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Scholarship cover letter, Students applying for scholarships and grants need to understand that before accepting their applications, the admissions team conducts extensive background research on those making applications. Understanding who their target market is is vital before considering an award of any sort.

Resumes are essential when applying for scholarships; however, due to an overwhelming applicant pool with outstanding accomplishments and work experiences who all potentially meet eligibility, making the selection is difficult. Therefore a cover letter becomes paramount; allowing candidates to present themselves outside their qualifications while aiding judges not miss those worthy enough for funding.

Do not underestimate how crucial an effectively written cover letter for a scholarship application will be in supporting your application. A letter submitted can convince the judge or committee awarding you with this honor that you’re a worthy recipient.

Financial limitation is one of the biggest problems students face during student life. However, many universities, colleges, and schools offer scholarships for eligible students to help them financially. Hence, we have put down an article on how to write a cover letter for a scholarship that will help you to create an effective cover letter.

Many students, after meeting the eligibility criteria get stuck on writing a cover letter for the scholarship application. In this article, you will know to write an effective cover letter and also some of the best samples of letters for a scholarship grant.

What is a scholarship application cover letter?

A scholarship cover letter is a very valuable, strategic, and highly helpful document that allows candidates to express themselves as the best fit for the scholarship by mentioning their interests, goals, and abilities.

Through this letter, a student proves himself/herself as an extraordinary student in studies as well as in co-curricular activities that will improve the chances of obtaining a scholarship.

In this letter, a student can also show himself/herself in need of this scholarship. In simple words, your cover letter has a direct effect on your chances of getting a scholarship. You have to sell your capabilities to the decision-maker of the scholarship.

Therefore, understand everything about a cover letter if you are applying for a scholarship.

How to write a scholarship application cover letter:

Nowadays, more and more people are getting admissions to educational institutes, which means there is also competition for scholarship opportunities. Knowing to write an effective cover letter can help you to avail scholarships in this competitive age.

Before we discuss tips, let’s have a look at the scholarship cover letter sections.

Sections of a scholarship cover letter:

A scholarship cover letter contains multiple sections or paragraphs having different purposes.

Some of the major sections include the introduction, educational history, work experience, scholarships and awards earned previously, and future goals.

Although you don’t need to write the heading for each section, this separation is just to make you clear of the idea that how to write a well-organized cover letter.

Tips to write a scholarship cover letter:

Below are some tips that will help you to create an effective scholarship cover letter.

Before you begin to write it, make sure that you know what the committee that oversees the scholarship wants in the letter from you. Some committees may value your skills or some may value your social work. Make sure you write what the committee wants to have in it.

What do scholarship committees expect from applicants:

  • Scholarship committees commonly expect all of the following traits in an applicant. So make sure to compose your letter with all these elements.
  • Detailed information on the chosen field
  • Motivation and seriousness
  • The originality of the letter
  • Leadership skills and emotional strength
  • Potential to get along with others and desire to succeed

Scholarship Cover letter:

Once you feel ready to begin, write your name and address along with the date on top of the page. Also, follow this with the recipient’s name and address.

Always, it is best to use the name of the person who will read your cover letter when addressing instead of using generic greetings like Dear, Sir/Madam, or to “whom it may concern”

Explain why you should be selected for a scholarship:

Write a strong thesis or a general statement to prove yourself the best candidate for the scholarship. In simple words, write your strengths in a precise and attractive way.

Moreover, include your academic or professional skills or strengths and your plans for the future. You can also add your achievement and awards.

Make sure, you include all the details you think can make you the best candidate for a scholarship.

In addition to this, you should also indicate that how this scholarship will help you to develop or will make your life easier.

Use formal language

You should present every section in the cover letter in a proper and clear sentence. Use easy words and a formal polite tone. Also, the complete letter should be free of grammatical mistakes.

Use keywords

Use keywords from the scholarship description or criteria such as outstanding academic record, community service, co-curricular activities, research skills, etc.

Stay in context

Always, structure your cover letter to get fitted in the specific program by using the language that specifically refers to that particular program.

Additional tips

Show in the letter that you are confident and you hope to get the scholarship.

Use few words that show eagerness and also extend your gratitude to the scholarship providers.

Include your areas of expertise that connects with the requirement of the scholarship.

Proofs read your work before you send, and also include letters of recommendation if possible.

Scholarship cover letter sample

Robber John
Student, Department of computer science
National University College of Alberta
Edmonton, AB D6E 4E4

January 22, 2021

Ms. Sanah Simran
Dean Student Affairs Department
National University College of Alberta

Edmonton, AB D6E 4E4

RE: Scholarship Application

Dear Ms. Sanah Simran,

I am writing to submit my scholarship application for the National University College of Alberta’s Financial Aid program for summer 2021. Currently, I am a 2nd-year student in the Master of computer science program. To prove my perseverance, I have attached a copy of my academic achievements.

Nowadays, I am facing financial constraints; therefore, I am unable to pay my fee for this summer semester. I am looking for a part-time job to manage the expenses but it would not be enough to cover the full tuition and accommodation fee. Based on my constrained financial situation, I request a scholarship so that I can give my best in my studies.

If you want more clarity regarding my application, please feel free to contact me at “(000)555-8023”. To follow up, I will reach out to your secretary next week.

Thank you for your consideration.

Robber John
Student ID: 54677

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