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The University of Milan is one of Italy’s best-known and largest public universities, boasting more than 10,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students across several degree programs at Milano Public University. Applications are now being accepted for Milan DSU Scholarship for Italy 2023 at University Milan; international students eligible can take advantage of it and apply for Master, Bachelor or Ph.D. degree programs offered as part of this scholarship program at Milan University; the largest in Italy itself!

Finding scholarships in Italy can be straightforward. To be considered for DSU the Award applicants, all that’s necessary to make an application online and select DSU is receiving an offer of admission and fill out an online application form with options such as selecting DSU Scholarship and Milan University Admission Test results; IELTS scores don’t need to be submitted either when selecting Milan University Admission or DSU Scholarship options (an English Proficiency Proof is sufficient instead). Below you’ll find further details regarding this matter.

Its Italian name, Universita of Milano degli Studi, is one of Italy’s renowned educational institutions established in 1924 and widely renowned worldwide as an academic powerhouse in terms of research and teaching excellence. Over its nearly century-long existence, Milan has grown into one of its biggest institutions with thousands of students and researchers attending, along with world-renowned researchers attracted from all corners.

The University of Milan provides an impressive variety of academic programs across a broad spectrum of academic fields that include sciences, humanities, arts, social sciences engineering, and medicine. Their commitment to leading-edge research and development can be witnessed at their numerous institutes and research centers where both faculty and students participate in projects aimed at increasing understanding and addressing social problems. They have also fostered strong ties between international partners as well as industry partners that have cemented their international standing.

Focusing on providing students with a positive and inclusive educational environment, the University of Milan boasts modern facilities as well as libraries packed with research resources for research. A vibrant campus life includes art performances, seminars, and extracurricular activities which enrich students’ educational experiences and add value to their experience at school. Recognized globally for its research excellence as well as the education services provided, this renowned university continues to make strides forward with research, education, and social advancement both locally in Italy and worldwide on world stages.

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Milan DSU Scholarship in Italy 2023-2024:


  • Italy


  • University Of Millan


  • Bachelors, Masters, PhD


  • All International

Milan DSU Scholarship in Italy 2023-2024 Benefits:

  • University housing options will be made available free of charge; should there be no space, financial aid will be made available to assist with the costs of rent/mortgage payments and expenses associated with renting/mortgaging the residence halls. Complimentary meals at University dining facilities.
  • Financial support may be provided for extra costs associated with sports activities and textbook purchases; exemption from University tuition charges; as well as an annual stipend of 7200 Euros.

Milan DSU Scholarship in Italy 2023-2024 Eligibility Criteria:

  • Italian students as well as foreign ones may apply for these degrees:
  • Students enrolled in first-level master programs or medical schools offering specialization, and doctoral
  • students eligible for grants (such as those already receiving grants or research grant eligibility grants) can submit applications.
  • Candidates cannot hold scholarships from any other institutions during the calendar year; cannot enroll in part-time program; and are not repeat students from previously completed programs;
  • Such applicants do not possess degrees earned outside Italy that correspond with courses at equal or higher levels as those for which they’re applying for awards.

Application Procedure For Milan DSU Scholarship in Italy 2023-2024:

  • Students should utilize the application’s online portal. Their Online Service Desk must be accessible between July 13th and September 30th, 2023.
  • Students contemplating enrolling should sign up with Unimi to access their Online Service Desk; here you’ll also find details for the Scholarship announcement.
  • Regional scholarships consist of both lump sum payments and access to Refectory services accompanied by educational incentives.
  • Funded through support from Lombardy government’s Ministry of University and Research as well as EU Next Generation EU.
  • Scholarships are granted via competition to students who meet certain criteria such as earnings, regular attendance, and income conditions as long as they remain continuously enrolled in university programs.
  • Students enrolled in first-level master programs or medical schools offering specialization courses; doctoral candidates with existing grants/research grants do not qualify to submit applications.
  • The applicant should not hold scholarships from other institutions during the calendar year and should not enroll in part-time programming; additionally, they cannot repeat levels they’ve already taken;
  • Do not hold degrees earned outside Italy from programs with degrees equivalent to or greater than those being asked for as awards.
  • The award is determined using the “Carta La Statale”, the University’s Personal Badge that gives access to services of the university. To receive money through Carta La Statale it must first become active as a FlashUp Studio La Statale Prepaid Card.

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Application Deadline:

The Application Deadline For Milan DSU Scholarship in Italy 2023-2024 is 30, sep , 2023,

Apply Now  Official Site:

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