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Top 15 Graduate Development Programs 2023-2024 for African Students

Graduate development programs for Africans

Graduate Development Programs 2023-2024: Various graduate development opportunities are offered to qualified young African graduates by top African-based business companies every year. These kinds of programs are meant to give fresh graduates hands-on experience and the skills they need to become experts in their desired fields. They also give them a chance to stay with the company for a full-time job. The term of these projects normally ranges from 6 to a year or more, by and large. Most entry-level positions require a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent first degree.

Here is a List of the Graduate Development Programs 2023-2024 for African Students

#1 Nestle CWAR Trainee Graduate Development Programs 2023-2024 for African Students

More than 130 nations, including Africa, are served by Nestle, a company that specializes in nutrition, health, and wellness. They provide graduates with a bachelor’s degree and two years of work experience with career development opportunities lasting 18 months. Graduates can work in a fast-paced and competitive FMCG company thanks to on-the-job training and leadership training. Details can be found here on the official website Nestle. The deadline will be updated soon.

#2 MTN Graduate Development Programs 2023-2024

MTN initiates vigorous, and excited people with a development mentality to join its alumni improvement program. Individuals from Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, and Eswatini are welcome to apply for this opportunity, which includes formal development (through MTN Academy and Duke Corporate education), mentorship, full-time employment in business areas, laptops, medical insurance, and other benefits.
You can get more details on the Official website of MTN.

#3 Global Graduate Trainee Program by Shell

Clean energy solutions are offered by Shell Global, a petrochemical and energy company. They can be found in more than 70 nations, including African nations like South Africa and Nigeria. Graduates of any discipline can participate in Shell’s internship program for two to three years to gain experience and work in a diverse global setting. Click here for more detailed information.

#4 ABB Engineering and Graduate Development Programs 2023-2024

In engineering, robotics, electrification, and automation, ABB is a global leader. They are in Johannesburg’s Longmeadow neighborhood. Graduates are welcome to apply to ABB’s graduate trainee program. To develop their skills and become full-time employers, graduates will receive 70% on-the-job training and 20% classroom training. Details can be found here.

#5 Audi International Graduate Program 2023-2024

Automobiles are manufactured by the company Audi. Through its employment contract, Audi gives graduates from Africa and other continents the chance to gain international job experience and mentoring. Product, technology, IT, processes, digitalization, market, finance, and human resources will all be taught to graduates.
you can get more details on the official website.

#6 Access Bank Entry Level Trainee Program (ELTP)

By providing graduates with the opportunity to receive training as bankers and leaders, Access Bank hopes to enhance the overall customer experience. Ghana and Nigeria, for instance, are home to Access Bank. Graduates go through four months of Passage Level Preparation Program (ELTP) at the Financial School of Greatness. Full-time employment in assigned areas with full benefits will be provided to candidates who excel in this program. Details can be found here. Deadline: Differs by Country.

#7 Reckkit Finance Graduate Trainee program

Reckitt Benckiser Gathering Plc is an organization that fabricates dietary, cleanliness, and home items. The Reckitt finance graduate trainee program for Egypt and North Africa is an option for recent graduates from North Africa. Candidates will gain experience working with a global team and acquire new skills. Qualified competitors will be offered regular work with extra advantages toward the finish of the preparation time frame.

You can get more details here from the official website. Deadline varies from country to country.

#8 Leap Africa Youth Development program

The Young Professionals Program aims to educate and mentor recent graduates in ICT, procurement, communications, monitoring, evaluation, and research among other areas. This program lasts for one year. After completing the training, candidates will be hired full-time and receive additional benefits. Details can be found here. Deadline is different for different countries.

#9 Hewlette Packard Enterprise (HPE) graduate program in Egypt

Hewlett Packard Venture is a worldwide data innovation organization that gives capacity, organizing, programming, IT support, counseling, man-made brainpower distributed computing items, and counseling administrations. For a period of two years, graduates are invited to apply to Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s sales and IT job training and mentorship program in Cairo, Egypt. You can get more details in the official webpage. 

#10 Kenya Airways Engineering Graduate Trainee Program 2023-2024

Graduates of engineering are encouraged to apply for Kenya Airways’ one-year graduate trainee program. Graduates will get proficient and specialized preparing along with affirmation toward the finish of the program.
For details visit the official website.

#11 World bank Young professionals Program

For its Young Professionals Program, the World Bank accepts applications from graduates from all over the world, including African citizens. The goal of this program is to teach graduates how to come up with solutions for problems with development. The trainees will work for MIGA, the World Bank, and the IFC. This is a 2-year initiative program that might transform into a five-year work contract with pay and different advantages for effective up-and-comers.
Visit world bank website for more updates.

#12 Standard bank Graduate Programs

For 18 months, graduates of this program will be trained by Standard Bank employees in a variety of African locations. Graduates will acquire essential skills for overcoming business challenges and becoming future leaders. During the training months, candidates must be willing to work at least 8 hours per week.
For more details visit the official website.

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#13 Heineken Ethiopia Vacancy for Fresh Graduates 2023-2024

Heineken is a worldwide preparing organization situated in north of 70 nations. Female recent university graduates are encouraged to submit applications. Graduates will receive 18 months of training in marketing, finance, and supply chain departments, among others.

#14 PWC Mauritius Graduate recruitment Program 2023-2024

PwC’s graduate program in Moka, Mauritius, accepts applications from graduates from a variety of backgrounds. Graduates will chip away at a few errands that will further develop their market-driving abilities, work insight, and systems administration potential open doors with PwC experts.
More detail can be found in the official website.

#15 Earnt And Young Graduate Program 2023-2024

Ernst and Young (EY) is a well-known international company that provides tax, strategy, transaction, audit, and consulting services in more than 150 nations. Each year, it provides graduate students from over 150 nations with entry-level opportunities to participate in its graduate program. Working in fields like assurance, audit, consulting, and tax will provide graduates with valuable work experience. Details can be found here. 

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Graduate development programs are an excellent way for graduates who are unemployed to network, gain practical experience in their chosen field, and eventually find full-time employment. For a better future, graduates should think about applying to any of these programs.

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