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James Madison Graduate Fellowship 2024-2025 | USA

James Madison Memorial Fellowship

James Madison Graduate Fellowship Foundation offers $24,000 James Madison graduate fellowships to individuals looking to be outstanding educators of American Constitution at secondary school level. Anyone wishing to apply can submit applications in coming weeks when applications open up for 2024 positions.

This Fellowship awards US$24,000 toward an advanced master’s degree program specializing in American historical studies, teaching or education. Students who accept this Fellowship agree to teach American historical studies upon completion of their course of study.

In 1986, Congress established the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation with the intent of expanding instruction of Constitutional principles of the US Constitution in secondary schools. As an agency within the Executive Branch of the federal government that operates independently from Congress funding is provided through contributions from foundations, individuals, and companies; while the day-to-day operation of this Foundation is managed by its president with the support of his/her small team in Alexandria Virginia as its location.

James Madison Fellowships were created as a means of honoring Madisonian values by offering financial aid for postgraduate studies that explore both the Constitution’s history and current relevance in relation to democratic governance practices and policies. Benefits of the program are both immediate and long-lasting for recipients of fellowships, who gain the chance to expand their writing, research, and analytical capabilities while forging professional connections that could greatly help further their future career aspirations goals. Fellows can gain a better understanding of constitutional law through its core principles while imparting these lessons to their pupils, thus assuring that both spirit and practical knowledge of American citizens’ Constitution will guide future decision making for generations of future Americans.

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James Madison Graduate Fellowship USA 2024-2025:


  • USA


  • Domestic and International


  • Masters


  • US accredited institution based in the United States

James Madison Graduate Fellowship USA 2024-2025 Benefits:

  • Maximum Awards Value = $24,000 This amount may increase throughout your study, but will never surpass $12,000 in one academic year. In practice, Fellows typically receive lesser amounts than this maximum limit as payment only covers actual costs associated with tuition, charges, and textbook purchases (plus lodging/meals if living away from the main home) along with credit needs required to obtain their chosen degree program.
  • Failure to fulfill the purposes for which a fellowship was awarded, participate in events like Summer Institute on the Constitution, or deliver subject-area classes suitable for grades 7-12 within the timeframe stipulated could result in its forfeiture; any funds received as part of such grants as well as applicable interest must also be returned as mandated by federal law.

James Madison Graduate Fellowship USA 2024-2025 Eligibility Criteria:

Fellows compete against applicants from their state of legal residence when applying for fellowships. If eligible to do so, applicants should complete and submit an online fellowship application within 24 hours – no exceptions.

  • Be a U.S. Citizen
  • Teach or plan to teach American history, government, or civics classes (grades 7-12). Your courses could cover the American past, government, or civics-themed material that covers topics about America.
  • Your Bachelor’s or plan to obtain one by August 31st of the year that you plan on applying must already exist or will become official before applying.
  • Professional Teaching Obligation:
    Once completing their master’s degree, every Fellow is expected to instruct American historical studies, government, or civics classes between 7-12 ages that involve topics on the Constitution based on each fellowship received – in general in their state of origin if possible.

Application Procedure For James Madison Graduate Fellowship USA 2024-2025:

How to apply: To be considered for admission into any master’s program in any US-accredited college or university in America, prospective applicants are first required to be admitted, after which an online application for fellowship consideration will open on October 17th. Applications open that same week!

  • Review your application carefully, to confirm you will have enough time and gather any required documents.
  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with all aspects of each prompt before answering it to ensure the responses fall into their correct categories.
  • Write all details at an advanced level, using capitalized letters at the start of sentences and no text messages or emoticons – this ensures a Selection Committee sees exactly as you submitted.
  • Consider how you will answer each of the questions presented to you and make sure to proofread and polish up any answers provided.
  • Answer any and every question regardless of its status as mandatory or otherwise. Doing so can only serve to strengthen your employment application.
  • Make use of widely recognized characters to answer any question quickly; lengthy answers could appear as evidence that effort wasn’t exerted on your behalf.
  • Be wary of making hasty decisions or responding impulsively.
  • If you are copying/pasting content from another source, revise it before pasting so you can verify whether your answers correspond with those found within.
  • Make sure the information available about your education (institutions or classes attended and GPA) ties back in with what appears on your transcripts.
  • Research the plans for constitutional studies at your chosen school carefully and note specific course numbers as well as course names. Explain why specific classes were chosen and explain how they contribute to overall degree plans – especially regarding Constitution studies.
  • Answer the second question from the Professional Strengths and Attributes Area by discussing any gaps in your work or academic experience. Provide detail to explain, for instance, why it has been ten years since you had any outside employment; why your GPA in junior high wasn’t reflective of who you were as an individual; or why your current location doesn’t represent who you truly are currently; etc. Don’t waste this chance to “fill in the missing pieces!”
  • Encourage those writing your recommendations to address specific attributes, personal qualities, and professional achievements–particularly any not covered elsewhere in your application. Make sure your referees also receive copies of your resume along with answers to specific questions on the application form.
  • Maintain a dialogue with your recommenders to make sure their recommendations have been submitted by the deadline. They’re likely to appreciate being reminded as this date approaches.
  • Make sure that you submit your application early enough so that someone else may review and provide input about its contents and make suggestions or corrections as appropriate.

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Application Deadline:

The Application deadline For James Madison Graduate Fellowship 2024-2025 is  March 1, 2024

Apply Now  Official Site:

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