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Cross Culture Program Germany 2023-2024, Germany, aims to strengthen civil societies. It offers a magnificent fully-funded fellowship to 120 professionals in Europe or active volunteers from 40 other countries to exchange ideas and experience. The participants will work under the guidance of top-notch professionals in Germany during this exchange program. It lasts two to three months. The Exchange Program offers participants a platform to deepen their skills, expertise, and increase their network through contact with intellectuals from all over the world.

Cross Culture is an exceptional opportunity to travel to Germany free of charge and participate in intellectual workshops or other events hosted by CEE. Cross Culture is a German Federal Foreign Office initiative. This program is for professionals as well as talented volunteers. It enables them to think out of the box, to look beyond their cultural affinities, and take part in the development and growth of their communities. This program has many great features. It brings together professionals from all walks of life, including those who are involved in science, education, medicine, and other fields. They can all work together and learn from each other through the program.

CCP Fellowships 2023 focus on key topics such as policy and society and media and culture. Individuals who wish to be part of this international exchange program should have extensive experience in these areas as well as command of these subjects. This fully-funded opportunity aims to provide future leaders and change-makers with the necessary skills and problem solving methods to overcome the core problems of their respective focus fields as well as those of the rest of the world.

Cross Culture program 2003 is digitally and site-based, depending on COVID-19 requirements. The program’s utility is still balanced. It is a cultural program for international and national professionals and volunteers. This allows people from all over the globe to share their national and ethnic cultures through various events and arrangements. The program was designed to ensure that fellows have a commitment to helping their communities by implementing projects that use the knowledge gained during the cross-cultural fellowship 2023. They exchange their culture with Europeans and bring European culture and models to their home countries, making it a productive two-way program. Cross-cultural fellows are a network hub that never ends with alumni and stay in touch for the rest of their lives. This is the true essence of the leadership and cultural exchange program.

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Cross Culture Program Germany in 2023-2024 / CCP Partners Countries:


  • Germany


  • Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen


  • 2 to 3 Months

Cross Culture Program Germany 2023-2024:

  • Each fellow will receive a monthly stipend in the amount of 550 euros.
  • Participants will receive round-trip airfare.
  • Each fellow will receive a monthly ticket for public transportation.
  • This fellowship will cover health insurance.
  • If applicable, the visa costs will be refunded.
  • Participants from Germany will be eligible for a monthly stipend in the amount of 500 Euros and an additional 550 Euros to cover their accommodation costs, along with other benefits. 

Cross Culture Program Germany 2023-2024 eligibility criteria:

  • Participant must be the national from the listed country.
  • Participants from Germany are eligible to apply.
  • Participants must be at minimum 23 years of age at the time they apply.
  • Participants must have at most two years’ experience working in civil society organizations in the country they are from.
  • Candidats must speak English fluently. A good knowledge of German will also be an asset.
  • The applicant must be in good physical and mental health.

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Application Procedure for Cross Culture Program Germany 2023?

  • Candidates must apply online via the provided application portal.
  • You should have all necessary documents available for upload.
  • Completion of your application includes providing the necessary data. Next, upload all required documents.
  • Your CV should be written in English
  • Use the following format to prepare your motivation letter.
  • The template must be followed when composing a letter of recommendation.

Cross Culture Program 2023 Deadline

  • Deadline for applications is 22 December 2022

Choose your country and apply:

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  1. I have a question, I am Syrian, and I am working in United Nations Fund for Population (UNFPA), as Head of Resilience Unit. Am I eligible to participate in the Cross Culture Program Germany in 2023-2024.

    Respectfully yours

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