CIRES Summer Internship 2023 in the USA | Fully Paid

Summer Internship 2023 in the USA

The CIRES Summer Internship 2023 is a summer-long, paid research internship for undergraduates and graduates who wish to investigate new avenues in the geosciences, environmental sciences as well as other related areas. If you’re interested in obtaining an opportunity to research at the world-class NOAA GSL Research Laboratory, you must take advantage of this internship program for students to work with the most prestigious institution in Colorado. Additionally, you will have the chance to get experience in research within CU Boulder. Students with technical or scientific backgrounds are encouraged to acquire the skills required to meet the needs of a global society. As a result your abilities and knowledge will be enriched.

This NOAA GSL The CIRES Summer Research Program in the USA is designed to help 10 students who can take part in this valuable forum. Without prior experience in the field or a language test and no need for CGPA You could be among the eleven students who will lead their journey to success. You will have the chance to work alongside the top research scientists from top-of-the-line organizations. Students who are proficient in interpersonal and communication abilities are invited to be part of this group. If you’re a team player as well as a love of learning about science, and an curiosity to discover and discover new things, don’t be averse to this worthwhile opportunity. You’ll be permitted to share your research during the conferences and meetings that are held as part of the program.

The program for internships in the USA is managed in collaboration with the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences located at the University of Colorado. The institution is founded on the fundamental values of equity, justice as well as diversity and inclusion. In keeping with these fundamental values, the institute strives to achieve equality to all levels without discriminating based on gender, race or nationality, religion as well as other elements. The commitment of the institute to these principles has significantly influenced the workplace culture. These are the core values of excellence and honesty within environmental studies. The institute is constantly strengthening its relationships with organizations who eagerly assist marginalized and underrepresented groups in the field of ecology to realize this vision. The fully-funded internship in the USA allows you to choose your mentor according to the area you are interested in. Similar to the way, the mentors are also able to select those students who they believe will be a good fit for their research preferences. The first week of the program students will have meetings with the program director or project scientist, as well as other participants. The following week will let you to master the process of create the poster and concentrate on careers in the field of environmental and geosciences. Additionally, other topics for professionals will be addressed during this advancing track. So, it will assist you in transforming the theoretical knowledge into practical applications.

The CIRES Summer Internship 2023 in the USA:


  • United States


  • NOAA


  • CIRES (Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences).


  • The University of Colorado Boulder.


  • The length of the The NOAA Global Systems Laboratory/CIRES Summer Research Program is 10 weeks for undergraduates and 12 weeks for graduate students.

 The CIRES Summer Internship 2023 Benefits USA:

  • The cost of accommodation in addition to Airfare will be paid for. Transport allowance will also be offered to local students.
  • You’ll be offered the chance to gain an experience of research in the geoscience and environmental fields.
  • You will get information on how your talents can assist solve societal problems.
  • You will have the chance to conduct research online within the labs in CU Boulder and the NOAA Global Systems Laboratory.
  • You will receive an amount of $750 per week over 10 weeks if you’re an undergrad student.
  • You will be awarded an allowance that is $1500 per month for 10 consecutive weeks, if you are an undergraduate student.

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 The CIRES Summer Internship 2023 Eligibility Criteria:

  • You have to be able complete the requirements of your program in a completely remote experience.
  • If you’ve always thought of conducting research in geoscience and environmental research, you are able to apply.
  • Students from areas in which science is not represented can be encouraged to consider applying.
  • There is no minimum GPA requirement You are more than welcome.
  • If you have no previous research experience If you have no prior research experience, you are eligible to apply.
  • Students of Bachelor’s and Masters are eligible to apply.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen, or permanently resident in the US.
  • You must be able to commit to full-time for the entire duration of your internship.

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Application Procedure for the CIRES Summer Internship 2023:

  • You will need to write a 200 words of essay that outlines your desire to be a part of your internship.
  • It is important to not mention any other courses or certificate, which is not listed in your official transcripts.
  • The supporting documents need to be uploaded.
  • The letters of recommendation must be uploaded. The forms must be completed by people who know your research or academic background.
  • An email will be sent to you when you have completed and submitted your application.
  • Candidates must apply online on the website for the University of Colorado Boulder.
  • The applicants must fill in all of the mandatory fields.
  • You must mention the city in which you would like to live in during your time of internship.
  • It is important to indicate the study area.

Application Deadline:

  • The deadline for submitting an internship application is on February 6, 2023.


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