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How to write a Federal Resume?

Tips for writing an impressive Federal Resume

If we apply for a position in federal government agency, we may have to submit a specialized resume that contains some unique ingredients, in addition to conventional elements like education, contact data, and work experience.
In this article, we will explore, what is a federal resume, what information we should include in it, and finally a sample that will help you to create your own.

Introduction to Federal Resume

A federal resume is a detailed document to utilize when applying for employment within the federal government. In comparison to a regular resume, we need to put more precise information both about ourselves and our work experience in it. Like traditional resumes, here we also need to add our qualifications, Background, and personal details.

 How to compose a federal resume?

Federal resumes need extra detail about your background and experience for vetting purposes. Therefore, it is one or two pages longer than the regular resumes. The additional information includes citizenship status, federal salary grade, and security clearance. These documents help managers to assess you for a specific position you are applying for.

Below are the key elements that need to include on your federal resume

  • Give your contact information
  • Mention your citizenship status
  • Specify your highest GS grade
  • Include veteran’s priorities
  • List your job experience
  • Detail of your education
  • Other optional elements
  1. Give your contact information

As we do in regular resumes, here you have to add your full name, telephone number, and email address. Additionally, you have to add your postal address that will help with the vetting process.

  1. Mention your citizenship status

Whether you are a citizen of that nation or not, include your citizenship that will help in the identification process. Some countries don’t need their citizenship status for federal positions but in some countries, you may require certain citizenship statuses. The mandatory status is often listed in the job description, so be sure to check whether you are permitted.

  1. Specify your highest GS grade

The federal government always grades jobs within the General Schedule (GS) to determine the pay rate and job roles. The GS scale goes from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 15 grades. If you are a current employee of the federal government then mention your highest GS grade and current salary range.

  1. Include veterans’ priorities

The US government prefers veterans to promote fair hiring practice under the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Act 1974(VEVRAA). Therefore, disclosing your protected veteran status is not required. Veterans get a certain number of points based on numerous factors including the length of service and discharge status. Sometimes qualifying family members of fallen soldiers can be eligible for preference.

  1. List your job experience

Federal resumes require detail of your last 10-year work experience. Like we do in a regular resume, it is good to start the body of the federal resume with professional experience, mainly the experience related to the job you are applying for. If you don’t have considerable professional experience, consider listing your education first and begin with the experience that makes you most suited for the job.

To provide detail of your qualifications, include the below information with your every work experience.

Employer’s name and location: If this employer is in a country different from the federal government you are applying to then make sure to mention the city, state, and country.

Job designation: make sure to give your accurate job designation to avoid any barriers during the verification process.

Time duration: mention the date you started working there and also mention the end date, if you are still an employee there, use ‘present’ that will help them to understand you are still working there.

An average number of hours worked per week: Federal human resource uses the number of hours you worked to estimate your experience in weeks. Commonly, federal jobs require a minimum of 52 weeks’ merit of experience.

A comprehensive description of responsibilities: Mention the roles and responsibilities you had for a day in your work. Especially the relevant skills to the job you are applying for.

Achievements: If you are awarded or recognized for any achievement, include them in a separate section that will make your resume more appealing.

Manager’s name and contact information: this will help HR to reach out to the previous employer for clarification and more details.

  1. Detail of your Education: Make sure to mention your schooling, certificates, and degrees you have received. For each school, including the below information where applicable.
  • Years spend
  • Degree earned
  • Grades
  • Credit hours in a number
  • Completion date
  • Any recognition or award received
  • Membership in educational organizations
  • Relevant endeavors or projects
  1. Other optional items

You can also include the following

Security clearance: if acceptable, you can state your security clearance as a result of your current job within a government entity.

Desired location: Mention your preferred location that will help the hiring person to consider in the candidate selection.

Additional training: Add any relevant skill or training outside work experience.

Volunteer services: this will be a great addition to show your dedication to serving the community.

References: These are additional references, which may have any former coworker, any mentor, or a professional person.

Languages: Being multilingual is one of the great addition you can make. Mention the languages you know.

Affiliations: list the name of organizations you worked for or you may be still working. It may contain charitable organizations as well.

Publications: provide the name and date of any literary contribution you made for any journal on a subject that is job-relevant.

Additional skills: lastly, mention the technical skills that fall outside your work experience but can be helpful in your next job.

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