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Ontario Graduate Scholarship Canada

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2024-2025 (OGS) program exists to promote graduate education at public universities throughout Ontario. Since 1975, this merit-based awards scheme has been providing awards to outstanding students across all academic fields. At U of T, these scholarship programs are supported jointly by both the Province of Ontario and the University of Toronto; with each university having a certain number of OGS awards available annually.

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program exists since 1975 to encourage academic excellence at public institutions in Ontario. Since 1975, OGS has offered merit-based scholarships to Ontario’s top graduate students across all fields of academic study.

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Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2024-2025:


  • Canada


  • University of Toronto


  • Masters & PhD

Scholarship value:

  • $5,000 per session


  • Domestic and International

Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2024-2025 Benefits:

  • The OGS awards a maximum of $5,500 per session; awardees may receive up to $10,000 over two sessions or $15,000.3 for three consecutive days. In all cases, the graduate unit that awards these awards will cover one-third of its value.
  • Each scholarship is valid for a single year (with the option to extend for three semesters). The amount and duration of each OGS prize will be decided by the graduate department and detailed in the letter of offer.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2024-2025 Eligibility Criteria:

  • At the time of each graduate school’s OGS scholarship deadline for students, you must be a Canadian permanent resident, citizen, or Protected Person as defined in section 95(2) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada). Students from other countries studying or planning to study at the University of Toronto under a temporary residence visa (student study permit) are eligible for OGS scholarships (valid permit to study must be valid at the time of the international application deadline set by that unit).
  • COVID-19 Exemption: International graduate students who have not yet been granted an academic permit due to COVID-19 considerations can apply for scholarship funding. However, they must possess a valid permit to claim it;
  • Are you registered or planning to join any eligible program on a full-time basis from 2023-2024?
  • Program eligibility at the University of Toronto is defined as a full-time course that lasts two or three years and leads to an advanced degree. A full-time student is defined as those enrolled in 60% or more of the full course load (40 percent for students with disabilities who are permanent), or as determined by their institution. Each graduate program determines its eligibility criteria; students should carefully research details provided by each graduate school before enrolling to determine if their chosen program qualifies for participation in OGS competitions offered by that particular graduate school.
  • They have not exceeded either the lifetime limit of support from the government or OGS/QEII offered for their current stage of study (see Maximum Support section below), nor have they exceeded any tuition assistance provided to them from either source (as noted).
  • Students must achieve at least an A grade (or equivalent) in every two years of study (full-time equivalent), or when they have completed at least two years of graduate studies before applying, show that their overall average for all courses taken has been A or equivalent (or equivalent).
    Note: If the marks used to calculate an applicant’s grade-point average (GPA) are missing (e.g., courses were assessed on a pass/fail basis), then the most current marks from the undergraduate or graduate level will be used to determine eligibility.

Eligibility For OGS award, recipients:

  • Registration and continued enrollment as a full-time undergraduate student at U of T in an approved graduate program to which you were awarded the OGS are mandatory requirements for receiving your award.
    If they withdraw, transfer from full-time to part-time, meet degree requirements before their award date, or fail to finish the entire session, they must reimburse the money that was earmarked for that session that wasn’t completed;
  • To be eligible for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), applicants must maintain good standing with the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). Those who defaulted on either their Canada or Ontario Student Loan or failed to make satisfactory repayment for an overpaid loan cannot be considered. Those with restrictions from OSAP are still eligible; if awarded, recipients must remove those restrictions within 30 days of notification to take possession of their award and retain it.
  • Accept research assistantships, part-time teaching jobs, or any other paid employment that does not affect your status as a full-time graduate and is in line with the guidelines of your graduate unit. Most students with full-time paid positions cannot qualify for OGS at the University of Toronto; therefore, please accept these offers cautiously.
  • No award from OGS may overlap or occur within the same calendar year as any scholarship award from SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR QEII-GSST, or OGS.
    The eligibility requirements listed below are only minimum standards. Graduate units may impose additional criteria or restrictions in addition to what is stated here. Be sure to inquire with your graduate school about any additional criteria or restrictions that might exist in addition to what is outlined here.

Required Documents For Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2024-2025:

  • OGS Application Form
  • Transcripts from all post-secondary institutions (unofficial transcripts issued by students are acceptable; for instance, ACORN screenshots).
  • Experience with awards/publications/conferences/research projects is highly valued.
  • Plan of Study (maximum two pages: one page for the Plan and one for references/citations).
  • 2 academic references (referees must be submitted online).

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Application Procedure For Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2024-2025:

Candidates must complete the OGS application to their proposed graduate school using their U of T School of Graduate Studies central on the internet OGS application. Each graduate school will have its own internal submission deadline that must be adhered to; before submitting an application it is important that applicants read through and comprehend all instructions for application provided by OGS.

Once completed and uploaded online, it will be forwarded to the prospective graduate unit for review and consideration.

Students considering applying should be aware that OGS awards are non transferrable between universities and graduate programs within U of T. Therefore, students must complete their OGS request to each graduate unit they wish to join at U of T and any Ontario institution if they plan on applying to multiple universities (each institution has its own distinct OGS application and process).

Caution for Students in Visas:
Candidates with an approved study permit before the OGS deadline for international applications from graduate units are eligible to use the same application process and deadlines established by their present or proposed graduate department. Graduate units will select and forward a select number of applicants to the School of Graduate Studies for consideration for central adjudication.

Application Deadline:

The Application Deadline For Ontario Graduate Scholarship Is Varies.

Apply Now  Official Site:

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