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Bolzano-Bozen Italy is a well-known tourist destination and has attracted many overseas students, particularly in the past few years. A fascinating spot where Portuguese and Dutch are spoken and used fairly will prove to be an unforgettable experience after a degree in Bozen-Bolzano. The city’s only university supports outstanding coaching and multidisciplinary, globally effective analysis ventures. It offers a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and Doctoral in Italian, English, and German Languages.  Bozen-Bolzano is the capital and biggest city in the northern Italian province of South Tyrol, located at the confluence of the Isarco / Eisack and Adige rivers together with the Dolomites in the background.

A master’s degree is the first level of graduate studies that can be earned after earning an undergraduate degree. On average, earning a master’s requires two years of full time study – equivalent to 36-54 semester credits per year.

After earning an undergraduate degree, students may pursue a Master’s program which requires two additional years of schooling. This degree can help students reach their academic and professional objectives since it equips them with the necessary skillsets and knowledge to be successful in the job of their dreams.

Italy, officially referred to as “the Italian Republic,” is situated in southern Europe. The main language is Italian and Rome serves as its cultural capital. Some of the world’s oldest universities are found here, including the at University of Bologna (founded in 1088). Furthermore, three Superior Graduate Schools with “university status” exist along with three institutes recognized as part of Doctoral Colleges which offer postgraduate and graduate level education.

Bolzano’s achievements in education can be evaluated by EURAC, Italy’s autonomous functioning body that promotes research. With their support, Italy has earned a reputation for being an attractive center for those wishing to conduct studies there.

Bolzano, Italy’s South Tyrol province, borders a valley surrounded by steep vineyards. It serves as the entrance point to the Dolomites mountains in Italy’s Alps. In its medieval center you’ll find Otzi The Iceman – also known as Otzi the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology – plus Mareccio Castle from 13th-century and Duomo di Bolzano cathedral with Romanesque and Gothic architectural style nearby.

Study in Bolzano-Bozen Italy:

You might have the option as an exchange student to take lessons in one language and submit your papers or give the examinations in any other language. You should have evidence of the language skills for a certain language you select and you will have several choices to fulfill this criterion. You may either pass software-based exams administered by the university’s dialect hub, provide a license showing that you have qualified in one of the three languages of tutoring from a graduate school, or if you have a global language license.

The following assessments are recognized and accredited by the university

  • Goethe-Institute, TestDaF, DSH, TELC for German.
  • CELI, CILS for Italian.
  • Oxford, TOEFL, and IELTS for English.

Register for the following disciplines to Get a study Master’s degree in Italy

  • Social work
  • Media
  • Finance
  • Computer technology
  • learning leadership,
  • Architecture
  • Research
  • Dialects.

Students who choose to invest heavily in social work and learning are committed to only distance degree programs.

Job Opportunities for Students in Bolzano-Bozen Italy:

Bolzano-Bozen’s growth is low but solid, with a GDP above the national rate. The most productive local economies are top-quality farming (along with wine, fruit, and dairy), hospitality, classical handicrafts (wood, pottery), specialized facilities, the public sector, renewable power, and trade.
Many of Bozen-Bolzano’s major employers include Eurac, Skidata, Health Robotics, Red Commerce, Directa Media, SEL, Banca di Trento and Bolzano, and many more.
Foreign students can take part in many graduate assistantships that are accessible in small businesses, and awareness of both Italian and English is extremely well respected.

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The life in Bolzano-Bozen Italy:

Bolzano-Bozen City Italy is a beautiful Italian city where you can experience Austria’s nature. You can find traces of the Austrian and German heritage and history as you’ll see Gothic-style monuments and structures as the city was first under Bavarian control. Start your cultural exploration with a medieval city center tour, maintaining a magical elixir of architectural features.

Following are the must to see Sites in Bolzano-Bozen Italy

  • Duomo di Bolzano.
  • The Walther Square.
  • Via dei Portici, an avenue having medieval arcades and several high-rise markets.
  • The South Tyrol Museum of Archeology.
  • Cathedral Gothic-Romanesque building belonging to Our Beauty of the Presumption.
  • The Old Parish Church of Gries.
  • Victory Monument, a triumphal architect designed on Benito Mussolini’s orders.

Go to Henry’s promenade, also recognized as the Guncina promenade, if you like to stroll around and enjoy the scenery too. Save the delicious Italian food at one of those cafes and you can dance and have dinner with your family in hotels, bars, and clubs throughout the evenings until midnight or later.
Take trips and get more of Italy, a half hour from Trento, an hour from Treviso about one and a half hours from Verona. You may enjoy a 2-hour train ride to Innsbruck near the Austrian boundary, or seek out the St. Moritz ski area in Switzerland, which is also accessible in around two hours.

Foreigner in Bolzano-Bozen City Italy
Bolzano-Bozen  City in Italy does have a lot of German citizens and is the only city in Italy to protect the interests of the German-speaking minority groups. Born outside Italy, residents in Bozen-Bolzano involve citizens of Romania, Morocco, Ukraine, and China.
Climate of Bolzano-Bozen Italy
You’ll endure warm days of summer in Bolzano-Bozen City Italy and quite a cold winter season. The usual high-temperature increases are between 26–29 ° C (79–84 ° F) from June to August, and 6 ° C (43 ° F) in winter, with Jan as the coldest part of the year. However, there is no dry season with hot sunny summers, with all-year-round precipitation.

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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano Italy:

Bozen-Bolzano, Italy is one of Europe’s top regions, situated at the crossroads between German-speaking and Italian economies and culture. At unibz, teaching and research are done trilingually and its internationalization focus coupled with excellent facilities have earned it top rankings both international and national rankings. South Tyrol also consistently tops lists for quality of living as well as leisure options; making Unibz an ideal location to study or conduct research.

At our university, our programs and research are driven by deep connections with the local community. Furthermore, we are recognized as a leader in international affairs with more than 20 trilingual programs available across various fields such as Economics, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, Education Communication Art & Design; some courses being entirely offered in English.

At our three campuses – Bozen-Bolzano, Brixen-Bressanone and Bruneck-Brunico – students can access exceptional services and personalized tutoring. Classes taught by lecturers from a range of nationalities take place within small classes so lecturers get to know students better and monitor their progress more closely. Furthermore, our university has developed international exchange programs with over 100 institutions throughout Spain as well as those in the USA, Taiwan and beyond.

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