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Mawazo Fellowship Program 2023-2024 | For African Women

Scholarships For African Women 2023-2024

The Mawazo Institute is now accepting applications for Mawazo Fellowship Program 2023, which is not resident-based and available to African women pursuing Ph.D. studies in any field accredited by an African university.

The program seeks to establish an international network composed of African women experts that can influence policy and public debate within academia and beyond by advocating for evidence-based, practical ideas that can spur Africa’s growth.

This program assists African women who are Ph.D. students across Africa working on new development issues with (1) online instruction, (2) mentorship and (3) access to funds that support research, conference travel as well as cross-sector collaborations.

The Mawazo Fellowship Program is a 15-month non-residential fellowship. Fellows take part in an online training program created by Mawazo Institute that includes professional development courses as well as our Mawazo Learning Exchange (MLEx) online learning platform. Furthermore, fellows receive mentoring and networking to enhance their career development, financial assistance for research, as well as platforms to promote policy and public involvement that increase their visibility and potential to make an impact.

This program seeks to build a community of African women experts that can shape public policy and discourse within academia and beyond, increasing the use and impact of evidence-based concepts that are propelling Africa’s growth.

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Mawazo Fellowship Program 2023-2024:


  • Accredited Universities across Africa


  • Mawazo Institute

Fellowship Value:

  • Fully Funded


  • PhD


  • African Women

Mawazo Fellowship Program 2023-2024 Benefits:

Mawazo Fellows will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Mawazo Learning Exchange (MLEx) offers an internal virtual professional and training program through their online learning platform, Mawazo Learning Exchange (MLEx).
  • Through an organized mentorship program, you’ll have access to experts and peer mentors from industry, academia, government agencies as well as other industries. Plus, research activities can be funded with grants of up to $2500 in amount.
  • A stipend of $500 is available to be used for any purpose. Data bundles valued at $150 provide access to the MLEx platform.
  • Our team and partners offer support with research and editing tasks.
  • Mawazo Voices’ visibility, public policy and engagement program, strategic communications plan, as well as our strategic partnerships program will be enhanced through these activities.

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Mawazo Fellowship Program 2023-2024 Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the 2023 Mawazo Fellowship Program, applicants must meet all necessary criteria:

  • If you identify as female (which includes both cisgender and transgender individuals, as well as Assigned Female At Birth (AFAB) not-binary AFAB individuals and other genderqueer people who were previously excluded from decision making spaces), citizenship in an African country can be obtained.
  • You must possess excellent writing and speaking English proficiency.
  • Applicants must also be enrolled in their PhD at an accredited institution within an African country.
  • You must have completed all coursework requirements (if applicable) and successfully defended their graduate or departmental proposal, meaning they have moved onto the dissertation or thesis phase of their Ph.D.
  • Demonstrate that your Ph.D. research is pertinent to African development and contributes to one or more regional, global or subnational policy objectives.
  • Demonstrate they have a “Big Idea” to transform Africa by conducting research (by “Big Idea,” we mean an innovative solution based on research that can assist in solving Africa’s new social problems).
  • Demonstrate leadership potential both inside and outside the academic world, with a burning desire to use their expertise to make an impact on society.
  • You must be available and fully engaged in this program from 2023-2024.

Selection Criteria:

All applications will be assessed by Mawazo institute staff members as well as a panel of external experts. Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate that they possess the following abilities:

  • Meet all eligibility requirements
  • Select a research question that has an immense effect on African progress and is connected to an important regional, global or subnational-policy issue.
  • Demonstrate that your Ph.D. research is academically sound and can address an urgent need in the discipline.
  • Demonstrate that your Ph.D. research is tailored to specific goals and designed appropriately to answer the research questions posed.
  • Create an outline for your Ph.D. research that is concise, transparent, and understandable even to researchers outside your discipline.
  • Mawazo Institute is dedicated to eliminating discrimination from its application review process.

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Application Procedure For Mawazo Fellowship Program 2023-2024:

  • Interested candidates must fill out and submit their application through Our online application site. Applications cannot be received via email or hardcopies.
  • Applications will be deemed complete when all required information has been included:
  • An online application form must be filled out, along with a current CV of two pages and confirmation that you are enrolled in a recognized Ph.D. program, confirmation letter stating coursework completed (if relevant) and passing departmental examination, recommendation from PhD supervisor, and proof of funding.
  • Third Referee Recommendation
  • For further instructions on using this online system, please fill out your application and meet all criteria required to be considered. Please download the guidelines for application by clicking here. For additional details regarding the program and application process, click here.

Application Deadline:

The Application Deadline For Mawazo Fellowship Program 2023-2024 is March 12, 2023

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