UNESCO Graduate Internships 2024 | Fully Paid

UNESCO Graduate Internships 2024

UNESCO Graduate Internships 2024 offers students and newly graduated graduates an educational experience to better comprehend UNESCO, its programs and methods as well as broaden their technical and academic subject knowledge by taking on practical tasks at this international organization.

Are You Planning on Pursuing a Career in Science, Education, or the Arts? Apply to UNESCO Student Internships for Graduates 2024! It offers recent graduates as well as graduate students an opportunity to broaden their education by gaining valuable field experience that could assist with future endeavors in these disciplines.

Internships at UNESCO provide successful candidates the chance to become active participants in one of UNESCO’s key fields while further understanding its mission, goals, programs, mandates, etc.

UNESCO was formed through a partnership model characterized by staff as supervisors for each other, while both staff members and the Organization are advised on steps they can take for career advancement. Anyone seeking success in culture, science or education fields should utilize the UNESCO training program in order to enhance their capabilities and learn how to integrate those talents into job tasks relevant to them.

UNESCO Graduate Internships 2024:



Time Period:

  • 2 to 6 Months


  •  Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD and Graduates Students


  • All International

UNESCO Graduate Internships 2024 Benefits:

  • The UNESCO Internship Program offers you an invaluable experience to gain work experience in one of UNESCO’s key subjects, helping you understand their mission, programs and major areas of focus – as well as increasing classroom knowledge with project work that will prepare you for future employment prospects.

UNESCO Graduate Internships 2024 Eligibility Criteria:

  • Your academic education (bachelor’s level or equivalent) must have been completed prior to enrolling; or if you were currently in an advanced master program at a university (second master’s degree equivalent);
    Recently, you earned either your first or second degree at college/university (first or second as described above) in the last twelve months. Congratulations on that monumental accomplishment!
  • Agents interested in secretarial/assistant or technical/professional positions must currently enrolled at either a secretarial school or technical/professional institute and be in their final year or have recently graduated (within 12 months) from such.
  • Minimum age for eligibility: You must be 20 to apply. Language Proficiencies: Excellent proficiency is needed in spoken and written English and French languages, though understanding both can prove extremely valuable during internships in secretarial work or assistantship positions at our headquarters.
  • Computer Proficiency: As part of your employment in any office environment, understanding computers and related software for office purposes are an absolute must. A team player who can function within an established working structure while adapting well is also essential.
  • Communication Skills: Effective communicators with exceptional interpersonal capabilities must possess.

Application Procedure For UNESCO Graduate Internships 2024:

  • How to Apply: Prospective applicants to the UNESCO Graduate Internship Program should follow this link and fill out an online application for internship placement. Please follow these steps when filling out your form:
  • Your internship placement must have all required visas in place before beginning its internship placement process, while also planning the travel and lodging costs associated with their travel to their internship site.
  • Provide proof of medical insurance in the country in which they will conduct their internship. UNESCO can only offer an insurance policy up to USD 30,000 and requires medical certification such as ID/Certificate of Enrolment/Diploma.

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Application Deadline:

The Application Deadline For UNESCO Graduate Internships 2024 is Not Specified.

Apply Now  Official Site:

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