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List of Best Universities In Belgium

Universities In Belgium which lies in western Europe are known for their architectural buildings and their beautiful towns. if we talk about the status Belgium is the de facto home of the European Union and NATO headquarters. It’s a community of Belgium engineers and scientists with Robert Killian.
Belgium community is the first which proposed the hypertext of the World Wide Web. There are a lot of things to love about Belgium like the canals of Burges, Antwerp’s trending fashionista and the delicious chocolate Brussels, the best architecture of castles, sweet mussels, and the most important thing is the beer and its famous around the world.

Lonely planet writes in its statement that though compact Belgium is a place of striking contrasts in linguistics, culture, and topography. Historic art is also one of the important art in Belgium. These arts are found in small towns, old markets, cities, etc. If we write about the beer it’s the most amazingly tasty and the sixth Trappist beer you can find in the world. Brewing beer is served in six different styles.

Now if we talk about Belgium as a nation where English, French, and Dutch are spoken. An international student will be very lucky to be a Belgium student because of all the positive points of Belgium’s education.

Following are the best-ranked universities in Belgium

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List Of Top Five Universities In Belgium:

1- KU Leuven (Universities In Belgium)

KU Leuven is found in 1425 and since then it has been spreading education for over six centuries. It gives mostly education in the English language. LEUVEN has fourteen campuses over ten cities in Flanders, it is at 81st rank all over the world and 27th rank in Europe, KU LEUVEN gives inspiration and outstanding education Humanities and social science, science, Engineering and technology, and biomedical sciences are the departments of KU Leuven taught by 15 teaching staff, Leuven spreads global empowerment.

At KU Leuven, innovative research is the cornerstone of all educational programs. Here, KU Leuven’s affluent students and researchers constantly learn new things and use their expertise to tackle today’s most pressing problems.

Ghent University

Ghent university is ranked world’s top 150 master’s education programs, In this university arts and philosophy, economics and business veterinary medicine, also science education disciplines are taught by eleven of its faculties. The motto of this university dares to think it challenges students to think to defy the dominant views about the world’s progress. Dare to think is just like this institution’s DNA.

Ghent University is a public research university situated in Ghent, Belgium. Founded before Belgium’s formation on January 18, 1817 by Dutch monarch William I, the region was later integrated into the United Kingdom of the Netherlands after the fall of the First French Empire.

University of Antwerp

According to research, 20492 students are living in this university and 19 percent of students are from 123 international countries on the campus. This university offers disciplines including applied economics, medicine, and health. Sciences, art law, biomedical and veterinary sciences, pharmaceutical, applied engineering, and design sciences. The University of Antwerp is the best university for bachelor programs, it offers Masters and Ph.D. education also. Bachelor programs lectures are given in Dutch, but the positive point for foreign students is that the university offers whole year teaching of the Dutch language to understand the lectures easily.

The University of Antwerp (UAntwerp) is a major Belgian university located in Antwerp. With approximately 20.000 students enrolled, it’s the third largest university in Flanders.

Vrije univerititeit Brussel (VUB)

VUB is ranked 188th worldwide and 83rd in Europe’s rank list of universities, for more than 180 years this institution works on the development of a stronger and more motivated society. This institution provides to adopt free thinking, the target of this university is to work on the education of traditional structure and scientific discovery, every student is learning to create a better community through VUB education. VUB believes in freedom in all shapes, like freedom of thought, freedom of speech freedom of research, and also the best and most positive point is the freedom of religion and others.

Vrije Universiteit Brussels has been dedicated to finding solutions to tomorrow’s challenges for over 50 years. How? Through high-quality research, custom education, and an unwavering social commitment. Based in Brussels within the European Union and Europe, our philosophy is guided by Enlightenment principles such as critical thinking, free inquiry, and humanism – helping make the world even better!

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Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL)

UCL is founded in 1425, and the basic motto of this university is openness to the world. This institution is the only French-speaking institute in Europe and offers online courses on the edx platform. More than 30000 students are living here in the seven places of Brussels and Wallonia. UCL has engaged in international social matters also. It has 40 percent of researchers,25 percent of teachers, and 20 percent of international workers and researchers. UCL provides healthy guidance and support to students like financial based aid, housing advice, study aid, etc. UCL offers disciplines including bachelor to Ph.D., offers higher education also, and follows its motto to enrich and empower the world.

The university boasts 33,500 students spread out across seven campuses located in Brussels and Wallonia. Its main campus is situated in pedestrianized Louvain-la-Neuve, providing courses from bachelor’s degrees to doctorates as well as lifelong learning programs. Furthermore, the university is an innovator in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) development; being the first French-speaking university in Europe to offer these courses through edX’s educational platform (36 courses will be available by 2021).

UCLouvain University has earned numerous accolades, such as the Nobel Prize, 21 Prix Francqui (the Belgian Nobel) and other recognition for their education-based research program. Their dedication to innovation can be seen through EUR273 million annually spent on research, 356 projects funded through European program frameworks (as of 2021) and strong connections to industry – particularly through two science parks located here – plus creation of 66 spin-offs through R&D initiatives at UCLouvain.

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