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Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) 2023-2024

Types of Scholarships under Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC)

Chinese Government scholarship (CSC) is one of the best and top scholarships provided by Government of China to the international students. It is a fully funded scholarship that is offered to Bachelor’s , Master’s and PhD degree programs at around 300 Chinese top ranked universities. Chinese Govt scholarship (CSC) will cover Living Expenses, accommodation, medical expenses and full tuition fee while your stay in china.  

Types of Chinese Government Scholarships

Chinese Govt provides Various types of scholarships

  • Chinese Government scholarship-Bilateral Program
  • Chinese Government Scholarship-University Program
  • The Great Wall Program
  • AUN Program
  • PIF Program
  • WMO Program

#1- Chinese Government Scholarship- bilateral Program

Chinese Government Scholarship-Bilateral program is initiated by the MOE in agreement with the Chinese government and other countries to exchange knowledge, education and culture. To apply for this scholarship you need to fill online form in the CSC portal and then send to the Chinese embassies in your respective countries.

The Chinese Government scholarship-Bilateral Program offers scholarships to Undergraduate, Master’s , Doctoral, and other shorts courses.

#2- Chinese Government Scholarship -University Program

Chinese govt scholarship -university program is a fully funded scholarship program for top ranked Chinese universities under Chinese govt or some sovereign regions to select extra-ordinary foreign students. This scholarship program is only applicable for Bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree and Doctoral degree to study free in China. The applying Candidates should apply to the universities that lies under Chinese govt scholarship program.

#3- The Great Wall Program

The Great Wall Program of Chinese Government scholarship is a fully funded program for the united nations main goal towards education, science and Cultural organization (UNESCO). The aim of this program is to support needy brilliant scholars and students from developing countries to continue their studies and research in Chinese universities.

Interested candidates can apply to the national commissions for (UNESCO) in their respective countries.

#4- EU Program

The European Unions(EU) Program is organized by Chinese Government scholarship (CSC) to encourage deserving students from the EU countries to do their research and study in China with full scholarship. The main goal of this EU program By CSC is to tie good knots between the china and EU countries. This program offers scholarships to Undergraduate and graduate students, Senior scholars, teachers and general scholars.

You can also apply for MEXT| Japanese Government Scholarships 2021

#5- AUN Program By CSC 

This is a fully funded scholarship program for the ASEAN University Network to support international students, Scholars and teachers from ASEAN countries to pursue their study and research in China. The main purpose of the AUN program is to develop mutual interest and understanding by academic exchange between ASEAN countries and China. This scholarship is only for Master’s and PhD students. The Interested candidates should go through AUN Secretariat to apply for this Program.

#6- PIF Program

This is a fully funded program provided by Chinese Government scholarship (CSC) to help students from pacific island countries to continue their studies in Chinese universities. It provides scholarships to general scholars, senior scholars. Graduates and undergraduate students. Students and other applicants should contact Pacific Islands Forum(PIF) to apply for this scholarship.

#7 World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Program

WMO program is a fully Sponsored by Chinese Govt to support foreign students to do research and study in hydrology, water resources , meteorology and management in china. This scholarship program is only for Bachelor’s degree and master’s degree studies.

Official Link Of CSC portal

Please click on the link given below to get more information on these scholarships.

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