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International Merit Scholarships 2024 Lowa State University

International Merit Scholarships

Iowa State University is committed to offering talented International students from around the globe the chance to access top training. A limited number of  freshmen from Iowa State are now being accepted – applications are being taken now for Iowa State International Merit Scholarships 2024!

Iowa State University students benefit from top academic and research resources through learning communities. Students also enjoy undergraduate studies, internships, and study-abroad programs with top researchers tackling some of today’s toughest issues – so any interested applicants are invited to submit applications to be considered for scholarships at ISU.

International students in their first year may qualify for a merit-based scholarship of modest value. Selection processes for scholarships can be competitive and determined through analysis of SAT/ACT scores as well as grades/marks from high school. Students need to submit the NeApp scholarship application online to become candidates for one.

To apply for an International Merit Scholarship, visit the OneApp Scholarship Portal and complete their General Application.

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International Merit Scholarships 2024 Lowa State University:


  • USA


  • Lowa State University

Program :

  • Undergraduate


  • All International

International Merit Scholarships 2024 Lowa State University Benefits:

  • Award of Excellence Up to $40K (5K-10K/yr). Award of Distinction ($2,000K-4K).
  • Scholarship Covers Health Insurances.
  • Travelling cost
  • Accommodation
  • Other Study Related Expenses.

International Merit Scholarships 2024 Lowa State University Eligibility criteria:

Iowa State University International Merit Scholarship candidates should meet certain criteria in order to be considered:

  • Applicant must be an international freshman accepted into an undergraduate full-time program at their selected university.
  • Iowa State University requires applicants for admissions to submit qualifying SAT/ACT scores as part of its application process, in addition to completing both sections of Iowa State’s OneApp system: General OneApp application forms as well as International Student Admissions Scholarship application forms must all be filled out completely and submitted on time.
  • Transfer applicants from abroad who are accepted into university programs with tuition rated on international standards but who do not receive financial support from their country can qualify for this award.
  • Graduation Point Averages (GPAs) equivalent to 3.0 on 4.0 are desired in B level courses.

Application Procedure for International Merit Scholarships 2024 Lowa State University:

How-to-Apply: First, applicants need to apply for admission into one of the University’s full-time undergraduate programs before filling out and submitting the international student admissions scholarship application form.

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Application Deadline:

The Application deadline for International Merit Scholarships 2024 Lowa State University is varies.

Apply Now  Official Site:

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