Berlin Scholarship Program in Germany 2023-2024

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Berlin Scholarship Program in Germany 2023 offers a unique and up-to-date opportunity to address the increasing threats to cyber security. Because of the widespread use of technology, the world has become a Global village. These technologies can also be misused. This scholarship is fully funded in Germany for four months and addresses these growing cyber threats. Participants learn how to avoid privacy breaches and the loopholes that can lead to them. This scholarship in Europe offers extraordinary opportunities to gain practical knowledge about security planning and risk assessment.

Berlin State Department for Economics, Energy, and Public Enterprises launched the Berlin Scholarship Program 2023. This fully-paid international scholarship is only for journalists. Reporters Without Borders Germany invites journalists from conflict zones and other areas to visit Berlin to receive better training in digital security and to get a free ticket. These journalists are most at risk from hacker attacks and surveillance that could hinder their journalistic work. This training program is designed to equip them with the skills and practical knowledge necessary to defend themselves against such attacks.

It has a trickle effect: The fully-funded workshop in Europe for journalists has been funded completely. The second phase of this program is where the journalists are able to practice their Digi protection skills. This phase sees all participants, along with a team of highly-ranked professionals, create their own training plan. After the concept has been developed, participants are trained to train journalists back home with the same skills they gained during the Berlin exchange program. Many journalists around the globe have benefited from the RSF Germany scholarship program. They were often facing death threats because of their journalistic skills and their impartial work in war zones or critical areas. RSF’s reporter scholarship program teaches you how to accurately assess dangers. Participants will be able to see that there is no “Absolute Security” but there are many tools and ways to create a security plan. Aside from the technical training programs, participants also get to know one another, form a bond, and learn about other cultures through staying together or attending different social events. The program lasts for four months, but the memories are cherished for a lifetime.

Berlin Scholarship Program in Germany 2023-2024


  • Germany


  • Reporters Without Borders Germany

Sponsored by:

  • Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises


  • 4 Months

Berlin Scholarship Program 2023-2024 Benefits:

    • Each participant will receive a monthly stipend in the amount of 900EUR/month
    • All visa processing issues will be addressed.
    • Participants will have a comfortable residence.
    • All travel expenses to Berlin will be covered.
    • Participants will have access to free public transportation every day.
    • Participants will get a detailed insight into Reporters without Borders Germany’s activities, which is a global journalistic and human rights organization.

The Berlin Scholarship Program in Germany: Eligibility Criteria

      • You can apply for professional journalists, bloggers, media professionals and citizen journalists from conflict zones and war zones.
      • Digital threats are threatening journalists in their homeland countries.
      • They must be open to learning digital security and sharing their knowledge with other journalists from their countries.
      • Candidates must be willing to return home.
      • Candidates must speak English fluently.
      • The candidate should have sufficient journalistic experience.

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Application Procedure for Berlin Scholarship 2023-2024 in Germany

      • All applicants must send in their completed applications along with all required documents to Signal Messenger Service, +491636743853.
      • If you have a Proton Mail Account, send your application to the account at
      • Proton Mail offers an encrypted, end-to-end email service. Register for a free account.
      • Complete the Berlin Scholarship 2023 Online Application and Questionnaire in PDF Form.
      • Two PDF files must be saved for each of the forms.
      • These Pdf files can be completed on your computer.
      • These PDF files must be saved and sent to the addresses listed below.

Application Deadline:

      • Last date to apply: Monday, December 5, 2022, 23:59 Central European Time.


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