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Knight Hennessy Scholarship 2024 in the USA | Apply

Scholarships In USA 2024

Knight Hennessy Scholarship 2024 is designed for international and national students who want to pursue an advanced degree at Stanford University. The Hennessy scholarship offers unique opportunity for students of graduate studies throughout Stanford University to get involved in diverse and multi-cultural activities. Additionally the fully-funded scholarships in America for international graduates as well as in the USA that is available to foreign students as well as national graduates is a system which offers a wide range of learning experiences that allow graduates to face the complex issues of our modern world. Additionally, Stanford University warmly welcomes students who are not legally documented in the USA to receive their education at the campus

This Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program 2024 is an excellent opportunity for students who possess a visionary mind and are eager to discover different aspects of the world. Furthermore, those who show leadership qualities based on their past experiences and can serve as role models to other students in making positive changes are extremely likely to receive this top scholarship within the USA. Stanford University Scholarship is for any graduate, regardless of nationality, race or ethnicity, age and gender. The goal of the Stanford award is to foster the spirit of collaboration and provide community services. The scholarship is also available is available at Stanford is available to students who have completed all disciplines and is not restricted to JD, MA, MBAMD, MFA, MS, DMA and PhD programs.

Through this Knight-Hennessy Scholarship Program, the students selected have the chance to be an integral member in the King Global Leadership Program (KGLP) and. While studying, they will gain a deep understanding of leadership and technical capabilities. Furthermore, the students are equipped to overcome difficult challenges through their imagination and develop the art of making decisions in the face of uncertainty and pressure. In addition, Stanford University has a vice-provost of Graduate Education which offers all graduate students the opportunity to develop their professional skills in a broad framework. In order to offer guidance for students, the students’ community of Knight-Hennessy scholars and coaches are accessible to the other students. They also build an environment of harmony and bonds between the students.

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program is a platform to foster learning and development. The program is located at Stanford University, there is the Dening House which is home to more than 9000 students from the nation as well as international scholars. The scholars’ group is able to develop their social and collaboration skills through interaction with other. Stanford University Dening House also is a place for Knight-Hennessy Scholars to share their thoughts and experiences with other scholars , while remaining close to one another. Additionally, the Dening House was awarded the Design Award 2020 BY AI A Silicon Valley. This implies that the calm, peace and the beauty of the house affect the scholars in a positive and productive way who stay in Denning House. The scholars are able to organize smaller gatherings and conferences events, and regular dinners and so on in the house that forms the foundation of their friendship as well as the exchange of cultural ideas. The following article goes into detail on the many other highlights of this most prestigious award in the USA which is a different than the Knight-Hennessy Prize 2022 awarded to graduates.

Knight Hennessy Scholarship 2024 in the USA:


  • United States of America


  • Stanford University


  • The scholarship is offered to any graduate program that is not restricted to JD, MA, MBA, MD, MFA, MS, DMA, and PhD programs and dual and joint degrees.

Number of Knight-Hennessy Scholarships

  • Around 100 full-funded scholarships are available in the USA

Knight-Hennessy Scholarship 2024 Benefits:

  • A stipend to live and study is paid to provide accommodation and board, books educational supplies, instructional materials, local transportation expenses, and reasonable personal costs.
  • A return ticket for economy class between and to Stanford is offered each year.
  • A one-time stipend for relocation
  • An additional grant to enhance knowledge through travel and conferences will be made available.
  • If the students decide to pursue summer research projects to supplement their learning opportunities, they will receive an additional summer grant for the course.
  • The scholars will be granted an award of funding for a maximum of three years beginning at the time of acceptance and choice.
  • A stipend that covers tuition costs and charges
  • A living stipend is paid.

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Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program 2024 Eligibility Criteria:

  • The applicant must have completed an undergraduate degree by January 2016 or after.
  • For applicants who are members of those in the US military(active and veteran) their degrees must be obtained in January 2015 or earlier.
  • The applicant must meet the following criteria: 1.) Independence of thinking) Leadership with a purpose 3) Civic Mental.
  • The TOEFL test will be accepted in all Stanford graduate schools. However the MBA program accepts IELTS and PTE.
  • For more details about the requirements for the Knight-Hennessy scholarship, go to their official web site.
  • Students of all nationalities and ethnicity, gender or age group can apply for the award.
  • To be eligible to receive the award the candidate must be enrolled and accepted into an all-time Stanford graduate program.
  • A candidate must be new enrolling pupil in the graduate degree program.

Application Procedure For Knight Hennessy Scholarship 2024?

  • To apply, applicants must apply for the scholarship separately as well as for an admission into the Stanford University graduate degree program.
  • On the scholarship application form the applicant needs to mention that it is a Stanford degree program for which they intend to be applying.
  • The application for the Knight-Hennessy Scholarship is to be completed on the internet.
  • The application materials must be completed in English through the internet application.
  • It is suggested that the applicant be using the most upgraded version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the purpose of applying.

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Required Documents for Knight Hennessy Scholarship 2024:

  • In-Person Assessment
  • Online Application
  • Transcript
  • Standardized Test Score
  • One Page Resume
  • Two Recommendation Letters
  • Essays
  • Tow Short-Answer Responses
  • Video Story

Mission Of Knight Hennessy Scholarship 2024

The mission for Knight-Hennessy Scholars (KHS) is to train and prepare scholars for positions of leadership in the fields of academia, industry government, non-profit organizations as well as the community as a whole.

The modern age of leadership requires multidisciplinary and multicultural understanding. The most pressing issues our world is facing are usually global , and require experts from a variety of disciplines to achieve meaningful advancement. Therefore, KHS brings scholars from all over the globe and from a variety of disciplines to create a teaching environment that can help to prepare our scholars for leadership roles in a multifaceted and complex world. KHS adopts a long-term view and the path to life and leadership is long and may be a long time until a scholar’s greatest impact can be realized.

Our services aim to help strengthen the values of our clients, develop abilities, build expertise, and build an environment that leads to lifelong connections with a global network of leaders.

Knight-Hennessy Scholars was established in the year 2016 in 2016 by Phil Knight, MBA ’62 Phil Knight, philanthropist, American businessman and co-founder at Nike Inc., and John Hennessy, who served as Stanford’s 10th President from 2000 until the year 2016. The late Mr. Knight and President Emeritus Hennessy recognized the need for more leadership across a range of fields in our society. They designed a graduate-level program to address the systemic problem.

Hennessy. Knight and numerous other patrons made foundation gifts of more than $750 million which makes Knight-Hennessy Scholars arguably the largest fully-endowed master’s degree program in the world. Former President Hennessy is the guiding force behind Knight-Hennessy Scholarships and continues to be the first Shriram Family Director.

The advantages gained from being a scholar at Knight-Hennessy last beyond the time of graduation. KHS alumni across disciplines and backgrounds will help each other as they tackle the pressing issues that confront our world. Alumni will be invited to reunions and events, guide students in their current research, provide ambassadors and guest speakers, and eventually, they will help develop future generations of scholars.

As the number of Knight-Hennessy scholars increases with time, and each cohort develops professionally, the contributions to the world of KHS alumni will increase and positively affect the world at a larger scale. In fifty years, the number of Knight-Hennessy students at different stages of their careers bringing positive change across the boundaries of discipline and culture.

Co-founder , and Shriram Family Director John Hennessy discusses the reasons he started Knight-Hennessy Scholars and his vision for the future.

Application Deadline:

  • The deadline to apply for The Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program 2024 will Announce Soon.


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