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Maastricht University Scholarships 2024-2025 | Netherlands

Maastricht University Scholarships

Maastricht University Scholarships 2024 provides international students an incredible opportunity to attend university without incurring costs for tuition and accommodation in Holland. Talented students looking to pursue top master’s and doctoral degree programs may qualify for this fully funded scholarship offer, offering both an annual stipend as well a tuition fee waiver for every semester they enroll. Exceptionally gifted individuals may even get tuition waived permanently! Maastricht University’s (UM) NL-High Potential Scholarship program in Europe seeks to bring individuals from various political, socio-economic, and political perspectives together under its purview – even those that disagree on certain matters – under one umbrella of unity in diversity – that makes Maastricht University so special in terms of its purpose and function.

The fully funded master’s scholarship program comprises two forms of awards; among these awards is one known as the UM NL Scholarship funded by the Maastricht University Scholarship Fund. There is also one Holland Scholarship awarded each year that is supported by three main institutions – Dutch Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences as well as the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science. Internationally oriented courses at one of the top universities located in the Netherlands aim to extract maximum performance out of you and prepare you to meet your job goals successfully. Their program helps develop both academic proficiency as well as professional growth through teaching the required skills and capabilities for career success.

Maastricht University Scholarship in the Netherlands provides hands-on experiences and engagement among small-group learners who reside outside of Eurozone countries, teaching endurance for real-world challenges. Students’ retention rate increases and they become eager to develop essential capabilities required in this competitive world. Instead of memorizing topics, UM scholarships enable them to comprehend an issue directly and fully. UM Scholarships provide you with an excellent opportunity to develop teamwork abilities by being part of small, goal-driven groups. Students learn critical analysis while making more articulate public speakers than ever.

The Holland Scholarship for International Students 2024 presents an exceptional opportunity for those wishing to study in another nation, featuring exclusive programs not available anywhere else within that nation. Maastricht University stands out as an influential educational institution because approximately 50% of its student body and 40% of staff come from different nations – making Maastricht one of the premier education facilities worldwide. Through research-driven educational programs such as its research-based curriculum, students gain a solid base upon which to build their lives and careers with pride and make Maastricht University one of the greatest places for higher learning available today. Educational practices at this university have resulted in superior programs they now offer to their students, while honors programs offer them additional challenges to take on. Their central European location makes finding employment at their university easy – no longer do students worry about finding employment on campus.

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Maastricht University Scholarships 2024-2025:


  • Holland


  • Maastricht University


  • Masters


  • All International

Maastricht University Scholarships 2024-2025 Benefits:

  • Maastricht University (UM)’s Netherlands High Potential Scholarship program awards 24 full scholarships valued at EUR 30000 during each academic year to exceptionally talented non-EU students accepted to an academic master’s degree program at UM. All tuition fees will be waived as well as receiving a monthly stipend payment. The Detail Is Given Below.
The cost of living is EUR 12,350* (13 months) or EUR 23,750* (25 months) Students are paid by the International Services Desk at the UM International Services Desk
Liability and health insurance EUR 700* The arrangement was made and the payment is processed through the UM International Services Desk
Visa application costs EUR 220 Payed and arranged to the UM International Services Desk
Tuition fees For a fee The arrangement was made and the payment is processed to the UM International Services Desk
The cost of Pre-Academic Education Costs is included The arrangement was made and the payment is processed to the UM International Services Desk

Maastricht University Scholarships 2024-2025 Eligibility Criteria:

  • Your nationality lies outside the EU/EEA, Switzerland, or Surinam; therefore you meet all necessary qualifications to obtain both an entry visa and residency permit for the Netherlands. Any claim of dual citizenship with another EU/EEA country cannot be supported at this point.
  • Your application to Maastricht University for full-time, fully participating master programs during 2024-2025 was successful and you met its admissions conditions for acceptance into one or more UM master programs (participant programs).
  • Have you never participated in an education program to pursue a degree within the Netherlands? Those who completed exchange programs within this nation may qualify to submit an application.
  • Your age must not have reached 35 as of 1 September 2024 and have achieved excellence in early education courses; to demonstrate this, submit the most recent grades transcript or evidence of academic excellence letter and submit. Should multiple applicants demonstrate equal capability, University of Montana (UM) will give preference to those whose transcript of academics or official letter of academic excellence places them amongst the top 5% for 2024-2025 Scholarship applicants for consideration.

Application Procedure For Maastricht University Scholarships 2024-2025:

  • Participants must first enroll in one of UM’s courses; upon registration a Student I.D number will be created; candidates may then simultaneously apply for both programs and scholarships available – any grants will depend upon acceptance into both.
  • Once logged into your UM account, candidates should complete and upload all required documents before filling out an application form for registration. Inquirers are expected to give all available details regarding themselves such as name address postal code date of birth date of death country reside etc before filling in all fields necessary at each level of enrollment.
  • Take great care in filling out your application.
  • After uploading documents in either Word (.docx or PDF format) or PDF, complete your application process by uploading documents for consideration as part of an eligibility review and contact info for referee. If multiple UM programs have been applied to without receiving responses from them yet, don’t despair: our International Services Desk can assure that full scholarship applications for scholarship consideration have been considered and that your conditionally accepted or admitted condition status was granted accordingly.
  • Curriculum Vitae Your CV must include information regarding both your education and employment experience; no more than two pages should exceed A4 size. An accompanying motivation letter may also be included with it.
  • Use motivational letter template when crafting motivational letters that demonstrate why you deserve the scholarship award. Ideally, focus on why it would benefit both yourself and the applicant(s). Academic excellence as evidenced by academic performance may also be considered when uploading documents that prove the academic merit of students in your class:
  • Your transcript from university that shows your GPA or class ranking (i.e. first class honors for all studies); or
  • Provide written verification from either your institution’s Head of Department or Registrar that attests that you were among the most outstanding students during your final year. Make sure this letter includes their contact info so they may review and authenticate it as part of the application process.
  • Please provide details regarding your personal financial need, explaining why an award or scholarship could help to meet it. Specify any special considerations such as caretaking responsibilities or medical conditions like refugee status or disabilities that make obtaining support more complicated for you.


  • Reference Letter. We have developed scholarship reference guidelines, and ask that you pass them along to any possible referees as they can aid them in writing an effective reference letter for you. Referees should ideally be (former) lecturers, professors, or employees rather than relatives as this allows the referees to write more effectively on your behalf. Letters of Recommendation must be in writing no earlier than February 20.


  • Please provide contact details of at least one individual who could serve as your referee; in order to authenticate them we may contact the individual that introduced them to us and verify their credibility. Therefore, the following guidelines must be used when selecting and providing their information:
    Indicate how they know you; do they work for your professor, thesis supervisor, or employer? Although relatives cannot serve as references.
  • Provide the number to call at work; don’t forget the country code! – Also provide their institution’s or work address email address as any letter listing only personal email addresses won’t be accepted.

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Application Deadline:

The Application Deadline For Maastricht University Scholarships is  1 February 2024,

Apply Now  Official  Site:

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