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Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship in Germany 2023-2024

Germany Scholarship 2023-2024

Are you planning to go abroad for a degree? you should not pass up the opportunity to apply for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship in Germany 2023-24. It is a German scholarship is a great opportunity for students who are from the countries of the Global South comprising Asia, Latin America, and Africa and also states post-Soviet, and those from the south-eastern and eastern European regions. It gives practical work experiences to highly skilled applicants. This Friedrich Ebert Foundation DAAD Scholarship assists candidates in enhancing their academic and social skills by offering a broad program. The potential of applicants and their character traits show the dedication of the person in the program. Work assignments that are relevant to the program will be given to the applicants throughout their time at Friedrich which allows them to get ready for their future careers.

Friedrich Ebert Foundation scholarship for students from abroad 2023-24 is designed for students who have impressive academic results and want to pursue a degree in Germany. The scholarship requires that students demonstrate the democratic values and live up to these values. The top-quality liaison mentors on site provide individual assistance to candidates, which is an additional benefit of the scholarship. The program provides 40 scholarships in Germany every year. They include a monthly stipend as well as health insurance, and is accompanied by an allowance for the family. Students are not obliged to pay the money in return. With the many benefits that come to the award, those from poorer regions are attracted by Europe.

This International scholarship opportunity offered by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Germany allows students to work in a team with others with different perspectives as well as social and political backgrounds under the guidance of German experts. The award in Europe will help to build an international community of diverse cultures that is eager to bring about changes across a variety of sectors. Students are encouraged to become part of the program to fulfill the vision of the foundation of attracting international students and engaging them in various initiatives to create Germany the world’s leading professional driver. In this respect, Germany is continuously developing methods and tools for education to assist people in living the environment without any restrictions of any kind of religious or racial tolerance.

The DAAD university administers Friedrich Ebert Foundation scholarship programs in Germany. The DAAD constantly monitors its programs’ external and internal surveillance to ensure that they are based on a quality-oriented efficient, sustainable, and effective strategy. External partners conduct evaluations that provide more transparency and improved outcomes. Through this, increased personal capacity, efficiency and quality of education are assured. It is proud of the fact that its programs are able to positively impact people, educational systems institutions, as well as the general public. In simple terms it’s the DAAD is constantly working towards the pursuit of its main goals by setting up the Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation Concept.


Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship in Germany 2023-2024:


  • Germany


  • Friedrich Ebert Foundation.


  • Students are able to apply for leading universities across Germany in this program.

Degree Level:

  • Diploma
  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • PhD

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No. of Scholarships:

  • This FES study grant can award up to 40 scholarships each year.

 The Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship 2023-24 Benefits:

  • No Tuition Fee.
  • Monthly stipend of 830 EUR (for Bachelor’s/Diploma/Magister/state examination program) or 850 EUR (for Master’s program).
  • It helps those who have health insurance.
  • Students who have children will receive an allowance per family that is EUR 276.

 The Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship Germany Eligibility Criteria:

  • The candidates must enroll at an institution of higher education recognized by the state in Germany.
  • Candidates must have a stellar academic record.
  • Candidates should have a sufficient understanding regarding their German language.
  • Candidates should be reliable, responsible and enthusiastic people.
  • Candidates should have the ability to engage in politics and social issues.
  • Candidates should demonstrate the democratic values.

Application Procedure For the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship program?

  • Candidates must apply online on their website.
  • The applicants must carefully choose the course they’re applying for.
  • The applicants need to be careful choose the country they reside in.
  • Give all of your personal details, e.g., name address, address, date birth, birthplace, country, etc.
  • Complete all fields that are required for each level.
  • Make sure you fill out your application in a timely manner.

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Application Deadline:

  • The deadline to apply for The deadline for applications to the FEF Scholarship Program varies from program to program.


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