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Berkeley’s Mastercard Foundation Scholar Program 2024

Mastercard Foundation Scholar Program

Candidates from Sub-Saharan African nations are invited to apply for Berkeley’s Mastercard Foundation Scholar Program 2024 designed to support postgraduate study by African students attending UC Berkeley, USA.

The Center for African Studies and Mastercard Foundation have joined together for an extended partnership spanning 10 years to support master’s-level education for 108 highly academically talented African students from sub-Saharan nations committed to making an impactful difference on Africa.

Each year through 2028, it is projected that the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at UC Berkeley will aid approximately 28 master’s students, with 12-16 joining every class starting each year until then.

In 2012, this Program attracted 134 students from 24 African nations (Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Eswatini (Swaziland), Ethiopia, Gambia Ghana Kenya Liberia Madagascar Malawi Mozambique Nigeria Senegal South Africa South Sudan Sudan Tanzania Togo Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe). Our alumni count includes both those holding undergraduate as well as master’s degrees spanning more than 35 degree programs.

The MasterCard Foundation(link that is external) was created to further learning and increase financial access for those living in poverty, with Africa as its focus almost solely. Established by Mastercard International in 2006 and operating independently under their Board of Directors(link for external link).

Young Africa Works(link external) strategy of The Foundation lays out ambitious goals for Africa within 10 years; by 2030 its efforts should help 30 million young Africans, particularly women, secure dignified and fulfilling employment that they feel satisfies them both professionally and personally. By employing youth as the key indicator for socioeconomic progress it hopes that millions can find relief from poverty’s grip.

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Berkeley’s Mastercard Foundation Scholar Program 2024:


  • USA


  •  University of California, Berkeley.


  • Masters


  • Africans

Berkeley’s Mastercard Foundation Scholar Program 2024 Benefits:

  • Fully Funded Covers All Expenses Tuition fee , Accommodation, Health Insurance And other Travel expenses,
  • The University of Berkeley in California Berkeley(link external) is one of the two partner universities offering professional master’s degrees, and undergraduate degrees.
  • In 1868, UC Berkeley stands as one of the top educational institutions as well as university that is public. It is well-known for its nickname, ‘Cal.” Berkeley stands out in academic and student achievements and research publications libraries, laboratory capabilities, and even nationwide rankings that regularly rank Berkeley as the best institution as well as a top program across a range of academic fields. The student experience at Berkeley is something you will never forget!
  • To learn more about the services that Berkeley is able to offer, look through the Undergraduate(link external) as well as Graduate(link can be found externally) applications pages.
  • Students with disabilities UC Berkeley provides some of the largest support and services to students who have disabilities. To learn more, go to the Disabled Students’ Program website(link is external).

Berkeley’s Mastercard Foundation Scholar Program 2024 Eligibility criteria:

  • Sub-Saharan African Citizens: This award covers Africans displaced or who have come from Africa as refugees or permanent residents; it does not aim to reward citizens from North African nations; individuals holding dual citizenship such as asylum refugees or permanent residence status in Canada, the US, UK or EU do not qualify.
  • Academic Prowess: All prospective Scholars must first gain admission into one of UC Berkeley’s master’s degree programs before becoming candidates for this scholarship award. Admission requirements at Berkeley include high academic quality.
  • Showing leadership potential The program seeks people committed to developing skills and attitudes associated with transformative leadership; engaging people morally to bring about lasting changes that benefit everyone involved.
  • Being from an economically marginalized background: This scholarship was established to assist those demonstrating exceptional talent who may otherwise not have access to quality higher education.
  • Have You Made a Commitment to the Community You Live in and/or Country or continent: We seek students who demonstrate an array of interests and take an active interest in extracurricular activities outside their classroom environment, from direct research-related to more general areas (social/economic). Applicants should provide details regarding their accomplishments both when applying to UC Berkeley as well as in their Scholarship applications.
  • Assuming you wish to return home after finishing their studies: We seek students who are passionate and knowledgeable about issues affecting their community and who wish to utilize UC Berkeley’s time abroad to develop skills necessary for dealing with those problems upon return home. While significant work can still be completed from abroad, Scholars aim for meaningful connections within professional life through internships, educational training or job placement opportunities prior to returning.

Application procedure For Berkeley’s Mastercard Foundation Scholar Program 2024:

  • Graduate students wishing to participate in Mastercard Foundations Scholars Program must enroll in an appropriate graduate degree program; some degree programs may not meet this criterion; here’s a list of master’s degree programs:
  • Graduate Division(link has external links) provides detailed information regarding admission conditions of international students pursuing degrees at our graduate programs; any inquiries about admission conditions should be directed toward them directly or their appropriate graduate program(s). Detailed requirements exist for admission to the Scholars Program application process for master’s degrees as well and this process has an application deadline set for the 2028 Fall semester.
  • Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at UC Berkeley does not cater to undergraduate students; those wishing to join can still apply for admission and should visit Berkeley’s Undergraduate Admissions site (link outside) for details of the application process; additionally, Scholars Program partners(link is external) recruit undergraduate students as candidates for admissions into Berkeley University of California, Berkeley.

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Application deadline:

The Application deadline For Berkeley’s Mastercard Foundation Scholar Program 2024 is Varies Program to Program.

Apply Now  Official Site:


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