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The Lester B. Pearson Scholarship 2024 in Canada | Apply

Scholarships In Canada 2024-2025

Lester B. Pearson Scholarship 2024 in Canada provides an opportunity for students with a bright future to attend one of the most prestigious universities around the globe – that of the University of Toronto. This University of Toronto is the most renowned university in the world for study and education. Its full-time scholarships offered by Toronto university offers an opportunity for students in their pursuit of academic pursuits within a community of learning that is close-knit. Furthermore to that, there is the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship provides the chance for international students to live for four years living in a diverse and multicultural city. This opportunity will assist students develop into more resilient and compassionate individuals.

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship 2024 at the University of Toronto provide  unique opportunity for exceptional international students to attend one of the top institutions in one of the most diverse cities. The purpose of the scholarship program is to recognize students who exhibit outstanding academic performance and imagination and are considered to be leaders within their schools. Particular emphasis is put on the impact that the student has made on the lives of their school and the community and their ability to positively contribute to the world community.

These scholarships are awarded every year. They are awarded to outstanding students from around the world, which includes international students who are studying on Canadian secondary schools. It is the University of Toronto’s most prestigious and competitive award that is open to students from abroad. It is the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships can be used to pay for the cost of tuition and books, as well as incidental costs and residence expenses over the course of four consecutive years. The scholarship is only available for students attending the University of Toronto for first-entry undergraduate programs. Each year , around 37 students will be awarded Lester B. Pearson Scholars.

These fully funded undergraduate scholarships in Canada are granted each year to undergraduates who are nominated by their high school for their outstanding and exceptional academic performance. Every year, 37 students are chosen for the position of Lester B. scholars who are able to continue their education at University of Toronto. In addition to the academic accomplishments that the scholars have, they are judged on their personal conduct and the expected influence on the world. The expectation is for students of the Lester B. Pearson Scholars to be a positive influence within the world and help to create a better world by their creative thinking.

University of Toronto Scholarships recipients are able to enjoy many financial benefits , as well as the opportunity to develop for the future of. International Pearson scholars could be from any discipline which is studied by the University of Toronto ranging from humanities as well as social sciences, physical sciences, life sciences and sciences, mathematics such as commerce and management engineering, kinesiology, as well as physical education to architecture. Therefore, students who excel must apply to be eligible for this fully funded international scholarship offered in Canada. The specifics of admissions process and eligibility are explained in the next paragraphs.

The Lester B. Pearson Scholarship 2024 in Canada:


  • Canada


  • University of Toronto


  • Bachelor’s Degree Program

Study Fields:

Pearson scholars can select one of 700 undergraduate programs within

  • Commerce & Management
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Kinesiology and Physical Education
  • Physical & Mathematical Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Music, Architecture and Architecture

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Lester B. Pearson Scholarship 2024 in Canada Benefits:

It is the U of T international scholarships in Canada provide coverage;

  • All incidental costs will be compensated.
  • The cost of accommodation is covered completely by the host company.
  • All tuition costs over four consecutive years will be paid for.
  • Book allowances will be provided.

The Lester B. Pearson Scholarship in Canada 2024 Eligibility Criteria:

  • The applicant has to be recommended by the college or school.
  • You must apply as a student in the last term of the secondary school.
  • If the applicant has graduating in high school graduation must not occur earlier than June 2023.
  • The applicants should have applied to Toronto’s University of Toronto.
  • The applicants cannot have begun their postsecondary studies at any university.
  • It is required that the applicant be a first-entry student.
  • Students from all over the world can apply.
  • The applicant cannot be a Canadian citizen.
  • A student from outside the country who is in an education in Canada is also eligible to apply.

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Application procedure For Lester B. Pearson Scholarship 2024 in Canada:

  • You can choose your preferred course from your University of Toronto. Only the first selection to study will be considered when determining The Pearson Scholarship 2024.
  • After the nomination has been received and the students have submitted their applications to the university, a customized link as well as a secured link of the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship will be sent to applicants.
  • Fill out the online application using the link provided.
  • The applicant is applying for an undergraduate degree within Toronto’s University of Toronto for 2024.
  • The applicant has to be recommended by the institute/school , and be nominated by the school.
  • The applicants should make sure that their high schools have been contacted and verified in order to be eligible to apply for the scholarship. If they’re not verified, the institutes first need to submit an application to participate


Please note that the Lester B. Pearson Scholarship Program at the University of Toronto does not collaborate with educational agencies or “agents” in order to solicit students or provide scholarships. Be aware of agents offering false acceptances or demanding fees from unaffiliated third party. Pearson Scholarship recipients can only be selected by their secondary school via our online application process. The award is only available for undergraduate students.

In the case of awards that are funded by donors, University advancement may share the names, names of programs, and the years of study of award winners with donors. If you have questions regarding the University advancement’s collection or use of your personal data,

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Application Deadline:

  • The deadline to nominate a student is November 30, 2023.
  • Pearson Scholarship Deadline: January 16 2024.

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