How to email Professor’s for PhD and MS Positions? Samples and Format

Tips and Suggestions for writing the Best email

Emails Play an important role while applying for PhD and MS supervision, Scholarships and research funding.  The Content of the email you write to a professor is your first impression that you give to the supervisor and reader. The written content in your email will describe your consent and about your seriousness.
So what can be the suitable way to write an email to the supervisor with whom you want to do research? Write an email in such a way that it should impress the reader and could increase the chances of your acceptance in his/her research lab.
Here in this article we have listed the important points and guidance about well structured email writing.
  • Your way of writing should show that you are the best for the position you are applying for.
  • It should be very concise, short and easy to understand.
  • Do not repeat the sentences
  • Always read the profile of the professor and about his research interest,
  • Mention about the research area of the professor while writing an email
  • Use simple and easy to understand English. Avoid grammatical mistakes while writing an email to the supervisor.
  • We have given an email sample at the end of the article.

Follow the following steps

#1 Subject Line

Mostly the supervisors are busy with their own research work and do not have enough time to red all the emails they receive. They have other important things to do as well. So to avoid this issue always write a strong and attractive subject line  to the email. This will increase the chances of opening your email by the supervisor. It will help the professor to guess about the consent pf your email even before reading it. We urge you to write a clear and attractive subject line like “Request for Ph.D supervision in your lab” or Request for Master’s Supervision” etc.



Rizwan Hameed

We are pleased to have M as Mr. Rizwan Hameed as Guest Author. He is Sales manager in Trade one international and part time as Article writer in European Scholarship.

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