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LPI Summer Internship 2023 is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students to gain valuable research experience in the United States. These students learn from top planetary scientists and are able to explore exciting careers in planetary science. Students can participate in professionally-developed activities that include lectures and workshops. This is a great opportunity for highly qualified students during times of crisis, when the world has been affected by many social, economic, and religious calamities. This program allows students who are passionate about engineering and science to expand their horizons. High-skilled individuals are encouraged to apply for the internship abroad.


LPI sponsors the international internship program overseas. This merit-based program helps people to develop and refine career-oriented skills. This program allows people to meet professional experts and collaborate in a friendly environment. Trust-building relationships are a great way to get letters of recommendation and build extensive relationship networking. The current pandemic means that the internship program can be conducted in person, virtually, or a combination of both. Project supervisors choose interns based upon their academic excellence, scientific interest, and backgrounds that best suit their project needs. This allows for productive research to be possible in order to fulfill the institute’s mission, which is to advance science through a diverse research community.

Students can participate in the Lunar and Planetary Institute internship to improve their knowledge of the solar system. This internship provides extraordinary services and inspiration for the world. It is considered an intellectual leader in lunar- and planetary science. It is a scientific platform that brings together top-rated scientists, postdoctoral fellows and experts from all over the world. It also supports the research community by organizing activities, meetings, and sending newsletters. It also assists students in collecting and disseminating planetary information, with easy access to NASA. The space institute aims to inspire, engage, and educate the public. It offers a fully-funded internship in America that aims to help future explorers. NASA also benefits from this internship in order to explore the solar system. The Universities Space Research Association manages the institute. This association provides an avenue for industry and government bodies to share their expertise in technical leadership, innovative research and design, facility management, and academic programs that excel in space sciences. USRA focuses on integrating scientific capabilities in applications that cover research, management, operations, and policy. Research scientists have the opportunity to make an impact on solving scientific problems through the institute. They are able to find productive solutions through the best research exploration.

LPI Summer Internship in America 2023-2024


  • USA


  • Lunar and Planetary Institute


  • Both the Lunar and Planetary Institute and NASA Johnson Space Center are located in Houston, Texas


  • 10 weeks

The LPI Summer Internship 2022 Benefits:

  • During the duration of the program, candidates will receive a $7720 stipend.
  • Under the aforementioned stipend, candidates will receive travel and accommodation allowances.
  • International candidates will receive an additional $500 to pay travel expenses.
  • Domestic Candidates will receive financial support up to $1,000, while International Candidates will receive financial support up to $1500. Candidates who have submitted an accepted abstract to the Conference on “Lunary and Planetary Science” are eligible for this offer.

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Eligibility Criteria for LPI Summer Internship in the USA:

  • This scholarship is for undergraduates with at least 50 semester credits.
  • Candidates who are skilled in engineering, computer science, and mathematics will be preferred.
  • All are eligible, regardless of gender, sexuality, or disability.
  • Selection criteria for candidates include academic qualifications, research experience, professional goals, and scientific interests.
  • If you are able to obtain an English Proficiency Certificate from a professor of English at the university, there is no need for TOEFL or IELTS.

Application Procedure for LPI Summer Internship Program:

  • All applicants must apply online.
  • Applicants must answer all questions in the application, including those that are essay-style.
  • All personal information required, such as name, address, country and religion, must be provided.
  • Official transcripts are required.
  • Three letters of reference are required
  • The college registrar should email a hard copy of the transcript.
  • Register by filling out all required fields.
  • Please complete your registration request and send it in.
  • After submission, applicants will receive an email confirmation.

 Required Documents for LPI Internship Program in the United States

  • Official transcripts in hardcopy.
  • Language proficiency proof (TOEFL, TOEFL, or a letter from a college professor)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume.
  • Valid Passport

 Applications Deadline:

  • Deadline for applications to the LPI Summer Internships is December 12, 2022.


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