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Harvard Academy Scholars Program 2024 | USA

Scholarships In USA 2024

Harvard Academy Scholars Program 2024 is a fantastic chance for resourceful and driven scholars to obtain technical assistance and research assistance in their particular disciplines and fields. The international scholarship offered by Harvard is available to recent PhD scholars as well as doctoral hopefuls or scholars close to completing their PhD and are from all over the world. Harvard Academy Scholarship Program Harvard Academy Scholarship Program is open to scholars who have demonstrated excellence in law and social sciences and possess a remarkable ability to master another foreign language or subject such as history, culture, or. In addition, to be eligible for this scholarship applicants must have a strong chance of achieving outstanding career opportunities in various educational institutions and other similar ones.

The Academy Scholars Program is a highly competitive program. Only the most promising scholars with experience in the fields of law and social sciences outside of the US and Canada are selected from the select committee. Harvard Academy shows a keen concern for the domestic as well as translational aspects of the work of scholars. This is why, following particular criteria, a community of innovative, resourceful, intelligent and innovative scholars is being created through The Harvard Academy Scholars Program. In the course of this program every year, six scholars are chosen in a competition regardless of nationality or color.

Harvard University is the leading university in the world for research and is the oldest higher education institution within the US. Furthermore the library system of Harvard University is a real draw for researchers as the university has more than 80 libraries that make it the biggest academic library worldwide. This PhD fellowship to international students at Harvard is a positive and hopeful opportunity for talented and talented scholars to begin their careers at the world’s most most prestigious university. The students are expected to make an asset to the sciences and law through showcasing their skills in these areas beyond the USA as well as Canada. It is important to note that there are areas in which the Harvard scholarship is not available. The specifics of the relevant fields are listed within the next paragraphs. Harvard Academy Scholars program provides additional financial benefits aside from the ones mentioned above, e.g. aid to research in financial terms and a yearly stipend and more. This postdoctoral fellowship in the USA offers the chance for exceptional scholars of the future to begin their careers and creating positive impact on the social sciences and the law. The article contains a complete guide to the eligibility requirements as well as the benefits and how to apply with the necessary documents in order to be considered for this post-doctoral scholar program in 2024 within the USA.

Harvard Academy Scholars Program 2024 USA:


  • United States of America


  • Harvard University


  • Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies. Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies

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Harvard Academy Scholars Program 2024 Benefits:

  • The conferences that are related to them will be subsidized.
  • Health insurance is provided.
  • A certain amount of teaching is permissible but it’s not required.
  • A residence appointment for students for two consecutive years in Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies. Harvard Academy for International and Areas Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.
  • Postdoctoral students will receive an annual stipend of $70,000.
  • Research and financial assistance as well as travel assistance will be provided in addition to an already-paid salary.

The Harvard Academy Scholars Program 2024 Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students from all over the world and all nations are welcome to apply.
  • Only recently graduated PhD researchers and doctoral students can apply.
  • Students from the fields of sociological science and the law field are qualified.
  • Doctoral candidates must be writing their thesis prior to applying for this program.
  • If the applicant is a recent PhD scholar, the PhD conclusion date must be within three years from October 2022. Alternatively, it is the PhD has to be finished by September 30, 2019.

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Application Procedure For Harvard Academy Scholars Program 2024:

  • The applicant must be able to submit an CV that includes an inventory of publications.
  • To be eligible to apply candidates must submit an original research proposal not greater than 2500 words that must describe the methodology of research as well as the objectives for the proposed research.
  • The candidate must submit an official PhD record copy.
  • Three recommendation letters need to be submitted to an online form.
  • The letters of reference recommendations, letters of recommendation, or cover letters should be addressed to the committee that will select them.
  • The documents and applications must are to be submitted the documents and application in Pdf form.
  • The application must be completed on the internet.
  • Candidates must provide a cover letter, which must contain the field of study and the country or region of particularization, and the suggested research topic.

Subjects for the Academy Scholars Program?

The founding fathers believed that the area studies expertise of other areas that are not part of the US or Canada as a useful in addition to social sciences. This is why the Harvard Academy looks for outstanding candidates for PhD or similar programs, or having PhD or similar degrees within fields normally found in the social sciences within research universities, where the majority students of Academy Scholars have jobs.

Acquired Fields of Study

  • Geography
  • Government
  • History
  • Science and History outside of the US or Canada
  • Inner Asian and Altaic Studies
  • International Relations
  • Latin American and Iberian Studies
  • Law
  • Middle East Studies
  • Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
  • Political Economy and the Government
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Public Policy
  • Russia Studies
  • Slavic Languages and Civilization
  • Social Policy
  • Social Studies
  • Sociology
  • South Asia Studies
  • Southeast Asia Studies
  • Ukraine Studies
  • Western Europe Studies
  • Gender, Women, and Sexuality–outside of US or Canada
  • Africa Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Asia Studies
  • Central Asia Studies
  • East Asian Languages and Civilizations
  • Eastern Europe Studies
  • Economics
  • Ethnic Studies

Fields that Are Not Recognized

Please be aware that this list isn’t complete.

  • Management
  • Medieval Studies
  • Musicology
  • Philosophy
  • Public Administration
  • Religion
  • Sanskrit and Indian Studies
  • Social Work
  • Urban Studies
  • Anything that is related to the US or Canada
  • Archeology
  • Architecture
  • Art History
  • Business
  • Classics
  • Global Health
  • Linguistics
  • Literature

Application Deadline:

  • Applications for the 2024 postdoctoral fellowship will open on June 1, 2023.


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