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IMF Economist Program 2023-2024 | Career Opportunities

International Monetary Fund Economist Program

The IMF Economist Program is seeking candidates for its Economist program beginning September 2023 at their Washington, D.C. headquarters. Individuals interested in developing their careers within Economics are encouraged to apply.

The IMF Economist Program is a three-year initiative consisting of two 18 month assignments designed for talented recently graduated Ph.D. graduate students who are eager to gain operational experience and further develop their macroeconomics knowledge.

Participating in the IMF Economist program (EP) can give you a head-start on your career by giving you access to an extensive range of IMF work and giving you the chance to apply your knowledge and analytical abilities directly to important policies that affect 190 member countries. We are seeking fresh economists with cutting-edge economic theory and multidisciplinary methods who want to shape global economic policy decisions such as fostering global cooperation, guaranteeing stability within the financial system, improving international trade relations, stimulating employment opportunities along with sustainable growth while decreasing poverty levels.

The EP provides you with a deep-level knowledge of the IMF’s operations and provides the foundation for an exciting and rewarding profession as an economist. Over three years, you will rotate through two departmental assignments and join teams working on monitoring countries/regions, fiscal/monetary policy, balance of payment issues, debt issues or other relevant topics. This is not a student post; you will be assigned actual work responsibilities in your role as an IMF economist – including developing policies and managing operations at various regional or country levels; studying capacity building exercises as well as teaching classes to future economists.

Participants in The IMF Economist Program will use their expertise and research to influence policymaking that affects 190 member nations, working alongside a team of staff members dedicated to tackling major global economic challenges. Participants will travel to various countries and form part of an elite team of experts who will address some of the most pressing global economic problems. Participants will gain valuable experience in country-specific and regional problems, as well as monetary, fiscal, or balance of payments debt issues. They also contribute to analysis. Furthermore, participants take part in training and development projects under the guidance and mentorship of experienced economists – guaranteeing an enjoyable and exciting start to their career with the IMF.

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IMF Economist Program 2023-2024 for Graduates:


  • USA


  • International Monetary Fund.


  • All International.


  • Graduates.

IMF Economist Program 2023-2024 for Graduates Benefits:

The IMF Economist Program 2023-24 will cover the expenses of selected students. Please see below for full details regarding coverage:

  • Salaries are benchmarked against various competitors from around the world to guarantee they remain competitive. Your salary will increase as you progress in your career.
    Medical Benefits Plans offer flexibility and provide comprehensive global protection for you and those closest to you.
  • Leave offers up to 26 days of annual leave annually, which can be increased to 30 when you sign up for longer service. We also provide 15 sick times annually. In addition, you may qualify for parental leave as well as flexible working arrangements like working from home (teleworking), flexible start dates, and shorter work hours.
  • Retirement benefits for employees include generous final pay, defined contribution pension plans, and voluntary savings plans that are accessible to all.
  • Families can access IMF Spouse and Partner Association support networks for their partner, providing career services, personal development activities, English language classes for adults, school counselors to help children adjust to school life, as well as an onsite childcare center.
  • Benefits available to ex-expatriate personnel who are not located within the U.S. include regular home visits and child education support.
  • Staff appointments typically last between three and five years. Based on performance and current opportunities within the IMF, you may be offered either an extension of your appointment or a non-permanent staff position (non-permanent appointment).
  • Contractual jobs typically have an appointment duration of 4 years, though this can be extended based on need. Furthermore, certain benefits associated with a contract may depend on both its length of service and nature.

IMF Economist Program 2023-2024 for Graduates Eligibility Criteria:

For consideration for the IMF Economist Program 2023, applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Have you recently finished or plan to finish a Ph.D. within one calendar year (or shorter) of completing it in areas such as macroeconomics and finance, public finance, monetary economics, international economics, trade poverty economics political economy econometrics or related fields?
  • You have an impressive academic record to your name!
  • Have been validated for analytical, quantitative and IT skills.
  • Have the desire and capacity to be part of an international organization and contribute to issues related to economic policy.
  • To qualify, you must be a citizen of one of the IMF member countries.
  • On September 11th 2023, you must be younger than 34 years of age to be admitted to the program.
  • Furthermore, you should possess excellent oral and written English abilities.

Application Procedure For IMF Economist Program 2023-2024 for Graduates:

Each year, the application process for IMF Career positions opens in late September with an announcement posted on their website. Shortlisted candidates will then be interviewed during November and December before receiving offers in early February. This selection process involves several steps which can run concurrently.

Here is a brief summary of the four primary steps:

  • Once selected, applicants will be invited to a 30-minute interview where they’ll be asked for an overview of their research paper, questions on economic issues relevant to the IMF activities, as well as questions regarding interpersonal and communication abilities. The dates for IMF campuses will soon be announced on this page.
  • After your initial interview for the Ph.D. program, you could be required to submit an up-to-date transcript from your university, provide 3 academic references (non-IMF employees should provide these references), and finally submit either a research paper with publishable standards or at least two chapters in your dissertation.
  • Successful Candidates are invited to join an exclusive panel discussion comprised of three or two senior IMF economists as well as an IMF Human Resources officer.
  • The interview will follow the same format as the initial one, with emphasis on your knowledge of financial, balance of payment and sector concerns as well as behavioral skills to assess the depth of your analytical abilities, oral communication abilities and interpersonal capabilities; macroeconomic knowledge and related fields; and ability to present complex topics logically and structured. In addition to your panel-based interview, you must take an online psychometric assessment lasting 40 minutes and a written test lasting 90 minutes. The psychometric test is designed to identify preferred behavior patterns and strategies; while the written exam tests your writing abilities.
  • Once the panel interview process is complete (usually around January 31), all candidates who made it this far will be reviewed by an internal committee of senior staff members before making a final selection. The committee will carefully consider each assessment listed above, giving greater weighting to panel interviews and research reviews of papers.

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Application Deadline:

The Application Deadline For IMF Economist Program 2023 Is Not Specified.

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