142 IED scholarships in Italy, Spain and Brazil

IED Scholarships for International Students

IED Scholarships: IED is globally recognized group with a strong emphasis on international engagement, boosting’s 11 campuses in three major countries, Brazil, Italy and Spain.

IED group aim to identify individuals capable of catalyzing global change through their innovative ideas… and our mission is to facilitate connections among them. Their objective is to nurture a fresh wave of designers. Housed within a spacious Mediterranean-style laboratory, we prioritize the individual and their distinctiveness within a vast, multi-geographical, and cross-border network. IED firmly believe in the potential of projects that embrace a bold and interdisciplinary approach.

Applications Procedure for IED Scholarships.

To apply for IED  Scholarships Master’s Programs, students must register and submit required documents by the deadline of May 28th, 2024, at 23:59 (GMT+1 – Italian time).

  1. Carefully review the Regulations.
  2. Select your desired course.
  3. Complete the registration form at Upon registration, you’ll receive an email confirmation with login credentials for your Personal Area, where you can upload necessary documents. An IED Advisor will assist you throughout.
  4. Once you’ve collected all required materials, log in to your Personal Area and upload the documents.
  5. If your skills align with the Master’s Programs requirements, your Admission Advisor will send you test questions related to the course skills. Upon completion of document upload and test answers, your Advisor will provide details about the online selection day, scheduled for June 18th, 2024.
  6. Participate in the online selection day as instructed.
  7. An Advisor will contact you to schedule an online interview.
  8. Scholarship winners must confirm acceptance within 3 days and complete their Master’s Programs application within 5 days.

Terms and Conditions for IED Scholarship in Italy, Spain and Brazil

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design S.p.A. (referred to as IED) and I.L.E.M. srl – Accademia di Belle Arti “Aldo Galli” (referred to as Accademia Galli) aim to foster engagement among young designers by organizing specific contests to award scholarships for courses in Design, Fashion, Visual Arts, Communication, and Art. As part of this initiative, IED hosts the Master’s Programs Scholarship Contest through its dedicated website and social media platforms. The contests aim to grant 73 scholarships for enrollment in IED and Accademia Galli Master’s Programs for students enrolled in the academic year 2024/2025, covering 50% of the program tuition fee. Controlled by the present Regulations, the Contest will run from April 23rd, 2024 (date of publication of the Competition Announcement), until May 28th, 2024, at 23:59 (GMT+1 – Italian time). The final ranking will be published thereafter.

Participation in pre-requirements for IED Scholarships

Participation in the contest requires registration on the website and acceptance of the present Regulations.

  • Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification, or have relevant work experience. Graduates are eligible if they obtain their academic diploma within 30 days before the discussion of the Master’s Programs Thesis project.
  • Candidates must meet specific requirements outlined in the guidelines for each course and demonstrate proficiency in the course language (minimum B2 level). Employees and consultants of IED and Accademia Galli are prohibited from participating in the Contest.
  • By providing personal data for registration, candidates acknowledge the legal consequences of supplying false data and must provide accurate and complete information.
  • Processing of personal data will adhere to D. Lgs. n. 2016/679 on personal data protection, and none of the required registration data is considered sensitive under this decree.
  • Candidates are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their username and password to prevent unauthorized access to their personal area on the site.

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Documents required for the Scholarships in IED

In order to meet eligibility criteria for consideration, each candidate must furnish the following documents:

  1. Pre-enrollment form and Privacy-sheet: A formal document providing personal information and consent for data processing in compliance with privacy regulations.
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV): A comprehensive summary of one’s academic background, work experience, skills, and achievements.
  3. Motivation letter: A personalized statement explaining the candidate’s aspirations, interests, and reasons for pursuing the chosen course, presented in the language of instruction.
  4. Transcript: Official records of academic performance, including grades and courses completed.
  5. Copy of passport: Proof of identity and citizenship for international applicants.
  6. Internationally recognized language certificate: Evidence of proficiency in the language of instruction, typically required if it differs from the candidate’s mother tongue. Alternatively, candidates may opt for a Skype interview. The minimum language proficiency level accepted is B2.
  7. Portfolio (if applicable): A collection of work samples, such as projects, designs, or artistic creations, showcasing the candidate’s skills and creativity.

It’s imperative for candidates vying for tutorship to demonstrate proficiency in the Italian language as well, with a minimum B2 level requirement. These prerequisites ensure that candidates possess the necessary qualifications and language proficiency to excel in their chosen course of study.

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