBC Austria aims to gather skilled, smart and innovative minds from around the world and then take them to some of the world’s most exciting science laboratories to allow them space for development and growth.

The most appealing aspect part of the Vienna summer school is that students have the chance to travel to Europe at no cost and to learn the the latest technology and work in one of the top labs in world. It is the Vienna Biocenter is enriched with many research projects. Its the summer program for students is structured with the intention that each fellow will be assigned an academic faculty member to whom they work be able to work closely and independently. The Biocenter is renowned for its highly experienced faculty. For instance, Kim Nasmyth received Breakthrough Prize in the life sciences for his pioneering research on segregation of chromosomes. Similar to that, Emmanuelle Charpentier and Janifer Duanda were awarded their 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The list of winners is lengthy and through this international summer festival students who are promising will have the an opportunity to study with these highly influential minds and individuals.

The Vienna Biocenter is an agglomeration of Europe’s top five research centers. This program provides a chance for students with exceptional academic potential to begin their work experiences at these top research institutes. The research projects that are ongoing at the Biocenter are connected to current issues in neuroscience, molecular biology, bioinformatics and immunology the stem cell, biochemistry and so on. The students in the fully funded summer school are able to participate in the hands-on lab activities along with the lab meetings as well as the journal clubs. The lab scientists employ all bottom-up methods to discover the outcomes of their research and, consequently the students are enhanced by these high-quality learning models and practice.

In this summer camp for research in Europe students do not only acquire the practical skills of science, but also get to know the real concepts of the modern research infrastructure. Additionally, the fellows are exposed to the liberal, silk-stacking and traditional cultural traditions of Europe through their stay. In order to make students more co-operative and collaborative The Vienna Biocenter comes up with numerous social activities like the arrangement of referrals as well as symposiums. Fellows have the chance to get to know each other in a welcoming environment. To ensure that the experience is memorable The Vienna Biocenter PhD candidates are encouraged to participate in the two-day retreat that is organised by students who are outside of Vienna at any hotel. The Biocenter summer course for international students finishes by a conference in which students present their thoughts, findings and conclusions in brief presentations. Then, the prizes are distributed to the winners , which is a source of joy in this event.

Vienna Biocenter Summer School in Austria 2023-2024:


  • Austria


  • Max Birnstiel Foundation supports the Vienna undergraduate research program in Europe.

Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2023 Benefits:

  • The students will be accommodated.
  • A modern, well-furnished room that includes the bathroom shared with other guests and a kitchen is furnished.
  • Every participant will receive one-week stipend worth 1400 euros.
  • Each student will receive an unrestricted travel pass during the duration of the scholarship.
  • Medical insurance will be completely insured.
  • All travel expenses from and to Vienna will be refunded.
  • Students will be treated to an opening dinner, trips to various locations in Vienna and a trip to Heurigen and the final celebrations of summer school, along with the usual Friday evening social hours.

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 Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2023 Austria Eligibility Criteria:

  • The participant could be of any race, gender or nationality.
  • The applicants who hold a an undergraduate degree, master’s level, MSc, or who are master’s or undergraduate students and who have completed at the minimum, two years of study at a university may apply.
  • The student should be studying the life sciences.
  • The applicant should be a successful academically.
  • The students need to be fluent in English.
  • The students may have at least three months of experience in research or have received education as part of their study program.

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Application Procedure for the Vienna Biocenter Summer Scholarship 2023?

  • The applicants must submit their applications via Vienna Biocenter Summer School Online Application.
  • The applicants need to provide three lab heads according to their preference.
  • Candidates must provide academic information and experience with research.

Application Deadline:

  • The deadline in order to submit an application for VBC Summer School in Europe is January 31, 2023.


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