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How to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC)?

Step by Step Procedure to Apply for Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC)

We have listed down the Step by Step Application Procedure to apply for Chinese Government scholarship (CSC) in this article.

  • The duration of application to apply for CSC scholarships is from January to March-April each year but it can vary from university to university. Therefore you need to get updated by visiting the university websites.
  • The First step to apply for CSC scholarship is first fill the CSC online application form(That can be filled in English and Chinese both). You can select three universities in the CSC application portal.
  • After login into the CSC application portal you will see different sections, The first section will be To choose universities and Scholarship Type (A,B and C). Then You will be asked to write the agency number of the university you are going to apply. Note that the agency number will be given in the university official website.
  • After the completion of required information , you must attach all the documents that are needed for the Chinese government scholarship in the documents attached section. The list of required documents is presented at the end of this article.
  • When you Complete to upload all the documents then click on Submit application. After submission of application form you will get an option to download the CSC application form .
  • Check whether the university you are applying needs to fill online application form ? if yes then login to the university website and fill its online form as well. Then download it and sign on both University application form and CSC application form. Print all the required documents and attach with applications forms.
  • Some universities require hard copies as well. In that case select best courier service (DHL is most trusted in this case) and dispatch your hard copies to the university. Make 2 sets of your documents.
  • If any university does not need any hard copies then just fill the online applications forms and send all your documents via email to the official email of the university.
  • The results will be announced at the end of June or mid of July every year.

Documents required for Chinese Govt. Scholarship

You need the following list of Documents to apply for Chinese universities under Chinese Government (CSC) scholarship.

  1.  Highest Degrees (Notarized: you can notarize from any government employee above 17 scale)
  2. Highest Transcripts (Notarized)
  3. English proficiency Certificate (Some universities need IELTs and TOFEL : in this case you need to provide IELTs or TOFEL Certificates) But some universities can accept English proficiency certificate that you can get from your previous university stating that you have studied all courses in English throughout your degree.
  4. Physical examination form ( Download this form from CSC or University website and make it filled by any doctor and get its official stamp)
  5. Non-criminal Record ( you can get this from any police station of your area also called police character certificate).
  6. CV or Resume
  7. Study Plan ( is required for master’s degree and it should be minimum of 800 words) or Research proposal (is Required for PhD degree and it should be minimum of 3 pages)
  8. Passport
  9. Acceptance letter( Some universities make it compulsory to get an acceptance letter from any Chinese professor before applying for the scholarship. You can get it by emailing to professors )

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For more information visit the official website of CSC


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