How to Write a Job Acceptance Letter?

Job Acceptance Letter format, samples and Examples

Job acceptance letter is one of the most interesting letters to compose . Your contact at the firm should have given you a written work offer that validates the offer briefly. This is their way of achieving the legal agreement between you and the corporation. It is your duty to ensure that the details of the offer are understood. This letter may also be used if something did not specifically mention the aspects of the proposal. Use this in your acceptance letter to seek clarity and specifically state what you are committing to. If essential elements are not listed in the offer letter or remain ambiguous, this part is especially relevant, which sometimes happens if the offer is made verbally.

Important things to include in Job Acceptance letter

Following things must be include in the letter of acceptance:

  • Praise the firm for the proposal.
  • Understand the position.
  • Summarize the terms of your agreement. Wages, perks, location and others may be included.
  • Restate any directions that the company has given you. These may include your start date or the hours you are going to work.
  • State your satisfaction with accepting the job.

It is critical for an organization or applicant to create a positive impression with the acceptance letter. Letters of acceptance must be welcoming but include substantive and succinct material as well. It’s a significant obstacle to decide how to organize the acceptance letter and how to produce the correct data.

Acceptance Letter Samples For CSC Scholarships

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How to Write an Effective Letter of Acceptance?

Letters of acceptance need not be overly verbose or complicated; it is rather a process of expressing plain appreciation and commitment to performance. Developing the fundamentals of the job pay and the information included is an essential part of the acceptance letter. The purpose of this is to start the professional relationship on clear basis and to guarantee that you can move to the role efficiently. In the acceptance letter, there are only three brief sections and they should fulfill this basic framework:

1) Praise the employer or organization and express commitment to the job and explanations why you believe that the partnership will prosper.

2) Record information on the title of the work for compensation benefits and any specifics of the role you want to create.

3) Also, thank the person in charge and show enthusiasm at the opportunity.

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General Sample of Job Acceptance letter

Complete Name and address

OF applicant,

Mr. Harry

Deputy director

Company XYZ


Dear sir/ Madam,

I am very interested in the position of Marketing Manger with Smithfield Pottery, as we communicated earlier. Thank you for this chance. I am excited to make a valuable impact to the organization and work on the Smithfield team with others.

My basic pay, as already mentioned, will be $30,000 and long – term care insurance incentives will be provided after 90 days of service.

On July 1, 2005, I look forward to beginning jobs. Kindly let us know if there is any extra details or documentation you want until then.

Thank you, again.

Name and signature.


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