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Cheap Universities in Canada are often on the list of students from abroad who are considering studying there due to their excellent educational standards, as evidenced by global rankings for its institutions and research output. With more than 600,000 international learners living here, it’s no wonder why; Canada boasts top-quality institutions, an upbeat lifestyle, and reliable security measures. In this article, we will attempt to provide a list of affordable universities within Canada for international students.

International students often require scholarship offers to pursue their studies abroad if finances are tight. However, those without access to scholarships may find affordable universities in Canada offering quality academic programs at reasonable costs.

Many international students and graduates can afford to complete their education in Canada without breaking the bank. By applying to one of Canada’s many low-cost institutions, you’ll get a top-quality Canadian education at an affordable price.

Studying in Canada doesn’t need to break the bank like other study destinations, making it an attractive option for international students looking for affordable education options. With tuition costs at Canadian universities being so reasonable, attending a university here could not be more budget-friendly if students prepare properly and plan their studies.

Students from other countries migrating to Canada to study will find tuition prices dependent on the course and city they select. Undergraduate degrees range in cost from $7,203 to $49,800 annually; master’s degrees cost around $3,222 to $42,850. In some cases, you can even find affordable universities in Canada with tuition costs below 2000 dollars annually.

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Cheap Universities in Canada 2023-2024:


  • Canada


  • All International

Scholarship type:

  • Fully Funded


  • Undergraduate, Master, Ph.D.,

Cheap Universities in Canada 2023-2024 Benefits:

  • Take advantage of Canada’s renowned high-quality of life
    There is a high quality of life in Canada for students from abroad. They enjoy the same rights, freedoms, and privileges as all Canadians when it comes to human rights, equality, diversity, and maintaining a peaceful society.
  • Canada is ranked third worldwide for having the highest standard of living (U.S. News & World Report, 2022).
  • Canada Offers High-Quality and Flexible Educational Opportunities
    From elementary school to postsecondary studies, Canada boasts outstanding educational and research opportunities. You’ll have the freedom to switch between different kinds of programs without facing the obstacles you might find elsewhere. With Canada, you won’t need to worry about missing out on anything!
  • With access to over 8,000 colleges and 16,000 programs at universities (Universities Canada, 2022; CICan, 2022). Furthermore, seven Canadian universities are among the top 200 worldwide according to Times Higher Education 2023.
  • Canada offers an inclusive and diverse environment that welcomes everyone. You’ll feel at home in our neighborhoods as well as in our classrooms. You will be made to feel at home here!
  • Statistics Canada (2016) states that Canada is home to over 250 people of ethnic origins and 200 languages from around the world, as well as 70 Indigenous Indigenous languages (Statistiques Canada, 2017).
  • Find an Affordable, Low-Cost Alternative
    In Canada, You have access to scholarship and work-study options that help cover college tuition fees. Many programs also provide co-op work or internship opportunities for practical experience during studies. Most international students can work while in school and may even receive a Working Permit after graduating.
  • Your investment in Canada could yield a long-term profit for you. Your internationally recognized Canadian credentials offer you great potential to build a career, whether you choose to remain here or return home; whatever the case may be, having this knowledge and experience will prepare you well for the future.
  • Statistics Canada (2012) noted that 60% of international students who worked during their studies or after graduation found employment within 10 years after obtaining their initial permit to study (Statistics Canada, 2021).
  • Create memories of unforgettable experiences
    Explore Canada’s diversity in social life, culture, travel experiences, and the four seasons through each territory or province. Regardless of where you reside in Canada, you’ll be able to take in stunning landscapes and vibrant communities. Additionally, Canadians have the unique opportunity to study either of its official languages – English or French – beginning from kindergarten until postgraduate study.

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Cheap Universities in Canada 2023-2024 Eligibility Criteria:

  • To pursue a degree in Canada, you must prove to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) your financial capacity to pay for the studies and continue.
  • Scholarship opportunities are plentiful at universities. Use this guide to locate the one perfect for you!
  • If you’re searching for scholarships that provide full funding in Canada 2023-2024, larger awards tend to have more competition. Be sure to also consider smaller awards! In many cases, applying for smaller awards can add up to larger financial assistance overall.
  • Many schools provide scholarships for specific faculties and departments. So whether engineering, agriculture, or religious studies – make sure you research all of the scholarships available in your field!
  • Many universities provide scholarships to certain sociodemographic and geographic categories. You may find that you qualify for awards based on factors like your citizenship country.
  • Many universities provide in-course scholarships. You might be eligible to apply once you have finished a semester or year of academic work. Most often, eligibility will be determined based on academic standing so make sure to research all of your options ahead of time and work towards achieving those qualifications!

List of Cheap Universities in Canada 2023-2024:

1- Memorial University of Newfoundland:

One of Canada’s most accessible universities, Memorial University boasts around 19,000 scholars from 100 countries who come together to learn and exchange ideas. As one of Canada’s 20 top research institutions, it boasts 30 research centers and over $130 million worth of research funds. Furthermore, students at both undergraduate and graduate levels can take advantage of numerous scholarships available at the institution.

Undergraduate tuition can range anywhere from $2550 to $11,460 per course, while graduate students could pay as little as $1,905 to $3,222 per session.

2- University of Northern British Columbia:

Situated amid breathtaking landscapes in British Columbia’s northern region, UNBC is one of Canada’s finest small universities dedicated to research, teaching, and environmental stewardship. Their undergraduate and graduate education programs span health care and culture to economics and the natural world alike – making UNBC an excellent educational choice for any career aspirant!

UNBC offers undergraduate tuition costs ranging from $5,644 to $22,461. Graduate tuition fees range between $3,499 and $5,400.

3- Simon Fraser University:

Simon Fraser University (SFU) is Canada’s top university that strives to make a difference in lives through its education, advocacy, and engagement efforts. As an international student at SFU, you’ll have plenty of chances to connection with people as well as ideas that help shape your personal growth and contribute to creating a better world. Simon Fraser University’s academic excellence, innovative thinking, and sustainability have earned it recognition around the world; consistently ranking among Canada’s most prestigious researchers and top 250 universities globally.

Undergraduate tuition costs range between $5,994 and $26,822. Graduate students may pay as little as $3,972.

4- Mount Allison University:

According to Maclean’s magazine, Mount Allison University is the top Canadian undergraduate university. Research and creative pursuits are at the core of every Mount Allison experience – for students and faculty alike. At this university, experts offer direction in their fields while providing exceptional learning opportunities.

Tuition for undergraduate students can range anywhere from $9,440-$19,040; on the other hand, graduate tuition may only cost you $5.10.

5- University of Saskatchewan:

The University of Saskatchewan (USask) is one of Canada’s most affordable universities, located in Saskatoon on Treaty 6 territory and home to the Metis people. As one of Canada’s top research-intensive medical doctoral programs, USask conducts world-class research in fields with global relevance.

Undergraduate tuition fees range between $6,710 and $20,131 while graduate fees are set between $2,982 and $5,397.

We hope this information about Cheap Universities in Canada was of some assistance and helps you make an informed decision when selecting which Canadian university to attend as a student from abroad.

6- College of the North Atlantic (CNA):

The College of the North Atlantic is one of the oldest and most esteemed colleges in public Newfoundland and Labrador, boasting over 19000 alumni and 700+ faculty members who teach 300+ offline and online courses each academic year. Established in 1997, its history dates back to 1963 but continues to be highly regarded today.

7- University of Waterloo:

The University of Waterloo is one of Canada’s oldest and most esteemed colleges, having opened its doors in 1957 with seven engineering students. Today, according to 2021 statistics, there are nearly 42,000 undergraduate students enrolled there.

8- Brandon University:

Brandon University is one of Canada’s premier universities. Established as a Baptist institution in 1899, it was later renamed Brandon College. Affiliated to McMaster University since 1967, Brandon College officially gained university status.

9- The University of Toronto (U of T):

The University of Toronto is renowned as Canada’s top public university for research. With over 90 years of experience in educational programming, this institution boasts one of the most impressive academic offerings.

Application Procedure For Cheap Universities in Canada 2023-2024:

  • Select an Institution
    Once you’ve decided what you want to learn and the best place for study, use this Directory of Canadian Universities as a starting point. It provides profiles of institutions as well as lists of their courses. You may want to look up specific university websites too – easy access through our Searchable Database of studies programs!
  • Researching universities and the communities they’re located in is essential for making an informed decision. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those responsible for foreign students at these schools and ask questions; also allow yourself enough time to complete your application and obtain an education permit (see below for more details).
  • Once you’ve chosen your top schools, research their websites to learn their admission requirements and application process. Although regulations for applying at different institutions may differ, be aware of these key elements:
  • Are You Eligible for Undergraduate Study in Canada?
    Each university in Canada has its own admission requirements, so each university will assess your application based on individual needs. Generally speaking, high school graduation, an elementary school diploma and academically strong standing are usually necessary to be accepted into undergraduate studies.
  • What Documents Are Needed?
    In some cases, authentic documents such as transcripts from postsecondary or secondary school may be required. You can have these evaluated and translated into English and French with ease; just check with your country’s education authorities or the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials ( for further guidance on degree recognition.
  • Are You Abide by Language Requirements for Your Language?
    Students from abroad in Canada must prove their ability to speak either English or French at their desired school. Most universities offering English as a second language require at least an acceptable score on a standardized proficiency test; French-speaking universities usually evaluate applicants individually.
  • If your English skills are inadequate, there are numerous Canadian programs you can take advantage of before applying to universities in Canada that are offered by colleges, universities and private institutions. For further details on these opportunities, visit Languages Canada website (

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Application Deadline:

Applications differ by province. In certain places, students can apply via a central application process while in others you must submit your own application directly to the school. You might even decide to apply to multiple universities if your first university doesn’t accept you.

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