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Abel Visiting Scholar Program 2024 | Fully funded

Fully funded Scholar Program

The Abel Visiting Scholar Program was specifically created for mathematicians working in developing countries who wish to travel overseas for at least a month of research study, provided they have proof from their host institution of being provided financial assistance that covers living costs during that month and any subsequent months they wish to be away for longer than that. Geared towards mathematicians with postdoctoral degrees early in their careers who need time away for teaching as well as academic obligations while maintaining sustainable research agendas, this sabbatical allows a research sabbatical which offers vital support while continuing sustainable research agendas while remaining competitively priced.”

The Abel Visiting Scholar Program provides students from developing nations a rare opportunity to work alongside international research partners on a full-time, fully funded arrangement for one month. Students enrolled will have mentored by esteemed professors and world-class researchers worldwide; giving gifted people an unparalleled chance at honing their research abilities while discovering innovative methods leading to fruitful research results that matter for significant scientific advances and global progress.

Unfortunately for them though, these laws of nature don’t exist and instead cause havoc among many of their fellow man. – What exactly constitutes “The Man with No Head?”???… and no doubt many more than you might imagine… The Abel Visiting Scholar Program, supported by the Abel Prize in Mathematics and administered through the Commission for Developing Countries of the International Mathematical Union, allows fully-funded foreign scholars from any discipline the chance to conduct postdoctoral studies across different global locations. This program awards three annual grants that last at least one year to scholars who qualify and can apply three times annually; they’d get an opportunity to join for at least a month each time! Research scholarships are tailored specifically for postdoctoral mathematicians and allow them to enjoy extended research abstention periods. Sabbaticals serve as essential extensions to their teaching obligations as well as academic obligations that allow for productive and lasting research agendas to develop. Academics greatly anticipate postdoctoral awards due to scarce full-funded opportunities within mathematics due to funding shortages in this discipline.

Together with International Mathematical Union, the Commission for Developing Countries stands committed to finding solutions to any obstacles mathematicians encounter when conducting their research. Realizing the untapped potential in mathematical resources that benefit poorer nations, The CDC aims to bridge any funding shortfall. Under this goal, they provide mathematical scholarships annually which enable individuals to pursue studies overseas without incurring financial costs. Joining this fully-funded study program designed for Postdocs helps mathematicians conduct valuable research while building an international community, something which would otherwise be difficult. Mathematics students should strongly consider applying to this extraordinary and exclusive postdoctoral fellowship; before making your application sure to read all details thoroughly until completion!

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Abel Visiting Scholar Program 2024:

Sponsored By:

  • Abel Prize

Offered By:

  •  The International Mathematical Union

Abel Visiting Scholar Program 2024 Benefits:

  • Grant coverage ranges between 4,400 EUR (5,000 dollars). Plans also cover travel costs such as economy class airfare from their place of work directly to that of their host location.
  • (Public) Transportation costs (Public) encompass travel between an airport, railway or airport and home or headquarters of an institution or home, plus four taxi fares from home/institute/home (receipts must be presented for reimbursement purposes).
  • Grants offered through Abel Visit Scholar Grants will cover one night per departure and arrival if it becomes necessary, in addition to helping cover visa and travel insurance fees. Furthermore, each day provides a monthly allowance according to local costs of living costs in each destination country.
  • The grant covers accommodation costs in their host country; scholars should remain in hotels for between 4 to 6 weeks when no guesthouse or flat rental are available, though whenever feasible longer stays may require renting an apartment or guesthouse suitable to longer stays.

Abel Visiting Scholar Program 2024 Eligibility Criteria:

  • At the time they apply, applicants must reside in an underprivileged nation and hold at least a PhD degree at that point in time. Furthermore, their jobs should lie either with universities or research institutes.
  • Candidates don’t need to be full-time professionals; however, they must possess a contract at any college or university and should not exceed 35 years old on application due date.
    Candidates on career breaks may enjoy up to three years of time-based relaxation. To qualify, candidates must provide evidence of their break track record as well as demonstrate they have already begun research with potential international research collaborators.
  • Women studying mathematics should make an application.

Application Procedure For Abel Visiting Scholar Program 2024:

  • Are You Wondering About Joining Abel’s Abel Visiting Scholar Program 2024?
    Each applicant should utilize our Online Application Portal in order to submit their complete application package.
  • Candidates submitting applications should provide details of their research proposal when making applications, along with names of possible research partners they wish to collaborate with.
  • Candidates are required to present a signed and stamped declaration from their current or previous employers that details their job status as well as positions held within institutions where they reside. It must adhere to a specified format; furthermore a template for this complete document can be found online.
  • Candidates requesting provisional budget must fill out and submit the Budget Provisional Request Form online form with all their documents compiled into one PDF file and uploaded for consideration to their online form of submission.
  • Current CV, visitor research report and formal invitation from international research partner organization must all be provided as prerequisites to participation. A letter of recommendation or confirmation by host research program host would also be important. And last but not least an image of your PhD certification should also be sent along for review and consideration.
  • Stamped and signed document from current employer; Estimating budget in research project.

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Application Deadline:

Apply now for Abel visiting scholar program visits between 1 January 2024 and 30 April 2024 by August 31, 2023! Scholar trips between May 1-20 August will occur between December 2023-2024.

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