Why to Study in Belgium? How to apply for Master’s Degree in Belgium? Top Universites in Belgium

Information about applying in Belgium

Study in Belgium. Belgium is famous in making the best watches, the chocolates are super delicious, and barley beer is the most favorite beer among Belgium citizens.

Most of the people don’t  know that most of the foreign students look in the matter of tuition expenses, the surrounding places and the blend of cultures and then chooses Belgium to complete their master’s degree.

If anyone wants to study there. It is necessary to go through the application procedure, it’s good that we are available for your help.

Top Departments in Belgium universities

Belgium presents a lot of discipline choices for students, on the report of our information some of these disciplines are in demand for foreign student. Given below are the different choice of disciplines in Belgium Universities.

  • Political science
  • Business administration
  • Physics
  • Economics
  • Information technology and computer science

Top Ranked Universities in Belgium

Belgium is at its superior status in the world of universities. If we look at the plus point that your university name will be considered on your résumé.

There are list of some preferred universities:

  • University of Liége
  • Vlerick Business School
  • Hasselt University
  • University of Leuven
  • Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
  • Vrije Business School

Application procedure for Belgium Universities

First point  is that you have to consider checking the scholarships in Belgium universities, you have alot of options to consider and there are a lot of opportunity that one of all are best for you. You can consider going through the study portals scholarship for help to maintaining expenses to study in foreign university.

We give you some examples that Chinese students had to acquire a specific certificate from the CAAD (Centre of Academic Assessment From Beijing).That certificate was added by students in the visa file.

Application Procedure for Master’s Degree in Belgium

A basic lead for you to apply for a Belgian degree is If we are saying that its basic lead it means that the details we gave you are very easy to understand for example like you listens the songs of Taylor swift over and over again

You can visit On the details of Belgian Master’s programs and reach to one of them if you are interested in applying, By visiting this website it will be easy for you to get  the information about completion of your application.

Language Requirements for Belgium Universities

Almost all the Belgium courses are in French or in English. Every page have much details in the matter of grades and capability tests they will give something a whirl.

For English Language Courses these test will be taken,

  • C1 Advance

And about the French test you should be able to give language proficiency test on arrival or you should have a proof in the form of certificate about your language capability which you have to submit.(FLE)

For international students Belgian Universities arrange specific French courses. You should wrap up all these courses if you want to study there. On study in belgium website you will find other details about your admission Before We wrap up few things are very important too take in account of.

Documents Required to Apply for Belgian Universities

You should always look over website that what program you choose You will get tired reading this on repeat.

As you all know for master’s degree you should have Bachelor’s degree, you have to submit your documents in English, French Or Dutch, About the other requirements  it will be totally the university’s decision or it will be the country of region dependent.

The requirement involve,

  • Passport Picture
  • Passport
  • The research
  • Bachelor’s degree transcripts
  • Proof of language capability

Documents Required For Master’s Degree In Belgium

Few of master’s programs demands the submission of,

  • A reference letter
  • A cover letter

You must have to follow a document list provided to you as its your own private proclamation. Because sometimes the number of reference letter overlaps.

You have to check the Brief guide of Belgian living cost and go through it before applying in Belgian master’s program because few of the master programs have a policy to give admission to those students who can afford living, tuition fee etc by  themselves.

Application Deadline for Master’s degree in Belgium Universities-Study in Belgium

If we talk about the deadlines. Some of the deadlines depends on your VISA issues. There are few and very important deadlines:

  • Beginning of march: Application deadline for the visa required students
  • Beginning of June: Application deadline for non-visa required students
  • October: Start of Autumn Semester
  • Mid-January-late January: Autumn semester examination
  • Mid February: Start of Spring semester
  • Mid June-late June: Spring semester examination
  • July-September: Summer break

What to do after receiving an acceptance letter to Study in Belgium?

Now if we talk about final steps after receiving your acceptance letter, The most important thing is that you have to get enrolled. If you don’t officially take your place you will not be considered.

Following are required to get enrolled:

  • Tuition fee payment
  • Proper documentation

When you go to Belgium you must have to visit the university to cover and finalize all the processes before the beginning of your studies and semester. Before you go to university research about your country’s diplomatic mission in Belgium. They will help you About adjusting in a new place or if you feel lonely.

Now the final words, we are proud of  you that you taking a huge step for your career we have faith in you that you will do absolutely great, A simple advice is that don’t give all the attention to your studies some fun will be better also. And enjoy your different cultural experiences. We wish you good luck and may you get what you require.

List of Top 5 Universities in Belgium

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