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The ROTC scholarship provides to college students who choose to join the military.

The ROTC scholarship will pay for most of your college costs as part of your participation in military-related training at college and following your graduation. If you’re a student interested in working in the military or are looking for a structured career pathway following college, an ROTC scholarship might be a viable option. This is what you should be aware of before applying.


The Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) is an officer training program designed for college students who choose to serve in the U.S. military after college. More than 1 700 civilian and military, and junior military schools are host to and part of ROTC. There are three ROTC programs: the ArmyNavy, and Air Force. Each has its ROTC. However, while there is no ROTC for the Marine Corps, Marine Corps does not have its ROTC; it has an option for a Marine component that is part of the Navy ROTC. There is information on ROTC programs (including host schools’ tuition aid and eligibility criteria, post-graduation benefits, and much more) at their sites.

Remember that ROTC scholarships are just one of the many kinds of aid offered through the Army. Another aid type is provided by the Coast Guard through the College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative (CSPI). If they are accepted into the program, students will be recruited into the Coast Guard, complete basic training in the summer, and receive full-time funding for two years in college.

 ROTC Scholarship Financial Coverage

Students in high school who are accepted into ROTC scholarships ROTC program can be eligible for scholarships to cover all the tuition, fees, and textbooks over four consecutive years, as well as a monthly stipend that can be used for personal expenses. Students who are financially in need and not covered by the ROTC scholarship can seek additional assistance through the Federal government or other sources.

If the recipient accepts an ROTC scholarship and accepts it, you are legally bound to participate as a soldier for a specific amount of time. If you don’t meet the educational or military requirements of the ROTC scholarship, you may be disqualified from the ROTC. You may be subject to additional active duty and payment of ROTC financial aid.


ROTC Courses. If you are enrolled in one of the ROTC programs and are awarded the ROTC scholarship, you will be obliged to attend ROTC classes and the other classes you take at your college. The majority of colleges that have an ROTC program provide courses on the history, structure, and role of the branch of the military that you are a part of and other classes specific to the unit.

ROTC Training. Alongside the academic portion of the course, you’ll also be receiving military-related training. This covers leadership theories and field operations and tactics in addition to physical and fitness. In this manner, ROTC programs introduce military aspects and provide a service element in the classroom. Students who don’t want to live full-time in an army setting might think about joining an ROTC program instead of going to an army college.

ROTC Summer Programs. To complete their leadership and professional development program, ROTC cadets must participate in summer camps at different locations.

  • Students of the Army ROTC attend Basic Camp in Fort Knox, KY, which includes classroom and field training over just four weeks. The camp allows students in the first and second years to enroll straight in Advanced courses. Advanced Course consists of elective courses taken during the second and third years of college. It is an advanced summer course of five weeks held in Fort Knox. The Advanced Course requires a commitment to serve as an officer within the Army following graduation.
  • For their Air Force ROTC program requirements, Cadets must take one of the following courses: an Air Force ROTC General Military Course during their first and second years, a Professional Officer Course during their junior and senior years, and finally, a 13-day summer field school between their junior and sophomore year on Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama.
  • Navy ROTC midshipmen are required to take part in a variety of training programs throughout the summer months, such as those in the NROTC Indoctrination Program (which is the basic militarization and instruction that is required for all midshipmen the summer before their freshman next year) as well as CONTRAMID (which is surface, submerged air, and Marine Corps Orientation training for NAVY ROTC second and third class scholarships for midshipmen).


Every section of the military which offers an ROTC scholarship is unique to the military branch that gives it. ROTC obligations and requirements for service:

  • The Army ROTC scholarship requires eight years of active service following graduation. It is four years in active duty and an additional four years with the Army Reserve or Army National Guard.
  • A Navy ROTC scholarship requires five years of active duty following graduation. The Marine Corps and Navy Nurse Corps scholarships require at least four years of active duty.
  • This Air Force ROTC scholarship requires four years of active duty for those who are entering non-flight career fields and six years for those who enter into the field of air battle management or combat system officer/navigator field, and a 10-year requirement for people who are entering the field of pilot careers.


ROTC eligibility requirements for scholarship applications vary slightly among the branches that provide the scholarship; however, the following eligibility requirements must be met in all instances:

  • You must possess at least a U.S. citizen
  • The minimum age requirement is 17 years old
  • You must have at least a 2.5 GPA (3.0 for Air Force ROTC)
  • You must meet the minimum SAT or ACT requirements
  • You must have a high school diploma
  • Physical fitness standards


Suppose you’re looking to apply for an ROTC award. In that case, it is recommended that you visit the regional military recruiter office or go to the official website of the branch of service that you’re interested in. Go as early as possible and preferably in your junior year in high school or senior year. Most scholarships go to students studying highly coveted subjects in the Army, like engineering or computer science, specific foreign languages, or nursing.

Army ROTC application forms for students in high school can be downloaded on the internet on this page on the Army’s site Applications for current college students have required to be sent to the school’s Department of Military Science. Air Force and Navy ROTC applications for high school students are available on the websites of both services. Students interested in a Marine Corps ROTC scholarship must apply to an application process administered by the Navy ROTC.

Students currently enrolled in colleges and presently enrolled in college, and students currently enrolled in college, Army or Navy ROTC offer three- and two-year scholarships. They also provide scholarships for students who are not in college. Air Force provides the In-College Scholarship Program (ICSP), which offers scholarships based on merit through two selection periods during the spring and fall.

Deadlines for applying for scholarships differ by a branch of the military. 


High school students who want to join ROTC ROTC can look into JROTC, the junior ROTC (JROTC), for their first experience in military training. Through competitions, drills, and a program that focuses on military science, the JROTC is designed to teach young people the mindset and discipline necessary to prepare for challenging ROTC programs and focuses on developing leadership skills.


ROTC scholarship recipients will join military service as officers with diverse ranks and responsibilities, including guarding soldiers against harm, performing vital tasks to the security of our nation, and managing billions of dollars of equipment. The success of this post requires academic proficiency, physical fitness, leadership, management abilities, political acumen, determination, and patriotic spirit. If you’re seeking to be an officer of the U.S. military, the ROTC is more than just a means to pay for college. It’s an entry point to a wide variety of jobs, experiences, and connections.

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