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Deadline 24 Feb, 2023
Opening date 10 Jan, 2023
Days Remaining Closed
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Location Turkey

Turkey Burslari Scholarship 2024-2025 by Türkiye Burslari, often known as Turkish Scholarship, is open to overseas students who want to study for free in Turkish universities at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels.

Turkey Burslari scholarships are available to international students who want to pursue their education in higher education institutions for free. Turkiye Scholarships can be described as a federally-funded higher education scholarship program administered through Turkiye, the Republic of Turkiye for international students. The main goal for Turkiye scholarships is to give the same opportunities to students across the globe to be able to benefit from them. Turkiye Scholarships is a Fully Funded higher education scholarship program that is run through Turkiye, the Republic of Turkiye for international students.

Turkey Burslari Scholarship 2024-2025


  • Turkey

Funded By:

  • Turkish Government


  • Undergraduate Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctoral Degree


  • Turkey Undergraduate Studentship (4 from 4 to 5 years)
  • Turkey Masters Scholarship ( 2-to-3 years)
  • Turkey PhD Award (3 or 4)

Turkey Burslari Scholarship 2024-2025 Benefits:

To lure international talent to Turkish universities, the Turkey Scholarship program provides a variety of perks to its students. The following are some of the most important characteristics of Turkey’s government scholarship programs:

  • No Accommodation Fee: International students at Turkish universities are accommodated in the best possible way, thanks to Turkey Scholarships financing. Students are required to live in university dormitories and are not charged any fees for doing so. If a student does not want to live in their dorm room, they are free to move to any location they wish, although they must pay for lodging in this situation.
  • Free of Tuition Fees: The Turkish Scholarship program’s major goal is to enable students to study to their full potential without having to worry about financial constraints. As a result, there are no tuition costs for students to pay. There is no charge for education.
  • Medical Expenses: Public health insurance covers students’ medical expenses. If you are not a native of the country, maintaining good health is a major concern. If you receive a scholarship in Turkey, however, this is not the case. You will not have to spend any money if you catch a cold or become ill. The government’s health insurance will cover everything.
  • International students’ travel expenses are also covered under the Turkey Scholarship programme. During their studies, students will receive two free tickets. The first is for their entry into the country, and the second is for their departure once their studies are through. If the pupils buy their tickets, they will receive a full refund.

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Turkey Burslari Scholarship 2024-2025 Eligibility Criteria:

Germany, Iceland, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and other nations are among those eligible for the Turkey Scholarship Program. There are a few more nations on the list where candidates can only apply for postgraduate programs. The following are the requirements for the Turkey Government Scholarship:

  • One of the severe criteria that is taken into account is the candidate’s age.
  • If you want to apply for a bachelor’s degree, you must have been born after January 1, 1998.
  • You should not have been born before January 1989 if you want to apply for a Master’s degree.
  • Similarly, no one should be born before January 1983 for a Ph.D., and January 1974 for a Research Program.
  • Seventy percent of the marks are required for an undergraduate program application.
  • 75 percent of the marks are required for application to the master’s and Ph.D. programs.
  • Ninety percent of the marks are required in medical school programs.
  • You cannot apply for the program if you are a Turkish citizen or have previously been a Turkish citizen.
  • The Scholarship is not available to students studying in Turkey.
  • When requested, selected pupils should show their documents.

Application procedure for Turkey Burslari Scholarship 2024-2025?

Candidates for the Turkey Scholarship are required to provide all of the documentation indicated below during the online application process. Candidates are responsible for entering accurate candidate information into the system during the online Turkey Scholarship Application. The following things must be included in your information:

  • Associate’s degree or diploma certificate with grades
  • Certificate from High School
  • Certificate in Middle School
  • Letter of Encouragement
  • A Purpose Statement
  • GAT, GMAT, GRE and TOEFL or IELTS (Optional)
  • Recommendation letters are letters that are written by those who have been recommended by someone.
  • Exam Grades Sheet for Elementary, Secondary, and Post-Secondary Schools, High Schools, and Universities (Latest one)
  • Certificates for Work Experience (Optional)
  • Extracurricular certificates and social involvement (Optional)

The Turkey Scholarship application process has been altered this year due to a significant number of applicants. Candidates for the 2023 sessions must submit a one-page application form for assessment, and those who are welcomed will be asked to submit an online application with their papers after the initial examination.

After you’ve double-checked that you have all of the necessary documentation prepared and ready to submit for a scholarship, start writing your one-page CV (A4 Sized) detailing all of your academic accomplishments, and then start your application for the Turkey Government Scholarship 2023-2024 online.

Candidates will then see all open Turkish Scholarship jobs under the tabs High School, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Ph.D., and Research on their ‘Home Page’ screen. When you click any of these tabs, you’ll receive a message that says you’re not a good fit for any of these scholarships. It’s because the Biographical Data, Family Details, Personal Details, Education Information, Lingual Details, Work History, Academic Qualifications, Social Activities, and Turkiye Experience sections of the profile are blank. Following that, the successful candidates will receive their Turkey Student VISA paperwork, College Entrance letter, and Fellowship Award letter.

Application Deadline for Turkiye Burslari Scholarship 2024-2025:

International students can apply for all course options within bachelor, master’s, and doctorate programs through the Turkey Government Scholarships 2024-2025, which will open on January 10, 2024. Scholarship applications for the Turkish Government Scholarships 2024-2025 will open in Feb of this year for students from all around the world. It’s a wonderful opportunity for students to study for free at top-ranked Turkish universities.

Turkey has begun to accept international students into its universities. Studying at one of these Turkish institutions will assist you in improving your abilities, thoughts, knowledge, and understanding of the subject you wish to study. As one progresses in their job, all of these things are quite valuable. International students can now apply for Fully Funded Turkey Scholarships to be admitted to bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate programmes, as well as short courses.

Purpose of scholarship:

The intention for the scholarship is self-evident: Turkey wishes to build strong mutual understanding and partnerships with other nations. International students are expected to get new experiences in life, intercultural competence, and information as a result of their educational journey to Turkey. Turkey has also devised a unique manner of honoring some of the most exceptional kids. They’ve created a special Turkish Scholarship scheme for these students, allowing them to move to the country’s best colleges.

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International Student Academy

The International Student Academy, which is operated through Turkiye Scholarships, offers programs that cover a wide range of subjects designed to aid in the professional, academic, and social, as well as personal growth of students from abroad who are continuing their studies in our country.

  • International Student Academy
  • International Student Awards
  • International Student Sciences Congress
  • International Student Internship Program

Through the International Student Academy, you can take part in seminars and specificization programs led by experts who specialize in hundreds of areas that interest you, including natural sciences, social sciences, and health sciences; and also take advantage of sporting, artistic, and cultural activities that are arranged specifically for you.

Based on the research work, and artistic and cultural work you create in the context of the education you receive through Academy programs Academy programmes, you will be able to take part with your participation in the International Student Awards organized for you to take part in competitions for prizes. You can also attend an International Student Sciences Congress to improve your knowledge in academics. You can also you can participate as part of an International Student Internship Program to enhance the quality of your work experience in the field you are studying.

International Student Sciences Congress

One of the principal goals of the Turkiye Scholarships is to improve the academic skills of students from abroad who are visiting the country to study from all over the world, and to enhance their academic knowledge. In this regard” The International Student Science Congress, “International Student Sciences Congress” is organized to provide a learning environment in which international students taking postgraduate courses in the fields that deal with Social Sciences, Sciences, and Health Sciences can present their work exchange information, and collaborate on research studies by participating in different workshops and other activities.

The first International Student Sciences Congress was held in Ankara between 16-17 May 2015. The second was in Konya between 29 and 30 April 2016, the third was held in Istanbul between December 2 and 3 of 2017, and the fourth from 23-24 November 2018, between 22-24 November 2018 in Nevsehir while the sixth one was in Trabzon between 07 and 09 November 2019. This International Student Sciences Congress continues to serve as a crucial step for the professional and academic careers of our student.

International Student Internship Program

“International Student Internship Program “International Student Internship Program” is designed to help international students in their jobs after graduation and gain experiences.

Students who can intern throughout their studies get the chance to translate the theoretical knowledge they have acquired into actual knowledge. Additionally, they can gain experience. Students who finish an internship in Turkey will be more confident about their future due to the skills, knowledge, and experiences they acquire.

The program, currently being conducted as a pilot program that will be conducted in Istanbul, Ankara and Konya in 2021, hopes to expand the reach of students across various cities over the years ahead.

International Student Awards

We are aware that international students who study in Turkey are extremely talented in numerous fields. They enhance their skills within the International Students Academy or in independent courses , in addition to their academic achievements.

Through the International Student Academy, you are able to attend seminars and other specialization courses led by experts on a variety of areas of interest, including natural sciences, social sciences and health sciences, in addition, you can take part in sporting, artistic, and cultural events that are planned specifically for you.

Based on the research work, artistic, and cultural creations you develop as part of the instruction you receive through your Academy courses, you will be able to take part at your participation in the International Student Awards organized for you to take part in competitions for prizes. You are able to attend an International Student Sciences Congress in to enhance your knowledge of academics as well as participate with an International Student Internship Program in order to improve your experience as a professional within your chosen field of study.

How to win a Turkey Burslari Scholarship 2024?

The academic background and the interview results are behind the selection for the scholarship. The academic performance of the applicant will be assessed by checking the following attached documents:

  • Diploma Grade
  • The Last Term’s General Average Grades
  • University Entrance Exam Grade (if any)
  • High School Graduation Exam / Baccalaureate Grade (if any
  • International Test Score (if any)
  • Any other academic certificates or (*) cumulative GPA

Based on their school achievements, applicants will be contacted for an evaluation. The interview will take place in Turkish Consulates, and when these are not available, technology will be used instead. The findings will be shown on the application system and sent to you. Turkey Burslari Scholarship applications can now be submitted online.

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