Best Things to do in Turkey-For Tourist

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Turkey is so versatile and broad. In Turkey, there are lots of things to do that you would not want to miss on your journey.

#1 Visit Turkey’s capital, Ankara

As Turkey’s largest bustling city, Ankara possesses some of the country’s most beautiful architecture. It brings together the current and historical elements of various communities. There is lush vegetation, a swimming pool, an amusement park, an open-air theatre and tiny trains, making it the ideal place to enjoy your ride for a while.

#2 In Istanbul, Enjoy a Turkish Spa

This is a must-do in Turkey on every tourist’s list. Among both tourists and locals, Turkish baths, or hammams, are popular. There are lots of baths to choose from in Istanbul and it’s easy to find baths for men or women only. For those visiting, these wellbeing therapies are a special experience.

#3 Access Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

It’s one of the world’s biggest and oldest protected markets. It has rapidly become one of Istanbul’s key places to visit. You can find thousands of shops to buy some awesome souvenirs, with over 60 covered streets. Discover exquisite lanterns and lamps in stained-glass, hand crafted rugs, spices and leather goods. It’s a rare Turkish experience, really.

#4 Lycian Tombs of the Rock

The sheer amount of old monuments is one of the best things about Turkey. They’re less touristic than Greece and Italy, but they’re full of culture. In Turkey, the Lycian Tombs are cut into the walls of a range. These tombs are quite a sight to see, as there are over 1,000 tombs in the region that combine styles of Greek, Persian and Lycian architecture together.

#5 Explore Ephesus’ Ruins

Spend some time discovering Ephesus’s ruins. Ephesus used to be a thriving city, stretching back to the 10th century BC, which saw the emergence of the Greek empire. These remains are now home to famous landmarks in Turkey, such as the Library of Celsus and the Temple of Artemis, one of the world’s seven ancient miracles.

#6 Mount Nemrut Hiking

Mount Nemrut is one of the most popular Turkish tourist destinations in the southeast. To support a royal tomb, its peak is characterized by huge statues. Mount Nemrut can be quite a hike, but, particularly at sunrise and sunset, it has amazing views.

 #7 Glide on the Shore of the Aegean

Spend a couple of days relaxing on the beach if you’re searching for some down time on your ride. Travel over to Bodrum’s harbors and set sail in the turquoise crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. In Bodrum, one of the most common ones to do is gather a team and spend a few days at sea.

#8 Rediscover Derinkuyu’s Underground City

This city, found beneath Cappadocia, is one of the earliest Christian settlements. About 20,000 lived in caves to flee the Roman empire with their livestock and food. The small underground rooms and cellars are an immersive way for you to learn the history of Turkey through an engaging platform.

#9 Drench in Pamukkale’s thermal waters

Visit Pamukkale to discover just how gorgeous Turkey is. Solar waters that spread from balcony to terrace fill these emerald green reservoirs. Because of its stunning views and spa-like experiences, it has become a popular tourism spot in Turkey. But it’s the colors of this region that will easily make it one of your trip’s highlights.

#10 Ake a flight on a hang glider across Cappadocia

This cherished scenery of Turkey has conquered our emotions and put this nation on all our travel lists. Cappadocia is not just the imagination of a filmmaker, it is one of the best places to encounter a hot air balloon flight at sunrise.


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