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Top Scholarships in Sweden 2023-2024 | Fully Funded

Scholarships in Sweden 2023-2024

Top Scholarships in Sweden: Until 2010, Sweden was one of the very few nations in Europe where you could study for Free. The Swedish government then passed a law on the cost of education and the cost of funding applications to non-EU / EEA member states for development by the Swedish Scholarship Programs. Swedish universities are innumerable though they all offer grants such as the payment of underground tuition fees.

Following are the Sweden Government Scholarships for International Students

1- Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals:

The Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals (SISGP) specializes in undergraduate children from selected nations and is offered a full ace-level exam in Sweden. It covers education costs, living expenses, and protection.

2- Visby Program Scholarship in Sweden:

The Visby program provides various comprehensive grants for ace projects in Sweden to subordinates from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine. The grant includes tuition fees, daily costs of SEK 9,000 per month, protection, and one-time travel prizes of SEK 5,000.

University Top Scholarships in Sweden for International Students

1- Blenkinge Institute of Technology Scholarship Program:

The upcoming BTH sub-grant program is accessible to residents from non-EU / EEA countries who have to pay tuition fees. The grant program provides a subsidy to cover educational expenses. Reduced access to education costs is about 75%.

The BTH scholarships program is specifically tailored for future students from non-EU/EEA nations who must pay tuition fees to access Swedish higher education. Unfortunately, those wishing to study distance at BTH cannot benefit from this scholarship opportunity.

This scholarship program awards scholarships that cover tuition in the form of partial coverage, typically at a 50% reduction. A maximum of one scholarship may be granted per individual for the same level of education and academic achievement is the primary criterion. Priority is given to those applicants pursuing BTH as their primary study program.

At the start of each study program, applicants are ranked and then selected based on this ranking as well as how many scholarship applicants each program receives. Therefore, programs with more qualified applicants will receive more scholarships than those with fewer applicants.

2- College of Boras Tuition Fee Waivers:

The University of Boras provides scholarships to eligible undergraduate students who pay tuition fees and apply for a Master’s Masters’s Professional Degree. The subsidy is designed to cover half the cost of education, not intended to cover the cost of living.

University of Boras offers scholarships that cover 75 percent of tuition costs. However, these aren’t meant to cover living expenses; instead, the amount is deducted in accordance with tuition costs.

Scholarships are awarded based on a student’s record of study as well as qualifications that the University believes reflect its priorities in research or educational areas.

3- Chalmers IPOET Scholarship:

IPOET Scholarships are available to residents from non-EU / EEA nations who are required to pay tuition fees and who work in the Master’s Program offered at Chalmers University. Grants are a 75% reduction in the cost of education.

Candidates’ academic performance is assessed primarily based on a weighted average of grades, as well as the reputation of the university in question (including its place on global ranking lists) and priority is given to applications for Chalmers Master’s degrees.

4- Halmstad University Scholarship:

Every year, Halmstad University offers various grants to underqualified students from outside the EU / EEA and Switzerland who have to pay tuition fees. These grants relate to Master’s programs within any field of study offered at the University. The Halmstad University Scholarship covers 25% or part of the cost of education and will be deducted from tuition costs.

Candidates pursuing the Master of Science degree through Halmstad University have the option to apply for two scholarships; one provided by Halmstad University and one by the Swedish Institute.

Halmstad University will notify scholarship winners via email after the first Notification of Selection Results on March 30.

5-Karlstad University Global Scholarship Program Sweden:

The Karlstad University Global Scholarship program means drawing high-performing students from countries outside the EU / EEA (and Switzerland) who are required to pay tuition fees for tuition. Grants distribute 25%, half, 75%, or 100% of the cost of education.

Karlstad University Global Scholarship offers scholarships that cover tuition in whole or in part. However, students from 12 countries listed below cannot apply for this scholarship: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. Those students may instead apply for The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships instead. Applications for the Karlstad University Global Scholarship will be accepted between December 1-2023 on Karlstad’s website beginning December 1.

6- Karolinska Institute Global Master’s Scholarship:

The Karolinska Institute offers a large number of educational expenses for underground workers, who are enrolled in one of our Global Master’s programs that begin each Autumn semester. The grant only covers the cost of tuition costs, not daily expenses, and only for tuition at the Master’s level.

Although you may possess all of the required qualifications for admission, that does not guarantee your acceptance. If there are more applicants than available seats (which occurs frequently), selection will be made from those who meet certain criteria.

Candidates interested in the Global Master’s Programs must fill out an application form and upload their CV, which will be used during selection.

Selection is determined by a detailed assessment of your capabilities, which includes previous education, work and research experiences as well as your statement of purpose. Please be aware that any experiences not listed on the CV form will not be taken into account when making a decision.

7- Kristianstad University Scholarship:

This grant will be given to citizens of a nation outside the EU / EEA who have to pay tuition fees to study at Kristianstad University. Whenever a grant is approved, it will include a full or partial decrease in the cost of education.

Kristianstad University Scholarships are awarded on a merit basis. Applications are assessed according to criteria established by when applying for a program. Note that any merits or documents submitted after February 1 will not be taken into account when applying for the fall semester.

8- KTH Royal Institute of Technology Tuition Fee Waivers:

A limited amount of tuition fees will be available to residents from non-EU / EEA / EFTA countries who have to pay tuition fees and apply for a Master’s program at KTH. Whenever a grant is approved, tuition costs are deferred for the entire duration of the program.

9- Linnaeus University Scholarship:

The Linnaeus University Scholarship is for undergraduate students from a nation outside the EU / EEA and Switzerland who have applied for a research program at Linnaeus University. Grants as the law distributes 75 percent of the cost of education and yet a few grants from the Linnaeus Academy of Science and Business distribute 100 percent of the cost of education.

Linnaeus University currently offers two scholarships: Linnaeus University Scholarship and Linnaeus University Scholarship for Current Students.

Linnaeus University Scholarship program offers financial aid to master’s degree students. Students may apply for this award before beginning their program.

Linnaeus University for Current Students offers financial aid to current students enrolled in either a three or two year course at the university. Eligible individuals may apply for this award upon beginning their program.

What is the amount of the scholarship? Up to 75% reduction in tuition for the remainder of your course. Initially granted for one semester, but it can be automatically extended throughout (2 up to four semesters) provided your academic results remain satisfactory.

10- Linkoping Scholarship International:

The LiU International Scholarship is designed to support international solidarity with the internationalization of students from countries outside the EU / EEA (and Switzerland) that are required to pay tuition fees for examination. With the LiU International Scholarship, tuition costs dropped by 25, 50, 75, or 100%.

11- Lund University Global Scholarship Program:

The Lund University Global Scholarship Program is focused on high-quality scholarships for international residents from outside the EU / EEA (and Switzerland) and they are required to pay tuition fees Grants are available through a Bachelor’s or Master’s level examination. Subsidies can cost 25%, half, 75%, or 100% of the cost of education.

12- Malardalen University Scholarship:

Typically, Malardalen University offers restricted funds to undergraduate grants from countries outside the EU / EEA / Switzerland that have to pay tuition fees and apply for an ace program at the University as their first choice. The grant will cover 100% of the cost of the program instruction as long as you follow the standard test program. The grant does not include daily expenses.

13- Masters University Master Scholarships:

The Malmo University Master’s Scholarship (MUMS) is for low-skilled individuals who are residents of the EU / EEA / Switzerland nation and are accepted into the program indicated by the English at the University of Malmo. The grant covers all educational expenses.

14- Funds for the Mid Sweden University Tuition Fee Scholarship:

All undergraduates who have applied for a Master’s degree program at Mid Sweden University and are required to pay tuition fees are free to apply for the Mult Sweden University Tuition Fee Scholarship. The grant funding will come down to 70,000 SEK cost of education or 250,000 SEK depending on the program selected.

15- Orebro University Scholarship Program:

The Orebro University Scholarship program is Top Scholarship in Sweden focused on high levels of students from countries outside the EU / EEA and Switzerland, who have to pay tuition fees for the exam. The grant covers the cost of full or half tuition but does not cover daily expenses.

16- Skovde University Scholarship:

The University of Skovde offers a few grants to undergraduate students who attend an ace program at the University and who are at risk for educational expenses. A social grant is the cost of tuition (tuition fees).

17- Stockholm University Scholarship Scheme:

The grant structure at Stockholm University is mainly focused on the less qualified staff identified in Master programs from countries outside the EU / EEA / Switzerland and where they are required to pay tuition fees. Stockholm University grants distribute only the cost of education, which means the lowly have to take care of their living expenses.

18- Umea University Scholarship:

Top Scholarships in Sweden: Umeå University offers a set amount of social grants to understudies who reach the top from outside the EU / EEA applying for a Master’s degree program at Mea University. Candidates and senior candidates receive a full or intermediate decrease in education costs.

Umea University annually awards scholarships as part of the admissions process for the fall semester to academically gifted and top-performing students studying healthcare administration. This scholarship is made possible thanks to a gift from Erling-Persson Family Foundation.

Each year, eight new students will be selected to receive this award. Selected recipients receive tuition waivers as well as an allowance of SEK 3000 per month.

Umea University is offering scholarships through a partnership with Umea municipality, in conjunction with Fall semester admissions. These scholarships are awarded to highly-achieving and academically gifted design students in the form of tuition waivers. Selected candidates receive either full or partial exemption from tuition fees.

Scholarships are made possible thanks to the donation of Umea kommun (Umea municipality).

19- Uppsala IPK Scholarship:

Uppsala University’s IPK grants focus on nationals outside the EU / EEA and Switzerland and focus on Master’s projects offered at the University. These subsidies distribute the cost of education expenses but not the daily expenses. Top Scholarships in Sweden.

Every year, Uppsala University offers numerous scholarships to students from abroad who pay tuition and apply for an international Master’s or Bachelor’s course.

Certain scholarships are tailored towards students applying to one of Uppsala University’s Master’s degrees, while others are open to both Master’s and Bachelor’s level students. Some scholarships are open to citizens outside the European Union (EU)/European Economic Area (EEA)/Switzerland while others require citizens from certain countries.

King Carl Gustaf Scholarship applications may vary year to year, as do the scholarships available for application. When applying, make sure that you read each scholarship description thoroughly and understand its requirements thoroughly. It’s possible to be eligible for multiple scholarships provided that you meet all eligibility criteria – just make sure all those scholarships are included on one application form!

Scholarships are only available for programs on campus that are located in Uppsala or Gotland and for courses conducted by Uppsala University. You must apply at to be eligible for these awards.

Unfortunately, scholarships are not offered for this joint Nordic Master’s Program which specializes in Environmental Law, Turkic Studies, Religion in Peace and Conflict Resolution, Transformative Learning Implementation and Sustainability or Biology NABIS Nordic Master in Systematics and Biodiversity.

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