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Yale Young African Scholars Program 2024 | USA

Yale Young African Scholars

Young Africans looking for an exceptional education now have an opportunity through The 2024 Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) Program being hosted in America.

YYAS offers an intensive academic and enrichment course designed to support secondary-school-age African students interested in attending university as well as any individuals looking to make significant leadership contributions during their youth.

YYAS serves to introduce some of Africa’s brightest leaders to opportunities available through higher education, equipping them with essential knowledge that will serve both their local community and beyond. Yale strives to make education available, making participation free.

YYAS seeks to mentor African secondary school pupils so that they may become Africa’s future active citizens and leaders. Participants of YYAS leave with increased understanding, new friendships formed across borders, direct access to university instructors who can guide them through admission procedures as well as financial aid processes – something no other program offers them!

At Yale University’s conclusion of 2013, an African undergraduate and graduate students formed a small group called Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS). Its purpose was to share expertise as well as their experiences of attending school in America with some of Africa’s top secondary school students, to assist in navigating university application procedures more smoothly. Professor Ian Shapiro from Sterling Professor of Political Science/Director MacMillan Center quickly joined this initiative; their support has proven crucial in seeing it to fruition.

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Yale Young African Scholars Program 2024:


  • USA


  • Yale University

Program Level:

  • Undergraduate


  • African

Yale Young African Scholars Program 2024 Benefits:

  • By 2024, Young Young African Scholars will offer both an in-house program and an online option with no tuition costs associated with participation. Zero enrollment costs apply as 200 students will participate annually at our Online YYAS Workshop; an event open to students from all African nations.
  • Staying engaged in this program requires participants to connect to Zoom and Canvas using smartphones/tablets with reliable internet. Our program will focus on career exploration, preparation for university applications, and adapting to life after high school graduation.
    Due to YYAS’ short duration and attendance requirement, students cannot miss even one day from attending this program.
  • Participants who complete this online YYAS Workshop (free!) will receive the pdf YYAS Certificate for Completion to submit with university applications or colleges. (Residency in Zimbabwe only). This event marks a great way for YYAS Summit organizers and participants to connect.
    Students from African nations are invited to attend this 10-week YYAS Summit held on a college campus located in Zimbabwe. Each of the 120 accepted will stay for 10 weeks on this campus living together as one big family!
  • This program emphasizes the significance of leadership, innovation, and design skills as 21st-century skills taught via online course content.
    Due to its short duration, YYAS requires full attendance; students may not miss even one day during their course. Students who successfully finish will receive a Certificate in Completion which they can utilize when applying to universities and colleges.
    YYAS Summit provides complimentary accommodation and meals. In addition, all academic course material can be obtained for no tuition cost ($0).
  • All students must be able to travel from and back to Zimbabwe to participate in an event known as YYAS Summit – an African housing event where students plan, fundraise, and organize.

Yale Young African Scholars Program 2024 Eligibility Criteria:

  • To qualify for YYAS, an applicant must fulfill all of the following prerequisites. Age: To be considered eligible for YYAS, an individual must be between 14-18 years old on July 18, 2024 (yyas students typically range between 16-17).
  • English Competence participants must possess sufficient English competency to fully engage in an intensive academic program taught entirely in English. Citizenship You must be either an African national, a permanent citizen of one, or a refugees living within African nations to be accepted by YYAS.
  • Your current school should be located within one of Africa’s countries and you should currently enrolled in either 11th or 10th grades (or equivalent grades in another country).
  • Graduation dates vary based on where students reside: If located within the Northern Hemisphere, secondary education must be complete before May/June 2025 at an earlier opportunity and by 2026 as soon as possible; those located within the Southern Hemisphere should complete secondary school by November/December 2024 and by 2025 respectively.

Application Procedure For Yale Young African Scholars Program 2024:

  • Step One: Review YYAS eligibility conditions.
  • Step Two: Examine essential components of an application form.
  • Step Three: Read an example application before writing answers to as many potential questions.
  • Step Four: It is imperative that contact details of either parents/guardians, teachers, or any other relevant individuals at your school be provided as soon as possible to go over a PDF of an empty sample application together and ensure you have all of the required data and documents available to complete an application form successfully.
  • Step Five: To begin completing your YYAS application, just click “Apply Now”, note down and record your password and email for later login into the program, making your submission within either Early Action Deadlines of November 10th at 11:59am ET or Regular Deadlines (January 25th at 11 am ET respectively) respectively.
  • Step six: Use the program’s “Review” page to examine whether there are any missing components that must be present, returning to any pages with missing info for additional help if necessary.
  • Step Seven: To submit your completed application, visit Step 7. At the end of this step 7, when reviewing, click “Review”, followed by clicking the bottom button which allows for “Submit Application” – simply hit that and your done!
    Step eight: Search your email inbox for the YYAS confirmation email that was sent within 24-48 hours after submission to confirm your application has been properly received and accepted by us. Due to occasional processing delays with payments, this confirmation message usually arrives shortly thereafter.
    If you need assistance traveling to or attending the YYAS Summit, or need to locate fundraising sources, reach out to YYAS today for support!

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Application Deadline:

The Application Deadline For Yale Young African Scholars Program is  25 January 2024,

Apply Now  Official Site:


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