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KAUST Global Fellowship 2023-2024 in Saudi Arabia

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The KAUST Global Fellowship 2023 in Saudi Arabia is a tremendous opportunity for those who are committed to directing cutting-edge research within the Middle East. This full-fledged fellowship helps brilliant new researchers from around the globe. This allows them to build the path to an independent career. It gives them the chance to provide students with real experience in times of crisis, where the world is already in the grip of the deadly pandemic. It provides students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the fields of science and engineering. Individuals with high-quality qualifications are invited to join the KAUST fellowship program to meet its main goal of advancing science and technology by collaborating on studies and research.

The high-paying fellowship program in foreign countries, sponsored by KAUST It is a merit-based program that focuses on different ideas and is a part of the five main principles of KAUST. The five pillars of the KAUST are energy, water, food, environment, and health, as well as technology and the domain of digital. Additionally, it is the KGFP program 2023 was developed based on two strands which the five pillars listed above are. One is general and relevant to the topic while the other is a research-oriented one that is based on time-related relevance. For 2023, KAUST has picked the theme for the year “hydrogen,” considering the alarming alarms of water shortages and the growing shortage of water across several regions. Every year the second strand is focused on different research areas that are strategically important for the KAUST.

Students who want to be research scholars can pursue their studies throughout The Middle East. The program aims to identify promising career-oriented researchers from all over the globe, invest in them, and maximize their potential to become astonished future researchers and scientists. The individuals selected will have access to the best infrastructure and facilities. As a result, they can produce research results that are at the top international level. The international fellowship program helps early-stage postdoctoral researchers in their careers who have not yet demonstrated their capability and drive to pursue independent research. Future researchers receive hands-on experience under the supervision of top researchers and scientists.

It is a fully-funded scholarship that permits students to be in sync with people from diverse communities to build their careers at national and international levels. This scholarship offers researchers an opportunity to play a significant role in dealing with time-related issues and to establish their careers in the fast-paced and dynamic world. It offers aspirants effective solutions through goal-oriented and curiosity-driven research. This KAUST scholarship 2023 is an expansive strategy to serve those in the kingdom as well as the world at large. It has been proven to be an example of harmony in faith, reconciliation, and peace. Students who have an ardent desire to study shouldn’t miss the opportunity to pursue their dreams through the KUST.

KAUST Global Fellowship 2023-2024 in Saudi Arabia:


  • Saudi Arabia


  • KAUST (King Abdullah Abdullah Science and Technology University).


  • The time frame for the KAUST Global Fellowship in Saudia Arabia 2023 is contingent upon the type of research being conducted.

 The KAUST Global Fellowship 2023 Benefits:

  • Candidates will receive the opportunity to earn a stipend of 75K USD per year.
  • Candidates will receive an annual independent research project with a budget of around $45,000.
  • Candidates will have free access to the laboratories.
  • Candidates will be provided with accommodations.
  • Candidates will be provided with the opportunity to work in KAUST.
  • Candidates will have an easy way to access mentoring and leadership programs.
  • Candidates will be provided with medical insurance.
  • Candidates will receive an allowance for travel and relocation.
  • Children’s care and schooling are included.

The KAUST Global Fellowship 2023 Eligibility Criteria:

    • The scholarship is created for postdoctoral researchers looking to start a 3-year research project.
    • Candidates must have the title of Ph.D. within 4 years or have at least 4 years of research previous experience.
    • The research plan must be based on the most pressing global issues about the 5 pillars.
    • Candidates must fulfill the criteria for Saudi Arabia. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to get a residence there.

Application Procedure For The KAUST Global Fellowship 2023?

    • Candidates of all ages can apply by making an application using an email address.
    • Candidates will be sent an email confirmation of their application.
    • Give all the personal information required, e.g., name address, address, nationality or religion, etc.
    • Include information about the academic qualification, such as the name of the degree institute, the name of the institution, the main course specialization, the date it was completed, etc.
    • Please provide the information about your current or previous job including the job title, beginning, and end date, company, and name of the employer, etc.
    • Two top publications should be provided, including the title of the article, publication type title of publication, and the date.
    • Name at least one KAUST faculty member. Include the other preferred choices also.
    • Give the details of two references with their names, positions the organization’s name, position, and email addresses.
    • Fill in all the fields required to register.
    • Make sure you fill out your registration form carefully before submitting it.
    • If you are chosen You will be informed about it by the KAUST faculty.
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 Required Documents to apply for this KAUST Global Fellowship 2023:

    • Host KAUST Pi Letter.
    • 3 . Research Proposals.
    • Two publications.
    • 2 . Reference letters.
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume.
    • Valid Passport.

Application Deadline :

    • The deadline to apply for KAUST International Fellowship 2023 in Saudi Arabia is January 15th, 2023.


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