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Leiden University Excellence Scholarship invites international students to apply for a master’s degree at Leiden University Netherlands. Scholarships are fully provided and awarded to the most talented students.

The amount and type of award will depend on the available funds for each faculty department. Leiden University was founded in 1575 and is now one of Europe’s premier research universities.

Applications are now open for Leiden University Scholarships for the academic period 2023-2024. Minerva Foundation scholarship funds provide international students with scholarships to attend Leiden University and complete bachelor’s or master’s degrees, or any major or field. Scholarships are available to all students regardless of race or nationality.

This fully-funded scholarship for master’s degrees covers the majority of the costs. Applications open twice annually, so don’t miss out on this great chance to apply! You can apply online and once accepted, professors will review every application. This scholarship is open to students studying at Leiden University in The Netherlands; however, please be aware that bachelor’s degree programs aren’t completely funded through this scholarship program.

Leiden University is a public research university situated in Leiden, Netherlands, and one of Europe’s premier research institutions. Minerva Foundation is an organization owned and funded by the Dutch Ministry that grants scholarships to students and research projects across different fields.

Minerva Fund Foundation is sponsoring this scholarship in Europe. Minerva is a registered charitable foundation that seeks to assist international students who wish to pursue higher studies or research studies in the Netherlands by relieving them of financial strain. Their scholarship foundation offers scholarships for talented, exceptional, and outstanding students both here in the Netherlands as well as around the world. One primary reason many choose to study here – particularly at Leiden University – is due to the outstanding quality of education offered at Dutch universities.

Furthermore, most Dutch universities provide English programs, making it easier for international students to attend their classes. The Netherlands has long been known as an inviting and inclusive country that welcomes international students. Studying in the Netherlands can also benefit students’ careers. Dutch institutions are highly esteemed worldwide, so an education from a Dutch university will give your CV added weight and make you more attractive to employers. Additionally, studying abroad can give students essential abilities and experiences that will allow them to stand out in the job market; such as communication across cultures, flexibility, and problem-solving capabilities. Leiden University is a highly-regarded university in the Netherlands, known for its exceptional academic programs, esteemed faculty members, and research opportunities. The Leiden university holds a particular distinction for its humanities and social sciences programs as well as medical and law courses.

Leiden University boasts a long and distinguished history as one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands, offering students an unmatched learning experience that combines tradition with modernity. Don’t miss this exciting chance to study abroad with an unfunded scholarship from such an esteemed research institution – apply today! If you are interested in studying in another European country alongside the Netherlands, Leiden University scholarships for international students may be your perfect fit.

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Leiden University Excellence Scholarship 2023-2024:


  • Netherlands


  • Leiden University


  • Masters


  • All International

Leiden University Excellence Scholarship 2023-2024 Benefits:

Leiden University Excellence Scholarship provides full financial coverage for studies abroad. To learn more about its benefits and limitations, please read this entire section without skipping any points.

  • The amount of the scholarship varies between EUR900 and EUR2000.
  • A cost subsidy for research could be provided.
  • It could also be used to cover travel expenses.
  • Living costs (accommodation) subvention is available.
    Total tuition fee less any legal tuition fee may apply.

Leiden University Excellence Scholarship 2023-2024 Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the Leiden University Excellence Scholarship (LexS), applicants must meet the criteria outlined below.

  • Required Language: English
  • Countries Eligible for Scholarships: Non-EU/EEA International Students
  • Prior academic performance must demonstrate exceptional ability relevant to the course being applied for; additionally, they should rank among the top 10% of students for each program being pursued abroad.
  • Students should have achieved excellent academic outcomes during their previous education, which are relevant to the master’s program they are applying for. To determine this, students must have graduated in the top 10% from their prior study course. Note: Proof of rank is not necessary; rather, this information serves only to illustrate competition level.
  • Non-EU/EEA students do not qualify for support under the Dutch system of study grants and loans “Studiefinanciering”, so please visit for further details. This is not true for advanced Masters’s program applicants as all nationalities can apply to receive LExS for this program.
  • The continuation of the LExS cannot be guaranteed if a student changes their degree during the study. Requests are reviewed individually before being ultimately decided upon by faculty selection Committee(s). If made after completion but before registration, any scholarships awarded under LExS would likely be cancelled and another application required for consideration.
  • The LExS is valid only during the period in which a student is registered as a full-time student at Leiden University for the duration of their course of study.
  • Letters of decision issued for an academic year are non transferrable to another academic year or the subsequent intake within that same year. If a student receives a LExS during intake in September (or February) but opts not to participate, their LExS will be cancelled. All requests are carefully reviewed on an individual basis before final determination is made by Faculty Selection Committee(s).
  • Students are not permitted to receive more than one full scholarship in the same course, except partial ones. Any second scholarships such as those provided through the Netherlands Fellowship Program, Jean Monnet scholarship, or others must be reported in writing prior to acceptance by Leiden University.
  • If a course lasts more than one calendar year, students must earn at least 60 ECTS during their initial year to be eligible to LExS for the following academic year. If there is any doubt regarding whether progress meets satisfactory criteria or how progress will be assessed, Leiden University Selection Committee will decide.
  • Students may submit multiple scholarship applications at once, though it is not possible to combine those offered or sponsored by Leiden University (e.g., Orange Tulip – China and CEU Praesidium Libertatis). Furthermore, joining the LExS with other scholarships granted through bilateral agreements with educational institutions or any other scholarships sponsored or offered through Leiden University will not be possible.
    The student must adhere to Dutch visa rules.
  • The LExS cannot be granted to those admitted to a new Master’s degree program at Leiden University unless they possess either an existing Master’s degree or job experience that meets the prerequisites.
  • Leiden University should be informed promptly of any changes in citizenship, residence permit status, or potential “Studiefinanciering” support throughout the academic year.
  • If a student withdraws before their course is finished, Leiden University can reimburse their tuition costs according to the “Regeling inschrijving, college- en examengeld”. To do this, they must fill out and submit the de-registration form in writing to Leiden University; if appropriate, Leiden University will then prorate reimbursement of fees less any scholarship received based on prorated basis.
  • At Leiden University, students must actively contribute to activities that raise awareness of the LExS program.
    After accepting their award, they must fill out the “Acceptance Formula LExS’.

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Leiden University Excellence Scholarship 2023-2024 Fields:

  • Medicine/LUMC
  • Governance and Global Affairs
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Education Development and Continuing Education
  • Law
  • Science
  • Archaeology
  • Humanities

Application Procedure For Leiden University Excellence Scholarship 2023-2024:

  • Are you interested in applying for the Leiden University scholarship for international students? To begin the application process, you must be enrolled in one of Leiden University’s eligible master’s or undergraduate programs.
  • Applying for the Leiden University Minerva fund scholarship is now done online.
  • Download the application form and fill it in once downloaded, then send it off to the address listed.
  • The committee will review applications based on established guidelines.
  • One month prior to the deadline, applicants will be informed if their application was approved or not and if they have been awarded the award.
  • Candidates are responsible for completing their application with all necessary documents. Minerva or Leiden University cannot be held liable in the case of late or incomplete applications.
  • If you are applying to multiple study programs and wish to request a LExS for each, ensure you include this in your application and attach a letter of motivation with each.

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Application Deadline:

The Application Deadline For Leiden University Excellence Scholarship First Round is 15 April 2023, and second Round is 15 November 2023.

Apply Now  Official Site:

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