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AACR Research Training Fellowships 2024-2025 | USA

Fellowships 2024-2025

AACR Research Training Fellowships enable academic physicians to receive specialized clinical instruction at an academic institution that specializes in drug development. These fellowships available within the USA offer hands-on experience at centers offered by American Association for Cancer Research or its partner pharmaceutical industry partners. Candidates selected receive an impressive one year stipend of $100,000 that covers education and research activities while freeing them to focus on developing new skills and understanding without incurring expenses associated with living or training expenses. This allowance covers expenses related to living costs for training purposes so the candidate may focus on honing skills necessary to attaining full capability for future endeavors.

CORE Research Fellowship’s primary purpose is to encourage cooperation between academics and pharmaceutical companies, with both parties contributing the best of what each has to offer to accelerate translation of recent cancer-related findings into possible treatments and therapies for cancer patients faster. Through mutually beneficial partnerships with both research institutions and industry collaborators, it bolsters overall progress made toward finding an endpoint cure.

America, USA will host an inaugural Clinical Scientist Fellowship intended for future clinical scientists with medical qualifications (MD, DO, or MD/PhD) just starting their careers. The goal of this seminar: to provide participants with invaluable insight and knowledge into drug development from an industry viewpoint. International fellows participating in this training and fellowships program in the USA can gain practical experience in several aspects of drug development including clinical research, trial design, and data analysis. Through hands-on experience gained during practical training, they can develop the expertise necessary for advancement within drug development or clinical trial research.

The American Association for Cancer Research is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of cancer scientists through funding partnerships that support training in research techniques and fellowship assistance for postdoctoral fellows as they complete projects under mentor guidance, providing the essential building blocks necessary for building successful careers in cancer research.

Fellows are charged with performing clinical tasks and research assignments throughout a one-year fellowship, depending on their background, including biomarker research or preclinical investigations. Furthermore, this program allows fellows to present or publish the findings from their work for publication to show off their achievements to the science community.

AstraZeneca has established partnerships with several industry leaders and each is recognized in their specialty area. AstraZeneca in Gaithersburg, Maryland specializes in late-stage clinical development within medical affairs primarily within hematology/oncology.

Johnson and Johnson has yet to establish its exact operations location; however, potential locations include Boston or Philadelphia regions. Clinical development activity at Johnson & Johnson centers around interventional immuno-oncology treatments intended for treating non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Furthermore, the preclinical development program includes efforts designed to stop cancer from occurring among high-risk groups. If you aspire to be a scientist or are curious about studying medical aspects of research and would like an opportunity at Johnson and Johnson take note of the information below and apply.

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AACR Research Training Fellowships 2024-2025:


  • USA

Scholarship Type:

  • Fully Funded


  • All International

AACR Research Training Fellowships 2024-2025 Benefits:

  • Experience all the joy and satisfaction offered by an AACR Research Training Fellowship within the USA if you meet all eligibility requirements as previously outlined.
  • Fellows receive an adequate financial allowance throughout their program to allow them to concentrate solely on studies and training without worrying about covering costs. This relief allows them to devote themselves solely to studies without stressing about paying expenses.
  • Get expert knowledge in drug development, clinical research and trial design! Take this chance to build up expertise.
  • This fellowship fosters cooperation between academics and pharmaceutical industries. Fellows may work alongside top researchers and scientists from some of the most sought-after pharmaceutical firms.
    Opportunity awaits for those advancing cancer therapies or those fighting it – an unparalleled chance to advance both.
  • Fellows become part of an active network of professional and academic researchers and can take advantage of valuable networking opportunities. Furthermore, participating in the fellowship offers participants an opportunity to present and publish their works.
  • AACR Research Fellowship offers young clinical scientists the chance to advance early on in their careers.
  • The American Association for Cancer Research and its foundation, the AACR Foundation, are both registered 501(c)(3) public charities as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. Our donors and members can trust their donations are being properly administered; over 88% of every dollar we receive goes toward cancer research through grants, fellowships or scientific education and information dissemination to patients with cancer as well as their loved ones.

AACR Research Training Fellowships 2024-2025 Eligibility Criteria:

As part of their grant period requirements, applicants must satisfy certain conditions:

  • Candidates for admission should possess an advanced doctorate (such as MD, DO or MD/PhD ) within an applicable discipline and not currently pursuing another doctoral degree.
  • Are You Enrolled in an Accredited Oncology/Hematology Fellowship in the US? To be considered eligible, an oncology/hematology fellowship at any medical institute within the US would need to be accredited, academic institution or research facility must offer one, and another must sponsor you for it.
  • As this grant does not require affiliation to either a US agency or industry for profit, applicants for clinical fellowships with government labs such as NIH, CDC and FDA cannot qualify to apply.
    If the applicant isn’t currently living in the US, they should ensure their visa allows for them to complete the fellowship at its completion site with industrial partners and then continue with work at their institution of choice.
  • Candidates for this award must hold an AACR membership; nonmembers wishing to be considered should fill out and submit an AACR membership application by the specified deadline date.
  • To qualify for a Johnson & Johnson grant, applicants must either be female or members of one or more groups that are underrepresented, according to National Institutes of Health guidelines.

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Application Procedure For AACR Research Training Fellowships 2024-2025:

Apply for AACR Research Fellowships by email sent directly to. Once submitted, submissions will be evaluated by an appointed Scientific Review Committee and successful candidates notified via email of their selection.
Beginning dates for grants can be determined jointly between fellow, institution and company partner. Documents should be sent via email with subject “Applicant Name – AACR CORE Training Fellowship Application Submit.

Application Deadline:

The Application Deadline For AACR Research Training Fellowships 2024-2025 is Not Specified.

Apply Now  Official Site:

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