Experience Letter: Tips for an effective experience letter and sample.

What is a company experience letter? Format and Templates

When someone wants to seek a new job opportunity, there are multiple documents that they should submit along with their work portfolio. One of those documents is a company experience latter which someone can get from a previous workplace. In this article, we will discuss briefly what a company experience letter is and how to write it. Also, we will give you a template and sample to make it easier for you to create a powerful experience letter.

What is a Company Experience Letter?

A company letter is a formal letter by a company for his current or former employee with a detail of the time spent by an employee in the company and the knowledge, skills, and experience gained in that period.
This is one of the very important documents someone can use in their resume, cover letter, or work portfolio. It gives immense value to the documents and expands the consideration of a candidate for a job. Before you accept to write a company experience letter for an employee, make sure that,

  • You have clear information about employees work experience and skills
  • You can give specific examples of the skills and experience employee gained their
  • You can write some positive comments about the employee.

If you are not sure about the experience and skills of the employee, you should tell them respectfully, so they can find someone else that can help them by writing an effective letter.

How we can write a company experience letter?

There are simple ten steps we will be discussing to write an effective experience letter.

  1. Use of company letterhead
  2. Mention date of issuance
  3. Write a salutation
  4. Add full name of employee
  5. Mention title or designation of the employee
  6. Include your organization name
  7. Mention time duration that the employee spent in your company
  8. Portray the employee.
  9. Write a positive comment on the employee’s future endeavors.
  10. Add a signature line

Download word document of Experience letter template, Sample

 1- Use of company letterhead

An experience letter is considered as an official document that a candidate adds to their work portfolio. Therefore, always write the letter on company letterhead when it is convenient. If your company doesn’t have letterhead then professionally add your contact details so the employer can contact you for confirmation.

2- Mention date of issuance

Write the date on the upper right-hand side. You need to write the full date that includes day, month, and year. The format is your own choice

Example: January 18, 2021, or 01/18/2021

3- Write a salutation

Begin the letter with a professional salutation like Dear or if you know who is going to read the letter then salute them as Mr./Ms. or you can also honor them with their name.

4- Add the full name of the employee

Write the full name of the employee. This will help the employer to lessen the confusion with the name and they can easily match the letter with the other official documents.

Example: Richard Roll instead of Richard or Roll.

5- Mention title or designation of the employee

Mention the current title of the employee in your company. If he or she received a promotion then mention it clearly in the body with the reason for the promotion.

Example: During his period with us, we promoted Richard to sales supervisor from a sales associate. His outstanding performance and skills raised us to take this decision.

6- Include your organization’s name

Mention the full name of your organization. If your organization is working under any vast company then also mention that name. It also helps the employer to assess authenticity.

Example: Sunway pharmaceuticals, Sunway limited.

7- Mention time duration the employee spent with you

Include the date employee started to work at your company and mention the date when the employee left your company. If an employee is still working in your company then mention till the present and if the employee will leave in near future and you know the exact date then mention the date.

Example: Richard’s employment in our company started on June 1, 2018, and will end on March 30, 2021.

8- Describe the employee

Try to give a brief description of the employee including his specific skills, knowledge, and experience that can be valuable and crucial for the job they are applying for. The best you can do is get a description of the job they are applying for and mention the skills and experience needed for that job. Your description should validate the employee has the best experience and skills the employer is looking for.

Example: Richard’s responsibilities included coaching his team on their sales process, motivating and tracking the performance of his team.

9- Write a positive comment on the employee’s future endeavors.

Include a statement that shows the employee is leaving your company by their own choice and that you wish them the best intentions for their future. This gives an image to the employer that the employee is leaving your organization in good standing.

Example: Richard’s decision to leave our organization is his own decision for his bright future, and we wish better luck him in his future endeavors.

10- Add a signature line

Add a signature line at the end that has a professional closing phrase, your signature, printed name, and designation with the company’s seal.


(Your physical signature)
Ahmad Ali
Sales manager

[Company’s seal]

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Experience letter template

Below is the format of experience letter

Date of issuance:

To whom it may Concern:

This letter approves that [employees name] was working in the role of [Employee designation] with [organization name] during the period [starting date] and [Ending date].
During his/her time with [Organization], [Employee’s name] has stayed devoted and loyal to his/her responsibilities. His/her responsibilities included [list roles and responsibilities]. He/she has done an amazing job while in this time duration. [Employees name] has maintained a professional behavior and dress code while with our organization.

The decision to end his/her employment with our company is entirely his/her own. We wish him/her all the best in his/her future efforts.

Please contact us for any additional information.



[Name printed]

[Signatory’s designation]

[Company’s seal]

[Name and address of the organization]


Sample experience letter   

Below is the complete sample of experience letter.

Date of issuance: January 18, 2021

To whom it may Concern:

This letter approves that Richard Roll was working in the role of sales supervisor with sunway pharmaceuticals during the period January 20, 2018 to January 15, 2021.
During his time with Sunway pharmaceuticals, Richard has stayed devoted and loyal to his responsibilities. His responsibilities included tracking the progress of sales, looking for the customer’s demands, guiding his team for best input and assisting them when needed. He has done an amazing job while in this time duration. Richard has maintained a professional behavior and dress code while with our organization.

The decision to end his employment with our company is entirely his own decision. We wish him all the best in his future efforts.

Please contact us for any additional information.


Stephen Roy (signature)
Stephen Roy (printed name)

General Manager

Sunway pharmaceuticals, sunway limited

[Name printed]

[Signatory’s designation]

[Company’s seal]

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