Character Certificate With Examples and Templates

Why do We need a Character Certificate?

In general, a Character certificate is required that includes a validated representation about a particular element or subject. Furthermore, a certificate often serves as evidence or proof of an item, a description or a contest’s possession. There are several types of credentials, with educational certificates and medical certificates being the most common ones. After the candidate completes a formal examination or evaluation, qualifications such as academic certificates are obtained.

What is a Certificate?

Certification is known as the process of verifying or establishing some certain characteristic of an individual or organization. Techniques such as certification, inspection and evaluation are also used to grant accreditations. Moreover, credentials are also often handed over for involvement or simply to increase productivity. Certificates have traditionally served the same purpose as they do today, which is to confirm or testify a specific feature or to affirm certain characteristics of an entity, organization or item. Certifications are of several varieties, each corresponding to unique criteria of their own.

Certificates are valuable records attesting any evidence or data. Some certificates are necessary for jobs and scientific activities. Likewise, medical certificates are used to confirm that an individual is fit/unfit for employment. From the perspective of information technologies, certificates can also be used during online communications to ensure the safety of personal data.

Types of Certificates

There are many kinds of credentials that are most prominently granted:

  • Academic credentials
  • Technical certificates
  • Certificate of Character
  • Certificate of Community

Academic Credentials

An educational certificate is a document specifying that a person has completed an examination, a sequence of exams, or has obtained a particular qualification.

Technical Certificates

Online Technical Certificates are certificates indicating that the applicant has the qualifications, experience and expertise required to perform a specific job or assignment. Moreover, the credential is typically a certificate granted by a third party, a professional body or a university of the specified type.

Community Certificates

A society certificate is a document imposed by the state to certify that an individual belongs to one of the states ‘specified social caste system. When a person claims a designation for a career or employment this certificate is also expected to be completed. If a person wishes to request an accommodation, a community document is essential.

What is a Character Certificate?

A certificate of character or a police certificate is a document given to a person by a government authority, police or any other organization indicating that he or she has no criminal proceedings or bad history in his or her previous organizations. Along with this it is necessary to procure this certificate when a person decides to study overseas, applying for a job or some other private work. Basically, the record serves as the individual’s background investigation.

As it is also necessary to do this background investigation for the security, it is also called a Police Clearance Certificate. Moreover, the character certificate clearly states the history of the criminal background or ongoing court cases of the applicant. Character certificates typically have different templates and the application mode differs according to the organization or governing authority selected. After a detailed review of the individual’s conduct, the person responsible for certifying the character certificate normally has to accept it. In addition, the related records are cross-checked for validity or accounting records verification. Further more, popular types of character certificates are student character certificates that are given to students after an educational program or study programme has been completed. School leadership in a school or student character certificate reflects the student’s overall conduct, priorities and efficiency.

Where and Why Character Certificate are Used?

Character certificates are used, as mentioned above, to check the history of a person from different viewpoints. These certificates are also requested for many fields and purposes, such as:

Employment: New employers need applicants from their former companies to provide character certificates. This is typically done in order to evaluate the employee’s actions in their previous organization.

Academics: Character certificates are also provided to past classmates by academic institutions. The certificate focuses on the assumption that the conduct of the students was considered to be acceptable and that they conformed to all the institution’s laws and regulations. Some scholarships also require applicants to furnish character certificate.

Business: A company character certificate guarantees that the individual can demonstrate excellent marketing behavior.

Immigration/Travel: Typically, the authorities provide a character certificate for administrative reasons.

Types of Character Certificates

Following are the main types of character certificates that are most commonly used:

  • Certificate for Security Character
  • Job Character Certificate/ Employee Character Certificate
  • Students’ Character Certificate

Format of Character Certificate (Templates)

Format of police character certificate

By (candidates Name)



The head of department:

Address of head.

Honorable Sir/ Madam

Topic: Application to grant a Certificate of Police Clearance

I need a certificate of police clearance for the intention of (STATE REASON). At the moment, I live in (PLACE OF CURRENT RESIDENCE). I have incorporated all the reports prescribed. Kindly allot my clearance certificate as soon as possible. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,


Character Certificate for Job/ Character Certificate for Employee


To the concerned authority,

We certify that the candidate (name of the person) has high morale. This individual has served with us (starting date) to (ending date) holding the status (position held).This person’s actions and attitude were considered to be appropriate for the period of his work with us. In addition, against the citizen, there are no fines or cases ongoing that may make them unfit for jobs.

This character certificate was given in conjunction with the application for Her/His (Enter Name of Institution).

Certified on (Date: Month: Year)

Governing body


Character Certificate for Students

Governing Authority

Department Name

Certificate of character

This is to affirm that (STUDENT NAME), S/o/D/o (STUDENT PARENT NAME) has graduated from (Start Year) to (Start Year) in this organization (End Year). For the length of their classes, the student has high confidence and has demonstrated positive conduct. The student did not exhibit any bullying or anti-social conduct towards everyone.

Signature of the head of institution


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